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Interview with Marillion
interview by: Bart Jan van der Vorst


Steve Rothery

You have started on the recording of album 13. Anything you can unveil already, or is it still too early for that?

It's far too early to say really!

There is a hint of Chelsea Monday in the song If My Heart Were A Ball, It Would Roll Uphill. Where did that come from? And is this a sample from the original, or did you play it for this recording?

It's a sample direct from the original Script album which Dave Meegan (producer of Anoraknophobia - BJ) used for the song!

Apart from the odd cello or saxophone you never have any guest musicians playing on your albums. Have you ever considered asking a friend or colleague from the scene to play a solo on an album? Like for example a guitar solo by Steve Wilson, to name just one. Or to get, say Joni Mitchell to do a duet with H?

I think most people would prefer to hear us as opposed to guest soloists. Maybe a duet with someone like Tori Amos might be a possibility.

The new live-album was released both as a double album and as a single album. Could you elaborate a bit on this decision?

It makes sense as we get to sell our version (2CD) to our fanbase via our website. The EMI version (1CD) will be available to buy in the shops.

You performed with The Wishing Tree at the Marillion Convention Weekend. Is there any sight of a second Wishing Tree album yet?

I hope to have something finished later this year (I've been saying that for the last three years...!)

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