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Interview with Marillion
interview by: Bart Jan van der Vorst



Ian Mosley

Ever since Brave your role within the band seems to have become less prominent (on studio recordings, that is). Whereas Seasons End and Holidays In Eden still contained quite a bit of percussion firework (King of Sunset Town, The Party, for example) since Brave your drums have a much dryer sound and seem to contain far less fills and tricks. Is this a conscious thing, or just "something that happened"?

I think its something that has just happened.
My role in Marillion has always been to try and accompany and complement the music/musicians, whether it's all guns blazing or shaking a maraca, whatever it takes.
On the other hand I would love to play something in a very fast 7/8 followed by a few bars of 5/4 into an even faster 6/8 then the Brazilian drummers could take 64 bars while I have a cigarette and prepare myself for the furious rock out section that you can whistle to.......The more I think about it.... This is definitely the way to go!.....

Also, your kit seems to have shrunk. Only one bass drum?

What!! Why didn't anyone tell me? I better check that I still have both legs!

How would you rate playing This is the 21st Century live: boring or a nice cigarette break?

I enjoy playing 21st century...It also gives me time to study 17th century crop rotation farming and whether the wheel was really such a great invention.

You and Pete play on the Steve Hackett - Feedback 86 album, which is now, 15 years later, finally released. Could you give your opinion about this album, and tell us something about it (e.g. recording sessions, how it came to be, etc)

I have always enjoyed working with Steve. The man not only is an inspiration to be around he also has a great sense of humour. Re the recording sessions: I really can't remember that far back I'm afraid, but I'm sure there was lots of humour and inspiration involved.

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