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~ Introduction ~

Erik Neuteboom I presume that in general, the visitors of this site discovered progrock by listening to the big names, from Genesis, Yes, ELP, King Crimson and Pink Floyd in the Seventies and Marillion and IQ in the Eighties to Dream Theater, Ayreon and Porcupine Tree in the Nineties. Personally I got in touch with progrock when I heard the album Live by Genesis in the mid-Seventies and soon I was carried away by all other famous bands, including Dutch bands Focus and Earth & Fire. But I was also curious of progrock by smaller and unknown bands in the UK, Holland and other countries, so I started to dig for progrock in the specialized record-shops like Manus, Supertracks and Moonlight Records in The Hague and Boudisque in Amsterdam.

Then I stumbled upon Dutch band Finch, French bands Ange, Pulsar and Halloween, Hungarian band Omega, Italian bands PFM and Banco and German bands Eloy, Novalis, Grobschnitt, Ramses and Jane. My eternal progrock quest is to discover how lesser known and unknown progrock bands had begun and it was fueled by reading the catalogues of progrock mailorder-services like Musea (France), Syn-Phonic and The Laser’s Edge (USA) and progrock magazines like SI Magazine and Background Magazine (The Netherlands), Harmonie (France), Sirius (Spain) and Marquee (Japan). For me this was a perfect way to discover bands like Julian’s Treatment, Refugee, Museo Rosenbach, Bacamarte, Gerard, Cosmos Factory and Sensitiva Immagine. Gradually I began to build up my progrock collection and this was boosted when I started to write for the several Dutch progrock magazines in the early Nineties. Especially as a reviewer for SI Magazine/SI Music when I received dozens of reissue CD’s on specialized labels like Si-Wan from Korea, Nexus and Crime from Japan, Fonomusic from Spain, Fonit-Cetra from Italy, Laser’s Edge and Syn-Phonic from the USA and Musea from France.

It’s amazing how many lesser known, unknown and obscure progrock bands I added to my collection within a short time: Alphataurus, Biglietto Per L’Inferno, Jumbo, Semiramis and Corte Dei Miracoli from Italy, Ethos and Atlantis Philharmonic from the USA, Crucis and MIA from Argentina, Los Jaivas from Chili, Arachnoid, Step Ahead and Sandrose from France and Traina, Crack, Asfalto and Tarantula from Spain. Because of my work for the progrock magazines iO Pages and Background Magazine and the progrock site Prog Archives and progrock mailorder-service Progwalhalla I could continue my fascination. In the last 10 years I have discovered cascades of interesting new lesser known and unknown progrock bands and have noticed that lots of new progrock bands blend several styles in a very fresh way. Their sound is not only based upon the Classic Prog but these bands are scouting the borders between many styles in a very adventurous and dynamic way like Senogul, Kotebel, Taifa, Albatros and Elbicho in Spain, Il Bacio Della Medusa, I Pennelli Di Vermeer and Obscura in Italy, Combination Head in the UK, Nostradamus in Hungary, Osada Vida in Poland, William Gray in Argentina, Lost World and Aviva Omnibus in Russia, Beardfish and Anton Roolaart in the USA, Nemo in France, Angulart in Chili, Supay in Peru and Hypnos 69 in Belgium, all captivating examples of new lesser known and unknown progrock bands that emerged in the last decade.

In this article, that I have compiled exclusively for DPRP, I have omitted known bands like Anekdoten, Nexus, Presto Ballet and Magenta and in general focussed on lesser known and unknown new bands that are not reviewed on this site. Some statistics: most bands are from Italy (12), the USA (10), Sweden, Spain and The Netherlands (all 9) and among all other bands (from Finland, the UK, France and Belgium and Hungary to Australia, Canada, Peru and Japan), we can enjoy one band from Mexico, Portugal, Germany, the Ukraine and even Colombia and Cuba! Now let’s start this progrock quest !

Erik Neuteboom

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~ Personal Top 10 ~

My Personal Top Ten (based upon this article) :

  1. Albatros - Pentadelia

  2. William Gray – Living Fossils

  3. Pandora – Dramma Di Un Poeta Ubriaco

  4. Senogul - Transitos

  5. Il Bacio Delle Medusa - Discesa Agl’Inferi D’Un Giovane Amante

  6. R-U Kaiser - Ocelos

  7. Little Tragedies - Faust

  8. KBB – Live 2004

  9. Supay - Confusion

  10. Neverness - Cuentos De Otros Mundos Posibles

    Good Luck with your Prog Rock quest!


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