The plan started in the end of 1996. Now, more than a year, a couple of meetings and hundreds of e-mails later, it's finally going to happen.

The Place : Opsessie, Brediusweg 1, Bussum, The Netherlands

The Time : Saturday, March 21st, 1998

Doors Open : 15.00
First Band : 15.30
Estimated End : 23.30

The Performers:

Special Guest : Martin Orford (IQ)

Information about the bands


The opener of the festival, the Polish band Lizard, delivered a very high quality debut album W Galerii Czasu in 1996. The album did however not cross the borders of Poland in large numbers until Quidam brought the CD's along to their gigs in Holland, England and France. With a sound in the line of UK and King Crimson the band has quickly built a fair base of progressive rock fans that would love to see them perform live.
More info can be found at Planet Caladan's Lizard Page.


Treviso (Italy) has brought us several high quality progressive rock bands. Asgard was the most popular band from this area, but they have unfortunately not released anything for a long time. Helreidh is a fairly new band from the same area and, even though the music is different, the typical Italian sound is very much present.
The band just released their stunning debut album of which I would describe as a cross-over between Dream Theater and Asgard. Some of you will recognise the vocalist (Franco) as he has done the vocals on several Asgard concerts in Holland. If you like your prog a bit heavy this is the band to look out for.
More information can be found at the Helreidh page.


This band has been around for over eight years in the Polish progressive rock scene. It took a while before the band released their debut album (in 1996), but what a gem it is. Now the band is working on their second album which will hopefully be ready at the time of our festival. We have heard that Abraxas' show is something very special (we will however not spoil the surprises) so you'd better not miss it.
For more info, check Abraxas Homepage.

Martin Orford

Martin Orford has been the keyboard wizard of IQ for more than 15 years. The band resently released their splendid double concept album Subterranea and amazed their loyal following with the matching multi-media performance of the album.
Martin also played in Jadis and joined John Wetton for a series of gigs in 1996 and 1997.
At DPRS Martin will perform a 40 minute solo gig featuring bits and pieces of Subterranea and some other suprises as well. Don't miss it !
For more information about Martin and IQ, check out The Lush Attic.


The Dutch success of this band all started at the 1997 Day of Dreams festival in Zwolle. The spectators, most of them unfamiliar with the band's material, were totally stunned. The pure flood of emotions touched even the coldest hearts. All the CD's they brought along were sold out in a matter of moments.
Now, a year later, the band is in the studio recording their second album. We have already heard some of the material and it is very promissing. Though the album will not be available before the festival, the band will play several new tracks.

Other activities at DPRS

During the breaks between performances we will present the Album Top 25 that resulted from January's DPRP Readers Poll 97 in which 170 people participated.
We also have the chance to play a large chunck of Arena's brilliant new album The Visitor (which will not be available until later in April) and there's a slight chance we can play some music from IQ's forthcoming re-recording Seven Stories into '98.

A couple of stands can be found in the bar of the venue. DPRP will have their own stand where you'll be able to buy merchandise of the performing bands.

How to order tickets

  • Print and fill out the Order Form (no longer available)

  • Send a self-addressed envelope (don't seal it!) and a (Dutch!) post stamp (80 cents). People outside Holland, forget about the stamp, but add 1 guilder to the order total for postage.

  • Tickets are 35 guilders each. Write out a Eurocheque for 35 Dfl to the attention of 'Dutch Progressive Rock Stage' in Baarlo, or take the amount in bank bills (no coins !) and wrap it in carbon paper. All other payments will not be accepted!
    Please note: sending cash by mail is risky; you might want to send it by registered and insured mail. DPRP cannot be held responsible for lost mail.

  • Send the form, self addressed envelope and payment to:

    Dutch Progressive Rock Stage
    p/a Rene Janssen
    Vergelt 5a
    5991 PJ Baarlo
    The Netherlands

This mail order sale of tickets closes on March 7th, 1998.
If you haven't received your tickets by March 14th, 1998, please send an e-mail to Dutch Progressive Rock Page.

We have also started ticket sales at the larger VVV and GWK agencies in Holland.

For information about directions to the venue, latest trains after the festival, etc please check the special Directions Page.

For additional information, please mail Dutch Progressive Rock Page

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