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CD Reviews

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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 September 2014

In the latest update (2014 volume 50 - 17 September 2014) we have: the next installment in a series: Progstravaganza 20!

In the previous update (2014 volume 49 - 14 September 2014): reviews of Anubis, Cirrus Bay, Curved Air, The Gift, Gordon Giltrap, Iluvatar, Juha Kujanpää, Marblewood, The Medicine Cabinet, and Project Trio!

Older updates:

2014 volume 48 - 10 September 2014: reviews of Jon Anderson, Djam Karet, Fuchs, Salim Ghazi Saeedi, Iamthemorning, Knifeworld, Phlox, RogerRoger, Tusmørke, and Umphrey's McGee!

2014 volume 47 - 7 September 2014: a Rick Wakeman special on the latest set of re-releases on Esoteric Recordings!

2014 volume 46 - 31 August 2014: reviews of Adeia, Cheeto's Magazine, Eden Shadow, Ellis, Fem, Flash, Thomas Glönkler, Neal Morse, Narcotic Daffodils, Pervy Perkin, Røsenkreütz, and Telergy!

2014 volume 45 - 25 August 2014: reviews of A.C.T., Syd Arthur, Collapse, Clearlight, Delusion Squared, I Will Kill Chita, Minor Giant, Neil, Robert Schroeder, Storm, Voyager, and Yuka & Chronoship!

2014 volume 44 - 18 August 2014: reviews of Archangelica, Contemporary Dead Finnish Music Ensemble, Focus, Gandalf's Fist, Hi-Fiction Science, Mindslave, Robert Reed, Schnauser, Superdrama, Unkh, Virtuel, and Darryl Way!

2014 volume 43 - 10 August 2014: reviews of Abel Ganz, Mehdi Alouane, Keith Cross & Peter Ross, Desert Wizards, Gandalf's Project, Habelard2, Mike Hyder, Merlin Bird, Rick Miller, Aaron Ruimy & Marco Minnemann, and The Yleclipse!

2014 volume 42 - 4 August 2014: a Prog Metal Special with reviews of Astral DNA, Flaming Row, Infinite Spectrum, Mother of Millions, Paving the Labyrinth, Speaking to Stones, Stream of Passion, TDW, and Teramaze!

2014 volume 41 - 27 July 2014: reviews of Mostly Autumn, Brother Firetribe, Polska Radio One, XNA, Hot Head Show, Chris Thompson, Janus, Janus, Kerrs Pink, Hibernal, Ozma, Bruce Soord with Jonas Renske, Matt Stevens, Quantum Fantay, Alek Darson, SBB, and Coshish!

2014 volume 40 - 21 July 2014: reviews of Steve Hogarth and Richard Barbieri, Thoughts Factory, Méséglise, Molly Bloom, Hans Platz, Rovo and System 7, Montage, Tides from Nebula, Mechanik, and Need!

2014 volume 39 - 13 July 2014: a Round Table Review of Yes' latest album: Heaven and Earth!

2014 volume 38 - 5 July 2014: reviews of Elephants of Scotland, Keith Emerson, Rudi Tchaikovsky, Kaukasus, Glass, Lost Kite, In Progress, Simeon Soul Charger, 1974, Sabinas Rex, Amazing Machine, Kshettra, and Renaissance!

2014 volume 37 - 26 June 2014: a mega-issue describing the quarter of a day long Progstravaganza XIX!

2014 volume 36 - 21 June 2014: reviews of Brimstone, Appearance of Nothing, Tuval Cain, Le Reveil des Tropiques, Dream the Electric Sleep, Fungus, John Wesley, Salander, Spirogyra, Mind Portal, and Cosmograf!

2014 volume 35 - 14 June 2014: a lot for you to read with reviews of The Watch, Future Fiction, Beyond-O-Matic, Flamborough Head, Charlotte Church, Blodwyn Pig, Tim Bowness, Jim Capaldi, Blueminded, Anathema, Dean Madonia, The Twenty Committee, Kalutaliksuak, and Camel!

2014 volume 34 - 7 June 2014: A Round Table Review of Anathema's anticipated new album Distant Satellites!

2014 volume 33 - 1 June 2014: Reviews of Steve Hackett, Electrotype, Vital Element, Seasons of Time, Nami, Various Artists, Pineapple Thief, Royal Hunt, Andy Summers, Mother Turtle, Syndone, and Rocket Scientists!

2014 volume 32 - 24 May 2014: Read what our reviewers think of albums by Clive Nolan, Vintage Cucumber, Magnum, Incura, PropheXy, Chris Spedding, Chris Spedding, October Equus Quartet, Van Gelder, and Tungsten!

2014 volume 31 - 17 May 2014: A Round Table Review of IQ's latest album Road To Bones! 20

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