The Cure


How it started all out:
I remember wondering one day (as we all do) ... what is the meaning of
life ... is there a purpose ... is there some path?
 What if we are all just entities living out life, No God, No hidden meaning etc.?
What if we actually don't exist (as we know it) but are merely thoughts in
someone else's head..someone else's imagination?
...and what if that person was insane? Who would be in control, what would
be the consequences...OK?

We are all visions in the head of a madman!

Now see definitions in the artwork (medically themed):
The CD divides up into SYNDROME (the way things are, a statement of
events..) = The World as we know it now...chaos..Nature being crushed
under foot by Man and rebelling with floods, typhoons etc. Man vs Nature.
This sets the scene for what follows!

THERAPY (the course of treatment):
The patient is locked in his cell, still deluded by visions and voices in
his head, which are crushing him (Real Life). He believes this is his
imagination gone riot. He can make and break these visions, change events
etc. The Doctor, in an attempt to Cure the patient decided on a radical
treatment. Lock him in a Total Sensory Deprivation Tank (A Strange Place).
Cut off from External Stimulii, the Patient can look inwards and take
control of the Visions etc. and make sense of them all. Inside the Strange
Tank, it starts to work and the voices are filtered and sorted out until he
CAN make sense and hear the conversations, dipping in and out of
conversations and events (Whispers On The  Wire).

In this World, listened to by the patient, a Space disaster unfolds (Songs
Of Faith). A lone Astronaut is left stranded floating above the
Earth..alone..isolated from the planet and its communications
etc..dying..with no faith..nothing left to believe in. The Patient hears all
this story and calls out the dying man. They bond..the spacemen hears 'God'
and dies reborn, the patient suddenly realises that HE IS is
true..AND.....that he MUST NOT BE CURED! (lest all the 'life' dies with the
HE makes a pact with the Voices/Visions .."I'll believe in you so long as
you believe in me.." (Falling)!

The Patient wants Cure! The Doctor now reveals his true
colours...Cure and be damned..he has waited too long for this opportunity
and has manipulated events to this end! The Fight over the CURE (and so the
World) is between the Patient (God) and the doctor (Satan)
Armageddon....and I'll leave you to work out the ending ..OK???


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