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Last Updated: Sunday, 19 February 2017

In the latest update (Issue 2017-014, 19 February 2017): A John Wetton review and tribute!

In the previous update (Issue 2017-013, 16 February 2017): Reviews of Fatal Fusion, Attila Kollár, Nth Ascension, Odd Logic, Pseudo/Sentai, and This Winter Machine!

Older updates:

Issue 2017-012, 12 February 2017: Reviews of Arid Garden, Grandjacques, Krzysztof Lepiarczyk, Lucifer's Friend, Eddie Mulder, and Three Man Army!

Issue 2017-011, 9 February 2017: Reviews of Burnt Belief, Gunhill, Hibernal, Luminous Newts, and Napier’s Bones!

Issue 2017-010, 5 February 2017: Reviews of Steve Hughes, Nick Johnston, Magenta, Nathan, Oak, and Tatvamasi!

Issue 2017-009, 2 February 2017: Reviews of Gravy Train (2 reviews), and Jody Grind (2 reviews)!

Issue 2017-008, 29 January 2017: Reviews of 25 Yard Screamer, Arena, Millenium, Kalle Ylitalo, and Øresund Space Collective!

Issue 2017-007, 26 January 2017: A duo review of the new Soen album Lykaia!

Issue 2017-006, 22 January 2017: Reviews of The Anchoress, Bez Taktu, Human Factor, Slyde, and Verbal Delirium!

Issue 2017-005, 19 January 2017: Reviews of AltaVia, Full Nothing, How We Live, Lost Kite, Salva, and Vespero!

Issue 2017-004, 15 January 2017: Reviews of Leon Alvarado, Caren Coltrane Crusade, Hominido, Montage, The Neal Morse Band, Patchwork Cacophony, Shaman Elephant, and Yuka & Chronoship!

Issue 2017-003, 12 January 2017: Reviews of Barclay James Harvest, A Devil's Din, Esquire, Kaipa Da Capo, Metadrive, Odin's Court, Richard Palmer-James, and Thrilos!

Issue 2017-002, 8 January 2017: Reviews of Arcade Messiah, Gemstone, Novatia (2 reviews), Seeking Raven (2 reviews), Darrel Treece-Birch, and Witchwood!

Issue 2017-001, 1 January 2017: Round Table Review of Blackfield - V!

Issue 2016-069, 31 December 2016 - 2016 New Year's Eve Special: Reviews of Animals As Leaders, Ashby, Dreamwaves, Eden Shadow, Jeavestone, Arjen Anthony Lucassen, Maschine, Oktopus, Stick Men, and Devin Townsend!

Issue 2016-068, 25 December 2016 - 2016 X-mas Special: Reviews of Dewa Budjana, Flux, Fractal Mind, The ID, Kyros, Minimum Vital, Seven Impale, Soniq Theater, Symphony Novel, and Withem!

Issue 2016-067, 22 December 2016: Flute Prog Special, Part 4

Issue 2016-066, 18 December 2016: Reviews of Cross and Quinn, DGM, Dream the Electric Sleep, Fufluns, Lucid Fly, The Neal Morse Band, Mynd, The National Orchestra of the United Kingdom of Goats, Oddland, and Silver Key!

Issue 2016-065, 15 December 2016: Flute Prog Special, Part 3

Issue 2016-064, 11 December 2016: Reviews of Adeia, Circus Maximus, Downlouders, Gandalf (2 reviews), Loonypark, Stefano Orlando Puracchio, Synergy Protocol, Ticket to the Moon, and ?Verity!

Issue 2016-063, 8 December 2016: Flute Prog Special, Part 2

Issue 2016-062, 4 December 2016: Reviews of The Aurora Project, Ayreon, and a Duo Review of Leprous!

Issue 2016-061, 1 December 2016: Flute Prog Special, Part 1

Issue 2016-060, 24 November 2016: Reviews of The Ben Cameron Project, Catafalchi Del Cyber, Fobia Inc., Poor Genetic Material, and Sparkle In Grey!

Issue 2016-059, 20 November 2016: Reviews of Antoine Fafard, Half Past Four, Heliopolis, Moonlight Sky, and Paradigm Shift!

Issue 2016-058, 13 November 2016: Reviews of Derdian, Deus Ex Machina, Red Bazar, Signal to Noise Ratio, and Snarky Puppy & Metropole Orkest!

Issue 2016-057, 10 November 2016: Reviews of Blind Ego, Circa, Crystal Palace, Curved Air, Greenslade, Karakorum, Lapis Lazuli, Leptons, Riverside, and Wet Rabbit!

Issue 2016-056, 6 November 2016: Reviews of Cairo, Endless Season, Forest Field, Multi Story, and Darryl Way!

Issue 2016-055, 3 November 2016: Reviews of Peter Baumann (2 reviews), Dec Burke, Gong, Hexvessel, and Mike Kershaw!

Issue 2016-054, 30 October 2016: Reviews of Cirrha Niva, Uwe Cremer & Thomas Rydell, Dumbsaint, Gepetto, the various artists set Decameron Ten Days in 100 Novellas part III, and John Wesley!

Issue 2016-053, 16 October 2016: Reviews of Alms, Anima Mundi, Barock Project, Dworniak Bone Lapsa, Kansas (Duo Review), and Se Delan!

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