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Last Updated: Sunday, 16 October 2016

In the latest update (Issue 2016-053, 16 October 2016): Reviews of Alms, Anima Mundi, Barock Project, Dworniak Bone Lapsa, Kansas (Duo Review), and Se Delan!

In the previous update (Issue 2016-052, 2 October 2016): Reviews of Bent Knee, Cromwell, Get Your Gun, Elaine Samuels and Kindred Spirit, Semistereo, and Van Der Graaf Generator (Duo Review)!

Older updates:

Issue 2016-051, 25 September 2016: Reviews of Beyond God, Blacklands, The Hirsch Effekt, Pain Of Salvation, Skytalk, and Zhongyu!

Issue 2016-050, 18 September 2016: Reviews of Cosmograf, Marillion, Neo Prophet, Troyka, and Steven Wilson!

Issue 2016-049, 15 September 2016: Reviews of Irridiance, Autumnal Blossom, Herd of Instinct, Preacher, and Yugen!

Issue 2016-048, 11 September 2016: Reviews of Carpe Diem, Gecko's Tear, Perihelion Ship, Standing Ovation, and Third Voice!

Issue 2016-047, 8 September 2016: Reviews of Daymoon, Infinite Spectrum, Greg Lake, Macroscream, Nosound (Duo Review), and Yossi Sassi Band!

Issue 2016-046, 4 September 2016: Reviews of Cyril, Freedom To Glide, Homunculus Res, Our Oceans, Panzerpappa, The Pineapple Thief (Duo Review), Marco Ragni, Robert Reed, and Three Trapped Tigers!

Issue 2016-045, 1 September 2016: Reviews of Asia, Daniel Crommie, DC Sound Collective (2 reviews), The Security Project, Tilt, Virus, and We Are Kin!

Issue 2016-044, 28 August 2016: Reviews of Airbag, Ben Craven, Lyrian, Sailor Free, Shamblemaths, and Stein!

Issue 2016-043, 25 August 2016: Reviews of Sioum (2 reviews), and Starlight Brigade (3 reviews)!

Issue 2016-042, 21 August 2016: Reviews of Steve Hackett, Lucifer's Friend, Mayfair, Anthony Phillips, and a various artists album of performing music by Antonio Vivalid!

Issue 2016-041, 18 August 2016: Reviews of Daevid Allen Weird Quartet, Alex Carpani, He Was Seen..., Jerusalem, and MJ12!

Issue 2016-040, 14 August 2016: Reviews of Badger, Gadi Caplan, Drifting Sun, Fates Warning, and Zanov!

Issue 2016-039, 11 August 2016: Reviews of Knifeworld, Dominique Leone, Mythos, Paolo Apollo Negri, and Zhaoze!

Issue 2016-038, 7 August 2016: Reviews of Argus, John Bassett, Big Big Train (2 reviews), Renaissance, and Tides From Nebula!

Issue 2016-037, 4 August 2016: Round Table Review of Karmakanic!

Issue 2016-036, 31 July 2016: Round Table Review of Anderson / Stolt!

Issue 2016-035, 24 July 2016: Reviews of Huxley Would Approve, The Jelly Jam, Katatonia, King Crimson, Nine Stones Close, Red Jasper, and Southern Empire!

Issue 2016-034, 17 July 2016: Reviews of Aalto (2 reviews), Da Zai, Kaipa, Kevin Kastning / Mark Wingfield, Kevin Kastning / Carl Clements, Konchordat, Long Distance Calling, Osta Love, and Martin Turner!

Issue 2016-033, 10 July 2016: Reviews of Il Ballo Delle Castagne, Baron, Dyscordia, Anna von Hausswolff, Mothertongue, Billy Sherwood & Tony Kaye, Martin Turner, and Utopia!

Issue 2016-032, 7 July 2016: Reviews of Steve Hughes, Meandering Mine, Odd Logic (2 reviews), TEE, Tiles, Triangle, and Wolverine!

Issue 2016-031, 3 July 2016: A short and not-so-prog edition with reviews of The Boogeymen, Downriver Dead Men Go, Habu, Clemens Krijger, and Orymus!

Issue 2016-030, 26 June 2016: Reviews of Lee Abraham, Errata Corrige, Roberto Frattini, Poverty's No Crime, The Samurai Of Prog, Votum, and Waken Eyes!

Issue 2016-029, 23 June 2016: A short issue of Dutch, female-fronted prog metal reviews of After Forever (2 reviews), Delain, and Epica (2 reviews)!

Issue 2016-028, 19 June 2016: Reviews of Backward Runners, Group 1850, In Each Hand A Cutlass, Pressure Points, The Raptor Trail, Hans Spitzen, Marcus Taylor, and Trettioåriga Kriget!

Issue 2016-027, 16 June 2016: Reviews of Ampledeed, Ed Bernard, Elegant Simplicity, Liserstille, Messenger, Moonlight Sky Trio, None Other, Pontus, The Rube Goldberg Machine, and Spooky Tooth!

Issue 2016-026, 12 June 2016: Reviews of Atmospheres, Atropos Project, The Benzene Ring, Crescent Moon, Earthside, Graal, KariBow, Pseudo/Sentai, and The Skys!

Issue 2016-025, 9 June 2016: A Not So Prog edition with reviews of Blueminded, Ian Danter, Lunden Reign, Mortanius, Intelligent Music Project III, and Zeptelar!

Issue 2016-024, 5 June 2016: Reviews of Amphetamin, Autmun Electric, Charles Brown, Dreadnaught, Frost*, Maat Lander, Simon McKechnie, Rêve Général, Uriah Heep, and Zen Carnival!

Issue 2016-023, 1 June 2016: Reviews of Arcade Messiah, Tony Banks (2 reviews), Fuchsia, Goblin Rebirth, The Grand Astoria, I Am the Manic Whale, Tony Patterson, Anthony Phillips, and The Syn!

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