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Interview with Marillion
interview by: Bart Jan van der Vorst



These mini-interviews were conducted by E-mail in early 2002. Because of other demands (holidays and such) Mark Kelly has unfortunately enough not been able to answer his portion of the interview yet, therefore you may miss some vital subjects in this interview. Hopefully Mark will be able to finish his part somewhere in the near future - watch this space!

However, even without Mark's part, you do get about six pages on almost every other imaginable subject, ranging from the songs on Anoraknophobia, to the recording sessions with Transatlantic and Steve Hackett, Band favourites and the frightening situation with rapidly rising concert ticket prices and we have a competition on top of that!
The stunning photos on these pages are courtesy of Jeroen Bos Photography.

We also ran a competition along with the interview, however, the entry date has now been closed. For trivia, the questions to the interview can still be found here.


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