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Last Updated: Sunday, 22 October 2017

In the latest update (Issue 2017-077, 22 October 2017): Reviews of Blackmore's Night, Eloy, Jethro Tull, Roz Vitalis, Schnauser, Tangerine Dream (Duo Review), and The Watch!

In the previous update (Issue 2017-076, 19 October 2017): A Duo Review of Lunatic Soul's latest album Fractured!

Older updates:

Issue 2017-075, 12 October 2017: Reviews of Bubblemath, Daniel Cavanagh, Circu5, Dick, and Scardust!

Issue 2017-074, 8 October 2017: Reviews of Alwanzatar, Bent Knee, Big Bad Wolf, Milky Way Gas Station, and Ryan Yard!

Issue 2017-073, 5 October 2017: A Duo Review of Wobbler's latest album From Silence To Somewhere!

Issue 2017-072, 1 October 2017: Reviews of Howling Giant, Kansas, Tusmørke, and White Moth Black Butterfly (Duo Review)!

Issue 2017-071, 28 September 2017 - Lifesigns - Cardington - DPRP Inter-review: A Inter-Duo-Review of Lifesign's latest album Cardington plus interview with John Young!

Issue 2017-070, 24 September 2017: Reviews of Cellar Noise, Cheer-Accident, HFMC (Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion), Magic Bus, and Trojka!

Issue 2017-069, 21 September 2017 - Kaipa - Children of the Sounds - DPRP Inter-review: An inter-review on Kaipa's latest album Children of the Sounds!

Issue 2017-068, 17 September 2017: Reviews of Caligula's Horse (Duo Review), Gentle Giant, Mystery, Andrew Wild, and Soul Enema!

Issue 2017-067, 14 September 2017 - Mini Review Special: Reviews of Aura, Katre, Psion, Saint-Samuel, and Salander!

Issue 2017-066, 10 September 2017: Reviews of Art Against Agony, DC Sound Collective, Knekklectric, Мааt Lander / Øresund Space Collective, Kim Seviour, and Vipassi!

Issue 2017-065, 7 September 2017: Reviews of Aswekeepsearching, Gentle Knife, Ghost Toast, Nicolas Meier, Pete Oxley & Nicolas Meier, and Prospekt!

Issue 2017-064, 3 September 2017: Reviews of Amplifier, Bodhi, Eurasia, Pareidolon, RPWL, and Syncage!

Issue 2017-063, 31 August 2017: A Round Table Review of Steven Wilson's latest album To The Bone!

Issue 2017-062, 24 August 2017: A Round Table Review of Leprous's latest album Malina!

Issue 2017-061, 20 August 2017: Reviews of A Formal Horse, Habelard2, King of Agogik, Medea, and Samurai Of Prog!

Issue 2017-060, 17 August 2017: A Duo Review of Big Big Train's latest album The Second Brightest Star!

Issue 2017-059, 13 August 2017: Reviews of L'Anima (Duo Review), Machines Dream, Anthony Phillips, Rob Ramsay, and Robert Schroeder!

Issue 2017-058, 10 August 2017: A focus on John Bassett's projects with reviews of John Bassett, KingBathmat, and Sacred Ape!

Issue 2017-057, 6 August 2017: Reviews of Anthriel, Cosmograf, Karda Estra, Next To None, Valdez, and The Winter Tree (Duo Review)!

Issue 2017-056, 3 August 2017 - Mini Review Special: Reviews of Grice, I Will Kill Chita (IWKC), Kerani, Martigan, Old Fire, Regna, and Saint-Samuel!

Issue 2017-055, 30 July 2017: Reviews of Roland Bühlmann, Discipline, Fish On Friday, Möbius Strip, and Synaptik!

Issue 2017-054, 23 July 2017: A Round Table Review of The Tangent's latest album The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery!

Issue 2017-053, 16 July 2017: Reviews of RPWL, Sounds Like The End Of The World, TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc, and Until Rain (Duo Review)!

Issue 2017-052, 13 July 2017 - Mini Review Special: Reviews of Astral Son, Charles Brown, Kant Freud Kafka, Enrico Merlin & Valerio Scrignoli (Electric Guitar Duo), Qualia, and Tune!

Issue 2017-051, 9 July 2017: A Duo Review of Comedy of Errors's latest album House of the Mind!

Issue 2017-050, 6 July 2017: Reviews of Astrosaur, Hooffoot, and Lion Shephard (Duo Review)!

Issue 2017-049, 3 July 2017: Reviews of Damanek, Gungfly, Pendragon, Sumo Sun, and Vespero!

Issue 2017-048, 29 June 2017: Reviews of Accordo Dei Contrari, Cast, Gandalf, Hawkwind (2 reviews), and The Light Afternoon!

Issue 2017-047, 25 June 2017: Reviews of Deep Imagination, Drifting Sun, Son Of Man, Steve Thorne, and Tuesday The Sky!

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