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Marillion competition


Marillion's own music company, Racket Records is kind enough to give away an excellent prize for DPRP's Marillion competition. All you have to do is answer the following three questions.

  • Which exclusive track appears only on the EMI version of their new album?
    [hint: read the Album Review or check the band's website]

  • How many different songs did Marillion play during the Convention Weekend in April? [hint: read the Concert Review]

  • Should Ian Mosley retire, what would his next profession be likely to be?
    [hint: read the Interview or the Concert Review]

E-mail your address and answers before the 31st of May to this address and win:

A signed copy of the Double CD release of their live album Anorak In The UK Live

Please note that this competition is only open to subscribers of our update-mailinglist.
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The answers!

1: Easter

2: 44/45
(depending on whether you count Three Minute Boy / Hey Jude as one or two songs. People not being able to read the question and answering 47 -i.e. all songs played, including the ones double- were discaded.)

3: Ian Mosley For President!!!
one person quoted Ian's joke about him studying 17th Century Crop farming while the band plays This Is The 21st Century. Well, I must say that it caught me completely off-guard, so I've approved that answer as well!



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