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Last Updated: Sunday, 13 August 2017

In the latest update (Issue 2017-059, 13 August 2017): Reviews of L'Anima (Duo Review), Machines Dream, Anthony Phillips, Rob Ramsay, and Robert Schroeder!

In the previous update (Issue 2017-058, 10 August 2017): A focus on John Bassett's projects with reviews of John Bassett, KingBathmat, and Sacred Ape!

Older updates:

Issue 2017-057, 6 August 2017: Reviews of Anthriel, Cosmograf, Karda Estra, Next To None, Valdez, and The Winter Tree (Duo Review)!

Issue 2017-056, 3 August 2017 - Mini Review Special: Reviews of Grice, I Will Kill Chita (IWKC), Kerani, Martigan, Old Fire, Regna, and Saint-Samuel!

Issue 2017-055, 30 July 2017: Reviews of Roland Bühlmann, Discipline, Fish On Friday, Möbius Strip, and Synaptik!

Issue 2017-054, 23 July 2017: A Round Table Review of The Tangent's latest album The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery!

Issue 2017-053, 16 July 2017: Reviews of RPWL, Sounds Like The End Of The World, TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc, and Until Rain (Duo Review)!

Issue 2017-052, 13 July 2017 - Mini Review Special: Reviews of Astral Son, Charles Brown, Kant Freud Kafka, Enrico Merlin & Valerio Scrignoli (Electric Guitar Duo), Qualia, and Tune!

Issue 2017-051, 9 July 2017: A Duo Review of Comedy of Errors's latest album House of the Mind!

Issue 2017-050, 6 July 2017: Reviews of Astrosaur, Hooffoot, and Lion Shephard (Duo Review)!

Issue 2017-049, 3 July 2017: Reviews of Damanek, Gungfly, Pendragon, Sumo Sun, and Vespero!

Issue 2017-048, 29 June 2017: Reviews of Accordo Dei Contrari, Cast, Gandalf, Hawkwind (2 reviews), and The Light Afternoon!

Issue 2017-047, 25 June 2017: Reviews of Deep Imagination, Drifting Sun, Son Of Man, Steve Thorne, and Tuesday The Sky!

Issue 2017-046, 22 June 2017: Reviews of Big Big Train (Duo Review), Brother Ape, Semistereo, V2, and Wingfield, Reuter, Stavi, Sirkis!

Issue 2017-045, 18 June 2017: Reviews of Antethic, Disperse, Karfagen, Paidarion Finlandia Project, PBII, Saris, and Jonathan Segel!

Issue 2017-044, 15 June 2017: Duo Review of Anathema - The Optimist!

Issue 2017-043, 11 June 2017: Reviews of Pat Mastelotto And Marcus Reuter, Progression, Thinking Plague, Utopianisti, and Vangough (Duo Review)!

Issue 2017-042, 8 June 2017: Reviews of Andre Dinuth, Golden Caves, Light Freedom Revival, Pixie Ninja, and T!

Issue 2017-041, 28 May 2017: Reviews of Richard Barbieri, Birzer Bandana, Edensong, Suburban Savages, and Tohpati Ethnomission!

Issue 2017-040, 25 May 2017: Reviews of Blonde on Blonde (2 albums), Bullet Height, Bjørn Riis, and Weserbergland!

Issue 2017-039, 21 May 2017 - Nad Sylvan - The Bride Said No - DPRP Inter-review: An inter-review with Nad Sylvan about his latest album The Bride Said No!

Issue 2017-038, 18 May 2017: Reviews of The Bob Lazar Story, Emmett Elvin, The Foxholes, and Lost World Band!

Issue 2017-037, 14 May 2017: Reviews of The Fierce And The Dead, The Land Of The Snow, Pymlico, Rivière, and Voyager!

Issue 2017-036, 11 May 2017: Reviews of The Brackish, Curved Air, Michael Holmes (Duo Review), and Kaprekar's Constant!

Issue 2017-035, 7 May 2017: Reviews of Alarion, Elements of Chaos, Mike Keneally, Levin Minnemann Rudess, Persefone, and Starfish64!

Issue 2017-034, 4 May 2017: Reviews of Big Hogg, Collapse, The Invisible, IQ, The Mughsots, and Retrospective!

Issue 2017-033, 30 April 2017 - Magenta - We Are Legend - DPRP Inter-review: An inter-review with Christina Booth about Magenta's latest album We Are Legend!

Issue 2017-032, 27 April 2017 - Ayreon - The Source - DPRP Inter-review: An inter-review with Arjen Lucassen about Ayreon's latest album The Source!

Issue 2017-031, 23 April 2017 - Lonely Robot - The Big Dream - DPRP Inter-review: An inter-review with John Mitchell about Lonely Robot's latest album The Big Dream!

Issue 2017-030, 16 April 2017: Reviews of Barock Project, Citizen Cain's Stewart Bell, Borderline Syndrome, IT, Jack O’ The Clock, and Rog Patterson!

Issue 2017-029, 9 April 2017: Reviews of After Forever (2 reviews), Crippled Black Phoenix, Eleven Strings, Epica, Madder Mortem, and The Silent Wedding (Duo Review)!

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