How to get there

On this page we will give you directions on how to get to the venue. First,there are the directions for those of you who travel by car.After that, a section for you train travellers follows.

See you in Bussum!
the DPRP team

By car

First, get a map and find either Amsterdam, Utrecht, Almereor Amersfoort, whichever is closest to you or easiest to get to.

First, get to the A1:

On the A1, take exit 7 (in Dutch called afrit 7) toNaarden and Bussum. Take a look at the map below.

Then, at the traffic lights, turn left. The road you're now on iscalled Brediusweg. (Now that was easy! That's the road Opsessieis on!)

At the end of this road (next traffic lights), Opsessie is situated.

According to the map, on the opposite side of the street to Opsessie,there is a parking lot. The only problem is, that you cannot turn left there.So, you have to take the last left turn but one, or go left at the trafficlights, turn left again at the next traffic lights and turn left again.

By train

Take the train to railway station Naarden-Bussum. The people sellingyou your ticket are much better at giving you directions on which train toget than we are here...
You might want to check NS Reisinfo for more information.

Take a look at the map above. The railway station is on the left of the map.We will give directions for the easiest way to get to the venue, but when youlook at the map, you'll see that there's another way to get there.

Turn right and walk into the one-way street, which is called Albrechtlaan.After about 300 metres, turn left (this road is called Gen. de la Reylaan.After about 500 metres, you get to a crossing with traffic lights. Cross hereand Opsessie is on your left.

Last trains on 21 March 1998
destination departure
Amsterdam 00:07h00:36h
Utrecht 00:25h00:55h
Amersfoort 00:38h00:57h

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