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Last Updated: Thursday, 25 May 2017

In the latest update (Issue 2017-040, 25 May 2017): Reviews of Blonde on Blonde (2 albums), Bullet Height, Bjørn Riis, and Weserbergland!

In the previous update (Issue 2017-039, 21 May 2017 - Nad Sylvan - The Bride Said No - DPRP Inter-review): An inter-review with Nad Sylvan about his latest album The Bride Said No!

Older updates:

Issue 2017-038, 18 May 2017: Reviews of The Bob Lazar Story, Emmett Elvin, The Foxholes, and Lost World Band!

Issue 2017-037, 14 May 2017: Reviews of The Fierce And The Dead, The Land Of The Snow, Pymlico, Rivière, and Voyager!

Issue 2017-036, 11 May 2017: Reviews of The Brackish, Curved Air, Michael Holmes (Duo Review), and Kaprekar's Constant!

Issue 2017-035, 7 May 2017: Reviews of Alarion, Elements of Chaos, Mike Keneally, Levin Minnemann Rudess, Persefone, and Starfish64!

Issue 2017-034, 4 May 2017: Reviews of Big Hogg, Collapse, The Invisible, IQ, The Mughsots, and Retrospective!

Issue 2017-033, 30 April 2017 - Magenta - We Are Legend - DPRP Inter-review: An inter-review with Christina Booth about Magenta's latest album We Are Legend!

Issue 2017-032, 27 April 2017 - Ayreon - The Source - DPRP Inter-review: An inter-review with Arjen Lucassen about Ayreon's latest album The Source!

Issue 2017-031, 23 April 2017 - Lonely Robot - The Big Dream - DPRP Inter-review: An inter-review with John Mitchell about Lonely Robot's latest album The Big Dream!

Issue 2017-030, 16 April 2017: Reviews of Barock Project, Citizen Cain's Stewart Bell, Borderline Syndrome, IT, Jack O’ The Clock, and Rog Patterson!

Issue 2017-029, 9 April 2017: Reviews of After Forever (2 reviews), Crippled Black Phoenix, Eleven Strings, Epica, Madder Mortem, and The Silent Wedding (Duo Review)!

Issue 2017-028, 6 April 2017: Reviews of Gösta Berlings Saga, Invernalia, Bertrand Loreau featuring Lambert, Mike Oldfield, Sista Maj, and Sun Dial!

Issue 2017-027, 30 March 2017 - Italian Prog Special, Part 2: Reviews of La Bocca della Verita, Egoband, Ingranaggi della Valle, Magni Animi Viri, Nuclearte, Pandora, Sherpa, and Paolo Siani ft. Nuova Idea!

Issue 2017-026, 29 March 2017 - Italian Prog Special, Part 1: Reviews of Ad Maiora, Consorzio Acqua Potabile with Alvaro "Jumbo" Fella, Karmamoi, Presence, Promenade, Il Rumore Bianco, Souls of Diotima, and Syndone!

Issue 2017-025, 26 March 2017 - Tim Bowness - Lost In the Ghost Light - DPRP Inter-review: An inter-review about Tim Bowness's latest album Lost In the Ghost Light!

Issue 2017-024, 25 March 2017: Reviews of C Sides, Eyesberg, Mostly Autumn, Les Penning, various artists compilation Spheric Music Silver, The Werks, and Yurt!

Issue 2017-023, 23 March 2017: Reviews of Damnation Day, The Gift, Mantra Vega, The Mute Gods (Duo Review), Anthony Phillips, Alan Reed, and White Willow!

Issue 2017-022, 19 March 2017 - Steve Hackett - The Night Siren - DPRP Inter-review: An inter-review about Steve Hackett's latest solo album!

Issue 2017-021, 16 March 2017: A multi-reviewer's take on the new Prog Spheres compilation called Progotronics!

Issue 2017-020, 12 March 2017: Reviews of Anakdota, The Black Fall, Bugenhagen, Hollow Water, Møster!, Pocket Size, and ptf (2 reviews)!

Issue 2017-019, 9 March 2017: Reviews of Syd Arthur, Knight Area (Duo Review), Mike Oldhill, Seti, Shaman Elephant, Steamhammer, and Utopianisti!

Issue 2017-018, 5 March 2017: Reviews of Birdeatsbaby, Dinosaur, Eclection, Eternal Wanderers, Sphelm, and Spirits Burning & Clearlight!

Issue 2017-017, 2 March 2017: Resistor Special with reviews of the career-spanning 6CD box and their latest album!

Issue 2017-016, 26 February 2017: Reviews of Aisles, EYE, Focus & Friends, Jen Gloeckner, Hail Spirit Noir, Hawkwind, Burak Ozmucur, Nerissa Schwarz, Security Project, and Weather Report!

Issue 2017-015, 23 February 2017: Reviews of Agusa, Colosseum, Defying, The Far Meadow, Jesus Munoz, The Pneumatic Transit, and Gilli Smyth!

Issue 2017-014, 19 February 2017: A John Wetton review and tribute!

Issue 2017-013, 16 February 2017: Reviews of Fatal Fusion, Attila Kollár, Nth Ascension, Odd Logic, Pseudo/Sentai, and This Winter Machine!

Issue 2017-012, 12 February 2017: Reviews of Arid Garden, Grandjacques, Krzysztof Lepiarczyk, Lucifer's Friend, Eddie Mulder, and Three Man Army!

Issue 2017-011, 9 February 2017: Reviews of Burnt Belief, Gunhill, Hibernal, Luminous Newts, and Napier’s Bones!

Issue 2017-010, 5 February 2017: Reviews of Steve Hughes, Nick Johnston, Magenta, Nathan, Oak, and Tatvamasi!

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