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Last Updated: Sunday, 26 April 2015

In the latest update (Issue 2015-31, 26 April 2015): A prog metal special with reviews of Aeon Zen, Dreamgrave, Ethernity, False Coda, Iris Divine, Moonspell, Odin's Court, Opus of a Machine, Sadman Institute, Soul Cages, and Subterranean Masquerade!

In the previous update (Issue 2015-30, 23 April 2015): Reviews of Daal, Antoine Fafard, Harvest, Jouis, Nomads of Hope, Rhys Marsh, Sonny Simmons and Moksha Samnyasin, and Spiralmaze!

Older updates:

Issue 2015-29, 19 April 2015: Reviews of Frontregen, Fusion Orchestra 2, Garden Music Project, Kestrel, Now and Then, Riders of the Universe, and Steam Theory!

Issue 2015-28, 16 April 2015: Reviews of Jerzy Antczak, Astrolabio, The Blue Ship, Cecilia::Eyes, Episcopio Vistarama, M-Opus, and Snovi!

Issue 2015-27, 12 April 2015: Reviews of Timo Tolkki’s Avalon, Broken Paracute, Laura Casale, Cheval Fou, The Gate, New Sun, Nyl, Saris, Soup, and Chris Thompson!

Issue 2015-26, 9 April 2015: Reviews of Ctuhlu Rise, Frederico Fantacone & Lisa LaRue, Jack Dupon, Orchestre Celesti, RPWL, Todd Rundgren, Von Hertzen Brothers, and Rick Wakeman!

Issue 2015-25, 5 April 2015: A long special on British bands only, with reviews of Asia, Saul Blease, Karda Estra, Mike Kershaw, Dave Kilminster, Luna Rossa, Nth Ascension, Pink Floyd, Quantum Jump, Ra Rising, Thine, Nathan Jon Tillett, Martin Turner And Friends, and Van Der Graaf Generator!

Issue 2015-24, 2 April 2015: Round Table Review of Steve Hackett - Wolflight!

Issue 2015-23, 29 March 2015: A long special on Dutch bands only, with reviews of Astral Son, Mark Bogert, A Cure for Siri, Deanmoore, Delain, Fractal Mirror, The Gentle Storm (Duo Review), Kingfisher Sky, Monomyth, Monomyth, Schizoid Lloyd, Peter Swart, and Swung!

Issue 2015-22, 26 March 2015: Reviews of Amenophis, Inior, Lambert, Osada Vida, Pantommind, Jonathan Segel, Seven Side Diamond, Snovi, and Spleen Arcana!

Issue 2015-21, 22 March 2015: Reviews of Audioplastik, Auxford, The Distorting Glass, Höstsonaten, Kivanc Kilicer, King of Agogik, Kosmoratik, The Light Afternoon, Light Damage, and Talc!

Issue 2015-20, 19 March 2015: A Round Table Review of Sylvan - Home!

Issue 2015-19, 15 March 2015: A big fat North-American special with reviews of The Boogeymen, Cailyn, District 97 with John Wetton, Eccentric Orbit, FM, Heliopolis, Last Scattering, Lotus Thief, Peter Matuchniak, Supernal Endgame, Syzygy, Thought Chamber, Johnny Unicorn, and UV Traveler!

Issue 2015-18, 12 March 2015: Reviews of Franck Carducci, Census Of Hallucinations (four reviews), The Enid, Sebas Honing (two reviews), Qirsh, Kevin Serra, Times Up, and ZDP!

Issue 2015-17, 8 March 2015: Reviews of Bram Stoker, Cross, Elabaural, Fuzzy Nautilus, HeKz, Keyframe, Maze of Sound, The David Rhodes Band, Theo (Duo Review), and J.S. Tolar!

Issue 2015-16, 5 March 2015 - Sky Special: A special on four re-issues by Sky!

Issue 2015-15, 1 March 2015: Reviews of The Aristocrats, Grand Tour, Andy Jackson, Kaipa, Magic Bus, Pallas (Duo Review), Quantum Jump, and Syncromind Project!

Issue 2015-14, 25 February 2015: A Round Table Review of Steve Wilson's latest album Hand. Cannot. Erase.!

Issue 2015-13, 22 February 2015: Reviews of And They Are Us, Ashent, Jet Plane, Napier's Bones, and Peter Banks Empire!

Issue 2015-12, 19 February 2015: Reviews of 3rd Ear Experience, Albatros, Creation's End, Engineers, The Experiment No. Q, Glacier, A Liquid Landscape, Lunatic Soul, Pinkroom, and Toundra!

Issue 2015-11, 15 February 2015: A Round Table Review of Neal Morse Band - The Grand Experiment!

Issue 2015-10, 12 February 2015: Reviews of Entropia Utopia, FreddeGredde, Mikko Iivanainen, Dave Kerzner, John Kongos, Living Stilts, Phi, Septum, Thirteen, and Violent Attitude If Noticed!

Issue 2015-09, 8 February 2015: Reviews of Argovia, Arlekin, Ben Bell, The Bob Lazar Story, Eclipse Sol-Air (2 reviews), Frequency Drift, La Mar, PoiL, and Relative Awareness!

Issue 2015-08, 5 February 2015: Reviews of Leon Alvarado, Il Castello Di Atlante, Delta, The Gasoline Band, Hope to Find, Humana Prog, Inner Drive, Anthony Phillips, Svet Kant, and The Tea Party!

Issue 2015-07, 1 February 2015: A mini-special with three reviews of albums by Glazz!

Issue 2015-06, 29 January 2015: Reviews of Bakerloo, Cea Serin, Daydream XI, Antoine Fafard, The Good Hand (two reviews), Greenwall, Fernando Refay, The Samurai Of Prog, and Ysma!

Issue 2015-05, 25 January 2015: Reviews of The Emerald Dawn, Brieg Guerveno, Isos, Lavola, Logos, Simon McKechnie, PFM (Premeria Forneria Marconi), Il Segno del Comando, The Sixxis, and Super String Theory!

Issue 2015-04, 22 January 2015: Reviews of Backhand, Cartographer, Eyesberg, Steve Hackett, Kayak, Sólstafir, Stars In Battledress, Twombley Burwash, Rick Wakeman, and Walfad!

Issue 2015-03, 18 January 2015: Reviews of Amplifier, Axial Lead, Dot Legacy, Electric Orange, GnuQuartet in Prog, Philippe Luttun, Mammoth, Nordic Giants, Tony Patterson and Brendan Eyre, and Dean Watson!

Issue 2015-02, 15 January 2015: Reviews of And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Beardfish (Duo Review), Hedersleben, The Kindred, and La YnE!

Issue 2015-01, 11 January 2015: Reviews of Accolade, Ainulindalë, Hand, Heylel, Khun Narin, Láquesis, Mad Fellaz, The Main Sequence, Pink Floyd (Duo Review), and Retsam Suriv!

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