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Last Updated: Sunday, 2 August 2015

In the latest update (Issue 2015-56, 2 August 2015): Reviews of Apogee, Effa Lente, Eternal Journey, Mondo Drag, Mosaico, Narrow Pass, Old Rock City Orchestra, Picchio dal Pozzo, Clay Green's Polysorbate Masquerade Band, and Soul Secret!

In the previous update (Issue 2015-55, 30 July 2015): Reviews of The Bad Mexican, Colour Haze, Different Strings, Discordia, Gert Emmens, Dave Greenslade, Matria, Orgasmo Sonore, Paradox One, Robert Schroeder, Outrun The Sunlight, Ufly, and Gerd Weyhing (2 reviews)!

Older updates:

Issue 2015-54, 26 July 2015: Reviews of Kaipa, Kaipa, Bertrand Loreau, Minutian, Native Construct, Indrek Patte, Ramses, Solitary Zebra, Tarek Shehabi’s Wasaya, and We Are Kin!

Issue 2015-53, 23 July 2015: Reviews of Armonite, Code, Fields, FM, Kermit, The No Name Experience, Puja, Strawbs, Sunset in the 12th House, and Vennart!

Issue 2015-52, 19 July 2015: Reviews of Chance:Risiko, Circuline, Corvus Stone, Deckchair Poets, Drifting Sun, Mike Florio, Godsticks, Hildegard, Lanzetti & Roversi, and The Winter Tree!

Issue 2015-51, 12 July 2015: Reviews of Les Discrets, Electric Asturias, Equinox, Metallic Taste of Blood, and Mr Averell!

Issue 2015-50, 5 July 2015: Reviews of Alco Frisbass, Eric Baule, Cryptex, Exovex, IO Earth, Isgaard, O.R.k., Anthony Phillips, Sleeping Pulse, and Ubi Maior!

Issue 2015-49, 2 July 2015: Reviews of Matthew Anderson, Blast Unicorn, Corral, Lost World Band, MoeTar, Parzivals Eye, Simeon Soul Charger, Solstice Coil, U.N.i., and White Raven!

Issue 2015-48, 28 June 2015 - DVD special: Reviews of Eyevory, Gazpacho, Katatonia, Neal Morse, Nosound, Nuova Idea, Panzerballett, Seven Side Diamond, and TesseracT!

Issue 2015-47, 25 June 2015: Prog metal special with reviews of Ambrotype, The Anasazi, Arcane, Arcturus, District 97, Kingcrow (Duo Review), Maiden United, Mechanism, Midnight Rain, and P.A.W.N.!

Issue 2015-46, 21 June 2015: Reviews of Lars Boutrup's Music for Keyboards, Brainsqueezed, Saro Cosentino, Eighth Whale, Lizards Exist, Moongarden, Victor Peraino's Kingdom Come, The Receiver, Saga, and Spoke of Shadows!

Issue 2015-45, 18 June 2015: Reviews of Arcane Atlas, In The Presence of Wolves, Karibow, Mollmaskin, Nice Beaver, Nordic Giants, Progression By Failure, Rocket Scientists, Guido Umberto Sacco, and Yesterdays!

Issue 2015-44, 14 June 2015: Reviews of Reviews of A Formal Horse (2 albums), Grant Gordon, Magic Pie, Maxxess, Millenium (2 albums), Rick Miller, Bill Nelson, and Glenn Thomson!!

Issue 2015-43, 7 June 2015: Reviews of Roland Bühlmann, Christina, Freedom to Glide, Hibernal, Master Massive, Davy O'List, The Psychedelic Ensemble, Stoney Spring, and Vola!

Issue 2015-42, 31 May 2015: Reviews of The Abelians, Crowned in Earth, Gaillion, Lesoir, Margaritas Ante Porcos, Moorder, The Oneira, Ozric Tentacles, Posto Blocco 19, and Proteo!

Issue 2015-41, 28 May 2015: Reviews of 2KX, Closure, Hidden Lands, Nick Karch, Corky Laing and the Perfect Child, Pingvinorkestern, and Tiger Moth Tales!

Issue 2015-40, 24 May 2015: Reviews of Aquaserge, Ascent, Clearlight (Cyrille Verdeaux & Pascal Menetrey), Deke Leonard (2 reviews), Leprous, Starfish64, and Svarta Stugan!

Issue 2015-39, 21 May 2015: Reviews of Elora, Steve Hughes, Juke, The Mighty Bard, Not a Good Sign, Pineal, Regal Worm, Rush (2 reviews), and Sanguine Hum!

Issue 2015-38, 17 May 2015: A special focusing on Galahad's EP trilogy!

Issue 2015-37, 14 May 2015: Reviews of Air Canda, Antethic, End of the Dream, Factor Burzaco, Fossil Evolution, Hypnosphere, Sistra, Taylor's Universe, Three Wise Monkeys, and XII Alfonso!

Issue 2015-36, 10 May 2015: Reviews of Addyction, Echo Us, Eyevory, Freeway Jam, Fright Pig, Andreas Hack, Mater Thallium, Red Jasper, and Alberto Rigoni!

Issue 2015-35, 7 May 2015: Reviews of Dice, Hasse Fröberg Musical Companion, The Last Embrace, John Lodge, Methexis, Mr So & So, Prowlers, Prowlers, Roz Vitalis, and Something’s At The Sky!

Issue 2015-34, 5 May 2015: A Round Table Review of Arena's The Unquiet Night!

Issue 2015-33, 2 May 2015: A Round Table Review of The Tangent's A Spark in the Aether!

Issue 2015-32, 30 April 2015: A Round Table Review of Glass Hammer's Breaking of the World!

Issue 2015-31, 26 April 2015: A prog metal special with reviews of Aeon Zen, Dreamgrave, Ethernity, False Coda, Iris Divine, Moonspell, Odin's Court, Opus of a Machine, Sadman Institute, Soul Cages, and Subterranean Masquerade!

Issue 2015-30, 23 April 2015: Reviews of Daal, Antoine Fafard, Harvest, Jouis, Nomads of Hope, Rhys Marsh, Sonny Simmons and Moksha Samnyasin, and Spiralmaze!

Issue 2015-29, 19 April 2015: Reviews of Frontregen, Fusion Orchestra 2, Garden Music Project, Kestrel, Now and Then, Riders of the Universe, and Steam Theory!

Issue 2015-28, 16 April 2015: Reviews of Jerzy Antczak, Astrolabio, The Blue Ship, Cecilia::Eyes, Episcopio Vistarama, M-Opus, and Snovi!

Issue 2015-27, 12 April 2015: Reviews of Timo Tolkki’s Avalon, Broken Paracute, Laura Casale, Cheval Fou, The Gate, New Sun, Nyl, Saris, Soup, and Chris Thompson!

Issue 2015-26, 9 April 2015: Reviews of Ctuhlu Rise, Frederico Fantacone & Lisa LaRue, Jack Dupon, Orchestre Celesti, RPWL, Todd Rundgren, Von Hertzen Brothers, and Rick Wakeman!

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