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Last Updated: Sunday, 22 May 2016

In the latest update (Issue 2016-021, 22 May 2016): Reviews of Tomas Bodin, Frost*, Jump, Landskap, Monomyth, Profuna Ocean, Reptiel, The Resonance Association, Solarhall, and Tusmørke!

In the previous update (Issue 2016-020, 19 May 2016): Philippe Cauvin Special

Older updates:

Issue 2016-019, 15 May 2016 - Prog Metal Special: Reviews of Armed Cloud, The Chronicles Project, Dante, Epica, Futile, Headspace, Neronia, Oceans Of Slumber, Poem, Postures, Rhapsody of Fire, Rhine, Section IV, and Spires!

Issue 2016-018, 12 May 2016: Reviews of The Adekaem, Goad, Kaipa (2 reviews), Ian Carr's Nucleus (2 reviews), Trond Øie, Ontologics, Geoffrey Richardson, and Time Horizon!

Issue 2016-017, 8 May 2016: Reviews of Han, iamthemorning (Duo Review), Juha Kujanpää, Kyros / Synaesthesia, Øresund Space Collective, Borja Ruiz, Sanguine Hum, Stearica, and Teleharmonium!

Issue 2016-016, 5 May 2016: Reviews of Beekeepers, Birdpen, Black Space Riders, Cherry Five, Emerald Lies (2 reviews), Moron Police, Bruce Soord, Syrinx Call, Tiebreaker, and The Tirith!

Issue 2016-015, 1 May 2016: Reviews of Amon Ra, Sam Coulson, Flor de Loto, Habu, Karmaflow, Kezia, Marchesi Scamorza, Open Space Quartet, Progeland, and Sunrise Auranaut!

Issue 2016-014, 27 April 2016: Round Table Review of Haken's latest album Affinity!

Issue 2016-013, 24 April 2016: Reviews of The Enid, Frequency Drift, Galahad, iamthemorning, Lifesigns, Todd Rundgren & Utopia, Rikard Sjöblom, SoundDiary (2 reviews), and Yugen!

Issue 2016-012, 7 April 2016: Round Table Review of Lazuli's latest album Nos Âmes Saoules!

Issue 2016-011, 27 March 2016: Reviews of Citizen Cain (3 reviews), Different Light, Samuel Hällkvist, Hollan Holmes, Master Men, Ossicles, Outre Mesure, and Zone Six!

Issue 2016-010, 20 March 2016: Reviews of Bent Knee, Tom Caufield (2 reviews), Giöbia, Kiama, Lion Shepherd, Julien Martinoia, So Far as I Know, UCAN2, and Doug Woods and Colin Powell!

Issue 2016-009, 13 March 2016: Round Table Review of Dream Theater's latest album The Astonishing!

Issue 2016-008, 6 March 2016: Reviews of Asfalto, Borealis, Glazz, Gong, Panther & C., Seven Second Circle, Seven That Spells, Tangerine Dream, Taylor's Universe, and Martin Turner!

Issue 2016-007, 28 February 2016: Reviews of Karda Estra (2 reviews), Magma, Peter Matuchniak, Billy Sherwood (2 reviews), S.O.T.E., Devin Townsend Project, Toxic Smile, and Yojo!

Issue 2016-006, 21 February 2016: Reviews of Jan Akkerman, Jack Arthurs, The Barstool Philosophers, Downes Braide Association, Electric Moon, Karfagen, Mad Fellaz, Malady, Mrs. Kite, and Zaedyus!

Issue 2016-005, 14 February 2016: Reviews of Amber Asylum, Arabs in Aspic, The Blessed Beat, Les Lekin, The Mute Gods, Ovrfwrd, Sleepy Hollow, Summer Breeze Project, Supay, and Thinking Plague!

Issue 2016-004, 31 January 2016: Reviews of Amarok, East West Quintet, Impulse Ensemble, Kinetic Element, Esa Kotilainen, Leap Day, Melted Space, Steve Merlin, Carlo Peluso, and Preacher!

Issue 2016-003, 24 January 2016: Reviews of The Aristocrats, Evenstate, Eyes of Blue (2 reviews), The Fractured Dimension, Odetosun, Quorum, John Wetton, and Steven Wilson (Duo Review)!

Issue 2016-002, 17 January 2016: Reviews of The Keith Emerson Trio, Field Of Vision, The Group 309, Greg Lake & Geoff Downes, Malrun, Necromonkey, Rendezvous Point, Sea Vine, Tijad, and Vermilion!

Issue 2016-001, 10 January 2016: Reviews of The Anagram Principle, Barock Project, Blank Manuskript, Box Of Shamans, Last Flight to Pluto, Melli Mau & Martin Schnella, Methodica, Quanah Parker (2 reviews), Spock's Beard, and Yak!

Issue 2015-95, 31 December 2015 - New Year's Special: A huge New Year's Special with reviews of Ad Astra, Akinetón Retard, Australasia, Cairo, John Hackett, Halma, Knight Area, Andrew Laitres, Phantasmagoria, Runaway Totem, Shattered Skies, Dave Sturt, Tamarisk, Three Wise Monkeys, Trailight, Umpfel, Volvox, Adrian Weiss, We Stood Like Kings, and Zip Tang!

Issue 2015-94, 27 December 2015: Reviews of Aronora, Audiolepsia, Filter-Kaffee, Kevin Kastning, Krautzone, Major Parkinson, Mythos, The Ocean / Mono, Pyramaxx, and Sweet Billy Pilgrim!

Issue 2015-93, 24 December 2015: Christmas Special with reviews of The Aaron Clift Experiment, The Badge, Elleven, Entity, Ice Age, Invocatio Musicalis, Mimes on Rollercoasters, Øresund Space Collective, Pandora Snail, Quantum Fantay, Seconds Before Landing, Sequentia Legenda, Shady Lane, Solar Project, and Stephen W Tayler!

Issue 2015-92, 20 December 2015: Reviews of Advent, Agent Fresco, Hands, Personal Signet, Phi, Profusion, Stefano Orlando Puracchio, PyT, Scarlet Stories, and Wrupk Urei!

Issue 2015-91, 17 December 2015: Reviews of Anathema, Chickencage Experience, Consider the Source, The Hallucinant Telepherique, Kayanis, Magenta, Mechanical Butterfly, Mile Marker Zero, Red Circuit, and Sunchild!

Issue 2015-90, 13 December 2015: Reviews of The Cellar and Point, Happy Family, KES, Moonwagon, La Nuova Creazione, Parvaaz, Richard Pinhas, RPWL, Schnellertollermeier, and Spiral!

Issue 2015-89, 10 December 2015: Reviews of Antimatter, William D Drake, God's Bow, Helfir, Miriodor, Omrade, Present (two reviews), Sonar, and Tiresia Raptus!

Issue 2015-88, 6 December 2015 - Solaris Special: This is part of the Solaris special comprising an interview, a live review, and reviews of ten albums!

Issue 2015-87, 3 December 2015: Reviews of The Aqualung, Ashen Waves, Colin Bass, Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder (2 reviews), Eureka, Shepherds Of Cassini, Spettri, Theo Travis' Double Talk, and Underfate!

Issue 2015-86, 26 November 2015: Reviews of Built for the Future, Happy55, Renaud Louis-Servais Group, Marquette, Mats/Morgan, Orion, Sintonia Distorta, Subsignal, Tohpati, and Unified Past!

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