Long Songs List

records found: 1519

100:00 and longer
Rich, RobertSomnium420:002001Somnium
Schulze, KlausPicasso Geht Spazieren154:271993-
70:00 - 79:59
BongripperThe Great Barrier Reefer79:232006The Great Barrier Reefer
Schulze, Klausopera trance79:171997jubilee edition
Schulze, Klaus'Nuff Said79:061997-
Devil DollThe Sacrilege Of Fatal Arms79:031992The Sacrilege Of Fatal Arms
Schulze, KlausTradition And Vision78:451997-
Schulze, KlausThe Cello78:382000-
Schulze, KlausInto The Blue78:251995-
TransatlanticThe Whirlwind77:542009The Whirlwind
Schulze, KlausBorrowed Time77:121997Jubilee Edition
VONNVictim One: Agony76:042006Victim One: Agony
Schulze, KlausMy Ty She75:402000-
FushitsushaThe Wisdom Prepared74:551997The Wisdom Prepared
FantomasSurgical Sound Specimens from the Museum of Skin74:162004Delirium Cordia
Roach, SteveDarkest Before Dawn74:002002Darkest Before Dawn
Rich, RobertCalling Down The Sky73:592004Calling Down The Sky
Bass Communion / Jonathan Coleclough / Colin PotterEpidural73:572003Bass Communion / Jonathan Coleclough / Colin Potter
Roach, SteveThe Dream Circle73:571994The Dream Circle
Schulze, KlausThe Music Box73:561993-
Schulze, KlausMachine De Plaisir73:511993-
Cope, JulianBreath of Odin73:451999Odin
Roach, Steve & Vidna ObmanaSpirit Dome73:282004Spirit Dome
2350 BroadwayHands Of Light72:5019932350 Broadway
mistigo varggoth darkestrathe keys to the gates of apocalypse72:051999the keys to the gates of apocalypse
Pat Metheny GroupThe Way Up72:052005The Way Up (japanese version)
CorruptedEl Mundo Frio71:392005El Mundo Frio
TV VictorAgai71:012000Timeless Decceleration
2350 BroadwayThe Invisible Landscape70:5019942350 Broadway 2
60:00 - 69:59
Superficial DepthDigital Superimposing69:501997Digital Superimposing
Chris ButlerThe Devil Glitch68:532000The Devil Glitch
Black Boned AngelHeavens Blaze Forth The Death Of Princes65:342006Ashes
Reed, LouMetal Machine Music64:131975Metal Machine Music
The NecksAether63:492001Aether
The NecksBlack63:291996Silent Night
VariantFallingStars62:002012Falling Stars
Nurse With WoundSalt Marie Celeste61:572003Salt Marie Celeste
Juno ReactorLuciana61:201994Luciana
FistulaInverted black star60:512008Inverted black star
Brian EnoThursday Afternoon60:501985Thursday Afternoon
The NecksHanging Gardens60:301999Hanging Gardens
Black Boned AngelBliss And Void Inseparable60:252006Bliss And Void Inseparable
The NecksDrive By60:162003Drive By
Green CarnationLight of Day, Day of Darkness60:062001Light of Day, Day of Darkness
Oldfield, MikeAmarok60:021990Amarok
2350 BroadwayArt Of Dream60:0019942350 Broadway 2
Carbon Based LifeformsVLA60:002011VLA
DirgeWings of Lead Over Dormant60:002007Wings Of Lead Over Dormant
50:00 - 59:59
ThenceThese Stones Cry From The Earth59:572011These Stones Cry From The Earth
SabbatThe Melody of Death Mask59:481996The Dwelling
Schulze, Klaus & Andreas GrosserBabel59:461987Babel
MortiisThe Song Of A Long Forgotten Ghost59:401993The Song Of A Long Forgotten Ghost
Keiji HainoI Said, 'This is the Son of Nihilism'59:231996I Said, 'This is the Son of Nihilism'
Flower Kings, TheGarden Of Dreams59:161999Flower Power
Brian EnoNeroli57:581993Neroli - Thinking Music part IV
Ground ZeroConsume Red57:021997Consume Red
The NecksSex56:081995Sex
Atom (TM)Cold Memories Part 156:072012Cold Memories
TV VictorAll55:122000Timeless Decceleration
Porcupine TreeThe Incident55:032009The Incident
Atom (TM)Cold Memories Part 254:202012Cold Memories
Zoviet FranceCyclonic Sub Alien54:181993What Is Not True
The NecksWhite53:511996Silent Night
Lands EndAcquiesce to the martinets precept53:112005The Lower Depths
Pholas DactylusConcerto Delle Menti53:051973Concerto Delle Menti
GalleonThe Ocean52:052003From Land To Ocean
MonolitheMonolithe I51:582003Monolithe I
62 EulengasseTime - Cage51:48199562 Eulengasse
Phillips, AnthonySlow Dance50:281990Slow Dance
MonolitheMonolithe II50:272005Monolithe II
40:00 - 49:59
Al-BirdSodom & Gomorra XXI49:552002Sodom & Gomorra XXI
Schulze, KlausL'Opera Aperta49:432001-
CoilQueens of the Circulating Library49:262000Queens of the Circulating Library
Devil DollSacrilegium49:161992Sacrilegium
NadjaBliss Torn from Emptiness48:542005Bliss Torn from Emptiness
Oldfield, MikeTubular Bells48:521973Tubular Bells
Elegant SimplicityThe Story Of Our Lives48:122000The Story Of Our Lives
Out Of FocusHuchen 5548:061972Four Letter Monday Afternoon
Devil DollDies Irae48:021996Dies Irae
Jarre, Jean-MichelWaiting For Cousteau46:531990Waiting For Cousteau
GuapoFive Suns46:092004Five Suns
LCD Soundsystem45:3345:582006commissioned by Nike, released on ITunes
Magic PieCircus Of Life45:442007Circus Of Life
Tangerine DreamLogos45:061982-
Jethro TullA Passion Play45:051973A Passion Play
Stephen CaudelWine Dark Sea45:011986Wine Dark Sea
Aesop RockAll Day: Nike+ Original Run44:482007All Day: Nike+ Original Run
FaustThe Faust Tapes44:381973The Faust Tapes (Virgin, VC501)
Vulgar UnicornUnder The Umbrella44:281995Under The Umbrella
Floating StatePilgrimage to Nowhere44:112003Thirteen Tolls at Noon
Martz, JasunThe Pillory44:071978The Pillory
Schulze, KlausDresden One44:061990-
OfferingAnother Day44:031990-
Trespass (Germany)Coto Lyrics (Crew of the Orion)43:551990The Final Act
Jethro TullThick As A Brick43:501972Thick As A Brick
Devil DollSacrilegium43:421992Sacrilegium
Beyond TwilightFor the love of art and the making43:302006For the love of art and the making
A Triggering MythForgiving Eden43:282002Forgiving Eden
Yakuza0100001111001143:252002Way of the Dead
Elegant SimplicityThe Nature Of Change43:121996The Nature Of Change
Mars Volta, TheCicatriz43:052005Scab Dates
Edge of SanityCrimson II43:012003Crimson II
Rich, RobertOak Spirits43:001981Sunyata
Cale, JohnSun Blindness Music42:441968Sun Blindness Music
Black Boned AngelBlack Throat Abyss42:282006Ashes
Et AnsL'Autre42:172001L'Autre
NektarJourney To The Centre Of The Eye42:031971Journey To The Centre Of The Eye
Dream TheaterSix Degrees Of Inner Turbulence41:582002Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
FlairckBal Masqué41:531984Bal Masqué
The Beat of the EarthThis is an Artistic Statement41:531967The Beat of the Earth
Tangerine DreamSoundmill Navigator41:482000-
CorruptedPaso Inferior41:461997Paso Inferior
Hammill, PeterIncoherence41:392004Incoherence
Finisterre ProjectHöstsonaten41:211996-
Morse, NealPart One41:082003Testimony
Ten JinnAs On A Darkling Plain40:521999-
Tangerine DreamTangram40:211980Tangram
Bass CommunionPacific Codex40:182008Pacific Codex
Oldfield, MikeHergest Ridge40:171974Hergest Ridge
Wakeman, RickJourney To The Centre Of The Earth40:071973Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
Edge Of SanityCrimson40:001996-
30:00 - 39:59
Orb, theBlue Room39:581992Blue Room
Quaterna RequiemQuasimodo38:591994-
Maxwell's DemonPrometheus38:502001Prometheus
devil dollthe girl who was death38:481989the girl who was death
MagmaMëkanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh38:471973-
Schulze, KlausEchoes Of Time38:401975Timewind (remaster)
Bradsham Leather, DonDistance Between Us38:221972Distance Between Us
Tangerine DreamRicochet38:181975Ricochet
Sylvian, DavidApproaching Silence38:172000Approaching Silence
Green Milk From the Planet OrangeA Day in the Planet Orange38:092005City Calls Revolution
Happy The ManDeath's Crown38:001999-
Explorers ClubRaising The Mammoth I37:582002Raising The Mammoth
Bass CommunionChiaroscuro37:552009Chiaroscuro
RunemagickThe Pentagram I37:552003The Pentagram
Frohmader, PeterEismeer37:102002Eismeer
Phillips, Anthony, & Cazenave, GuillermoThe Meadows Of Englewood36:421996-
La Maschera Di CeraIl Viaggo Dell'Oceano Capovolto36:202003Il Grande Labirinto
NilActe 136:162003Quarante Jours Sur Le Sinai
AkaciaThe Brass Serpent36:152005The Brass Serpent
Current 93Faust35:572000Faust
No NameTan Ibhan35:501998The other Side
KotebelMysticae Visiones35:482002Mysticae Visiones
BeardfishSleeping in traffic35:442008Sleeping in traffic part 2
NektarRemember The Future35:411973Remember The Future
HumusUltra Radio35:401994-
QuillSursum Corda35:321977Sursum Corda
Rundgren, ToddA Treatise On Cosmic Fire35:191975-
Paysage d'HiverNacht I35:032004Nacht
Paysage d'HiverNacht II34:542004Nacht
Tangerine DreamRubycon34:541975Rubycon
Air SculptureFjord Transit34:471998Fjord Transit
Brighteye BrisonThe grand event34:442008Believers & Deceivers
Swallow the SunPlague of Butterflies34:422008Plague of Butterflies
MagellanThe Great Goodnight34:272002Hundred Year Flood
2350 BroadwayVision Of Pulse34:1719932350 Broadway
GhostTune In, Turn On, Free Tibet33:541999Tune In, Turn On, Free Tibet
The Allman Brothers BandMountain Jam33:411972Eat A Peach
NowConverging Universes33:251991Spheres
Secret CinemaIn The Autumn Of My Dreams33:241994-
GrobschnittSolar Music33:171973Ballermann
AdventureThe Motherland33:092000Adventure
Secret CinemaThrough The Windows Of Time33:081994-
Schulze, KlausC'est pas la meme chose32:561975Picture Music (remaster)
Oldfield, MikeOmmadawn32:511975Ommadawn
Brian EnoIced World32:491997The Drop
Sylvian, DavidThe Beekeeper's Apprentice32:382000Approaching Silence
Black Boned AngelEndless Coming Into Life32:292006Ashes
Estatic FearSomnium Obmutum32:161997Somnium Obmutum
Black JesterInferno32:021997The Divine Comedy
High WheelBlind Archer31:582002Back From The Void
Iced EarthGettysburg 186331:532004The Glorious Burden
Schulze, KlausThor (Thunder)31:472007Kontinuum
Mars Volta, TheCassandra Gemini31:422005Frances The Mute
Moon SafariOther half of the sky31:422008Blomljud
Morse, NealPart 231:382003Testimony
Steve RoachArc of passion31:362007Arc of Passion
Brian EnoDiscreet Music31:341975Discreet Music
Spock's BeardA Flash Before My Eyes31:122005Octane
Fig LeafFearless31:091999-
TransatlanticAll Of The Above30:592000SMPTe
Jet ChamberSplit Wide30:511995Jet Chamber
Alarcen, Jean-PierreTableu No 2, 5e Mouvement30:461998Tableau No. 2
Schulze, KlausDecent Changes30:451990-
MolassesSleeping Pill Blues30:411999You'll Never Be Well No More
Ash Ra TempelReunion30:402000Friendship
Flower Kings, TheThe Truth Will Set You Free30:402002Unfold The Future
Vander, ChristianPurificatem30:371993-
UnderworldI'm a Big Sister, and I'm a Girl, and I'm a Princess, and this is my Horse30:342006The Riverrun Project
EarthLike Gold and Faceted30:311993Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version
Schulze, KlausBayreuth Return30:251975-
Rundgren's Utopia, ToddThe Ikon30:221974-
Schulze, KlausDune30:221979Dune
UnderworldThe Misterons Mix30:212006The Riverrun Project
Ash Ra TempelDream30:141977Dream & Desire
Seventh WonderThe Great Escape30:142010The Great Escape
MoonsorrowJäästä Syntynyt / Varjojen Virta30:102007Viides Luku-Hävitetty
far east family bandparallel world30:081976Parallel world
LiarsThis Dust Makes That Muds30:072001They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top
NadjaAbsorbed in You30:042008The Bungled & the Botched
Lands EndNatural Selection30:001997Natural Selection
20:00 - 29:59
Rich, RobertSeascape29:591983Drones
Alec Empire264199829:572001Intelligence & Sacrifice
NadjaThe Bungled & the Botched29:552008The Bungled & the Botched
Emerson, Lake & PalmerKarn Evil 929:531973Brain Salad Surgery
MagmaKohntarkosz, Version 229:501974-
MoonsorrowTulimyrsky29:452008Tulimyrsky EP
Schulze, KlausHeinrich Von Kleist29:321978-
LegendTriple Aspect29:291996Triple Aspect
Wahnfried, RichardMidiaction29:281986Miditation
RevelationA New Dawn29:262005The Colossus Of Rhodes
25 Yard ScreamerCassandra29:252007Cassandra
Djam karetblue fred29:251985no commercial potential
Guy LeBlancSubversia29:151999Subversia
Black Boned AngelThe Sorrowful Mysteries29:142006Ashes
Morse, NealThe Door29:142007Sola Scriptura
Schulze, KlausCrystal Lake29:121977-
CodaSounds Of Passion29:061986Sounds Of Passion
Reverend BizarreThey Used Dark Forces / Teutonic Witch29:052007III: So Long Suckers
Godspeed You Black Emperor!Providence29:041998F# A# OO
Coheed and CambriaThe Willing Well29:032005Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness
CanPrehistoric Future29:011974Unopened (Volume Two)
NadjaRadiance of Shadows28:592007Radiance of Shadows
X JapanArt Of Life28:591993Art Of Life
Djam KaretStrange Wine From A Twisted Fruit28:541998-
Henry CowOslo28:541976Concerts
Schulze, KlausNowhere - Now Here28:531977Body Love 2
Steve RoachArc of passion (continued)28:442007Arc of Passion
Morse, NealSo many roads28:422008Lifeline
Orb, the feat. David GilmourMetallic Side28:422010Metallic Spheres
Schulze, KlausLudwich II Von Bayern28:401978-
Michael MantlerFolly Seeing All This28:391993Folly Seeing All This
Schulze, KlausWahnfried 188328:381975Timewind
ManowarAchilles, Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts28:371992Triumph Of Steel
Fripp & EnoAn Index Of Metals28:361975Evening Star
UnderworldLovely Broken Thing28:362006The Riverrun Project
Gathering, TheHow To Measure A Planet?28:331998How To Measure A Planet?
Tangerine DreamQuinea28:251992Quinea
Liquid Tension ExperimentThree Minute Warning28:221998Liquid Tension Experiment
Morse, NealPart 428:192003Testimony
C.A.P.Suite Ali Del Sogno Odissea : Libir XIV, XV, XVI28:162005Odyssey - The Greatest Tale
Schulze, KlausVelvet Voyage28:141977Mirage
EcholynA Suite For Everyman28:131992Suffocating the bloom
Rich, RobertWheel of Earth27:581983Drones
2350 BroadwayRaga27:5719932350 Broadway
CodaLament For Planet Earth27:541996What a Symphony
Salem HillSweet Hope Suite27:542000Not everybody's gold
Weird Al YankovicPeter And The Wolf27:521988Peter And The Wolf
Bass Communion / Jonathan Coleclough / Colin PotterPethidine27:512003Bass Communion / Jonathan Coleclough / Colin Potter
NexusEl Regreso27:502005Odyssey - The Greatest Tale
Roz VitalisPotoki Sveta Trisolnechnogo27:482004Das Licht Der Menschen
The Rebel WheelChristal rain suite27:402004The Rebel Wheel
Pineapple Thief, TheWhat Have We Sown?27:332007What We Have Sown
NadjaI Have Tasted the Fire Inside Your Mouth27:262007Radiance of Shadows
Steve CochraneSongs For Spring27:261998-
USLife in Progress27:262003Eamon's Day
Schulze, KlausFloating27:151976-
Constance DembyPart Two27:141986Novus Magnificat: Thru the Stargate
GreenwallThe Secret Passage27:132005The Colossus Of Rhodes
Schulze, KlausP.T.O.27:121977Body Love
Vander Trio, ChristianDear Mac27:091990-
MalibramLe Porte Del Silenzio27:081993Le Porte Del Silenzio
EarthTeeth of Lions Rule the Divine27:041993Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version
C.A.P.Alla Corte Degli Eroi - 155027:032006The 7 Samurai
MoongardenThe Gates Of Omega27:032001The Gates Of Omega
Spock's BeardThe Great Nothing27:022000V
CathedralThe Garden26:592005The Garden of Unearthly Delights
Davis, MilesBitches Brew26:581970Bitches Brew
Jet ChamberOuter Rotation26:561996Jet Chamber 2
MastermindTragic Symphony26:561995Volume III: Tragic Symphony
Simon SaysBrother were you bound26:562008Tardigrade
TillionThe Ugly26:562007The Spaghetti Epic 2: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Deluge granderInaugural bash26:552006August in the Urals
PriamInitiatic Quotient Of The Monk26:541997-
Schulze, KlausGringo Nero26:541991-
hourglassThe Journey Into26:532002The Journey into
Shalabi, SamOutside Chance (Dreamfangs)26:532001On Hashish
Pär Lindh ProjectMundus Incompertus26:431998Mundus Incompertus
TransatlanticDuel With The Devil26:432001Bridge Across Forever
NilActe 226:422003Quarante Jours Sur Le Sinai
Shalabi EffectAural Florida26:372000Shalabi Effect
Sinigaglia, RiccardoEvon26:371990-
InquireWhen Darkness Turns To Light26:351999-
LeviathanUn Pensiero e Sempre Libero26:342005The Colossus Of Rhodes
Anima MundiSpring Knocks on the Door of Men26:332010The Way
RitualDangerous Journey, A26:322007Hermulic Voluntary Band, The
Ash Ra TempelFriendship26:302000Friendship
neurosiscleanse26:301993enemy of the sun
Lands EndA new world order26:292005The Lower Depths
Hammill, PeterLabyrinthine Dreams26:251996Sonix
Constance DembyPart One26:241986Novus Magnificat: Thru the Stargate
AgenessSequels (The Feast Of Fools)26:221998Imageness
EsotericAwaiting My Death26:201994Epistemological Despondency
Schulze, KlausShadows Of Ignorance26:201979Dune
FocusAnonymous Two26:191973-
MoonsorrowTuleen Ajettu Maa26:192007Viides Luku-Hävitetty
Beduinos a gasoleoCanto IV26:182007Beduinos a gasoleo
Flander's Adventure, JackChapter #226:181992-
YobThe Illusion of Motion26:102004The Illusion of Motion
Ezra WinstonAncient Afternoon Of An Unknown Town26:051990-
TransatlanticStranger In Your Soul26:052001Bridge Across Forever
In The Woods...Omnio26:021997Omnio
XII AlfonsoFrom Ismarus To The Land Of Death26:012005Odyssey - The Greatest Tale
Morse, NealSeeds of Gold25:592011Testimony Two
Schulze, KlausGeorg Trakl25:591978X (remaster)
Morse CodeProcréation25:581976-
ManningRagged Curtains25:552002The Ragged Curtain
Steve RoachThe origin of artifacts25:481994artifacts
Schulze, KlausConphära25:421973Cyborg
Citizen CainSomewhere But Yesterday25:401994Somewhere But Yesterday
Simon SaysMinds Of Mortal Men25:402005Odyssey - The Greatest Tale
Velvet DesperadosGentlemen Of Fortune25:392007Treasure Island
LustmordMetastatic Resonance25:341994The Place Where The Black Stars Hang
Wahnfried, RichardMiditation25:331986Miditation
Reverend BizarreAnywhere Out of This World25:322007III: So Long Suckers
FonyaThe Valley Of Lavon25:311995Earth Shaper
PhishUnion Federal25:311988-
Ash Ra TempelTraummaschine25:241971Ash Ra Tempel
Quicksilver Messenger ServiceWho Do You Love Suite25:221969Happy Trails
Schulze, KlausMindphaser25:221976-
Reverend BizarreSorrow25:202007III: So Long Suckers
Tangent, TheA Place In The Queue25:192006A Place In The Queue
Mangala VallisWerewolf Suite25:182005Lyncanthrope
Sunn o)))Decay2 (Nihils' Maw)25:182004White2
Univers ZeroLa Faux25:181979-
After TeaTrial, Punishment, the End25:171970Jointhouse Blues
Sunn o)))My Wall25:162003White1
FishPlague Of Ghosts25:131999Raingods With Zippos
Rich, RobertHayagriva25:131983Trances
BurzumRundtgåing Av Den Transcendentale Egenbetens Støtte25:111996Filosofem
Lands EndDross25:111996An Older Land
Harrison, GeorgeNo Time Or Space25:101969Electronic Sound
Floating StateSuite dall'inconscio dell'Assassino25:082008Giallo! One Suite for the Murderer
RandomeThe Good25:082007The Spaghetti Epic 2: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
UnderworldPizza For Eggs25:082006The Riverrun Project
DreamiesProgram 1125:071973-
Mad CrayonCome Vento Tornero25:052005The Colossus Of Rhodes
Parallel Or 90 DegreesAn Autopsy In Artificial Light25:052000Unbranded
Rich, RobertThe Other Side Of Twilight25:041987Numena
Flower Kings, TheStardust We Are25:031997Stardust We Are
Schulze, KlausPercussion Planante25:011990-
Morse, NealThe Conflict25:002007Sola Scriptura
WerejuThe Darkness Goes on Forever25:002008Lost and Far From Home
TrionFrank24:592004The Spaghetti Epic: Six Modern Prog Bands For Six Seventies Prog Suites
KorpiklaaniKorven Kuningas24:582008Korven Kuningas
Rachel's BirthdayWaves24:581996An Invitation to Rachel's Birthday
Schulze, KlausNeuronengesang24:571973Cyborg
LustmordAldebaran of the Hyades24:561994The Place Where The Black Stars Hang
MagentaMan The Machine24:562001Revolutions
Bass CommunionDrugged24:551998Bass Communion (I)
Schulze, KlausSequenzer (from 70 to 07)24:542007Kontinuum
Bass CommunionDrugged 224:531998Bass Communion
Moon SafariWe Spin The World24:522005A Doorway To Summer
2350 BroadwayHeart The Light24:5119962350 Broadway 3
Velvet DesperadosLords And Knights24:512005The Colossus Of Rhodes
Hancock, HerbieSleeping Giant24:501972Crossings
Oldfield, MikeTaurus II24:491982Five Miles Out
Zappa, FrankBilly The Mountain24:491971Just Another Band From L.A.
Schulze, KlausFriedrich Nietzsche24:471978X (remaster)
Devil DollEliogabalus24:441990Eliogabalus
Nik TurnerOriginal Sounds from the Great Pyramid24:431993Sphynx
Floating StateThe Shore And The Breathing Night24:402007Treasure Island
HeceniaLes Jardins "Ethernels"24:401994La Couleur Du Feu
Rutherford, MikeSmallcreep's Day Suite24:401980Smallcreep's Day
Glass HammerThe Knight Of The North24:392005The Inconsolable Secret
RenaissanceScheherazade24:391975Scheherazade And Other Stories
Flower Kings, TheDevils Playground24:302002Unfold The Future
IQHarvest Of Souls24:292004Dark Matter
Flower KingsLove Is The Only Answer24:282007The Sum of No Evil
La Maschera Di CeraEnciclica 116824:272006Lux Ade
La Voce del VentoThe Bad24:272007The Spaghetti Epic 2: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Black JesterParadiso24:261997The Divine Comedy
Billy Thorpe & the AztecsGanster of Love24:241971the Hoax is Over
HöstsonatenThe Dream24:211998Mirror Games
Jet ChamberQuite My Chords24:191997Jet Chamber 3
Ash Ra TempelJenseits24:181973Join Inn
EpisodeHesperates Rising24:181993Starlight Tales
Magic PieA Life`s Work Pts.1 - 424:172011The Suffering Joy
Frohmader, PeterFunebre24:142002Eismeer
TempanoChapter XII, XVII, XVIII, XIX24:142005Odyssey - The Greatest Tale
Anyone's DaughterAdonis24:131979Adonis
Bass Communion / Jonathan Coleclough / Colin PotterYossaria24:122003Bass Communion / Jonathan Coleclough / Colin Potter
Symphony XThe Odyssee24:092002The Odyssee
Adam HurstMetamorphosis24:072006Passages
Nathan MahlOf Longings, Suitors, Deities And Quests…24:072005Odyssey - The Greatest Tale
Bradsham Leather, DonAutumn Mist24:061972Distance Between Us
Nuova EraIo E Il Tempo24:061992Domani Io Vecchio
Roz VitalisThe Threesunny Light Power24:052004The Threesunny Light Power
DisciplineRogue24:042011To shatter all accord
FrohmaderHomunculus Part IV24:031988-
Glass HammerIf The Sun24:022010If
RedemptionSomething Wicked This Way Comes24:002002Redemption
Rich, RobertSunyata (Emptiness)24:001981Sunyata
Schulze, KlausDungeon24:001972Irrlicht (remaster)
Dream TheaterOctavarium23:592005Octavarium
CarmenRemembrances23:571975Dancing on a Cold Wind
tribes of neurotachtwan23:561996silver blood transmission
ApogeeThe Range Of Matter23:541995The Border Of Awareness
Rich, RobertCave Paintings23:541983Trances
AmenophisThe Last Requiem23:531983Amenophis
Schulze, KlausTotem23:521975Picture Music (remaster)
Vander, ChristianBaba Yaga La Sorcière23:521996-
YesFly from here23:522011Fly from here
Thieves' KitchenChovihani Rise23:502003Shibboleth
Schulze, KlausChromengel23:491973Cyborg
Latte e MielePavana23:451976Aquiel E Scoiattoli
Pink FloydAtom Heart Mother23:451970Atom Heart Mother
Bradsham Leather, DonDance of the Goblins23:421972Distance Between Us
John FaheyFare Forward Voyagers23:421974Fare Forward Voyagers
Versus XInto the vast Unknown23:412008Primordial ocean
Black Boned AngelSupereclipse I23:402003Supereclipse
Morse, NealA Whole Nother Trip23:381999Neal Morse
Elegant SimplicityCapillary Attraction23:352002Architect Of Light
IslandEmpty Bottles23:351977Pictures
SBBGoing Away23:331978-
Strangers On A TrainEndzone23:321993The Key pt II: The Labyrinth
abel ganzSo far23:312008Shooting Albatross
Pink FloydEchoes23:311971Meddle
NadjaNow I Am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds23:272007Radiance Of Shadows
King CrimsonLizard23:261970-
K2Chapter 1: Infinite Voyage23:252005Book of the Dead
AnathemaDreaming: The Romance23:241993Serenades LP
Curtis, AnthonyBook of the Key23:242005Book of the Key
NOTEpilogo23:232009The Spaghetti Epic 3 - The Greatest Silence
Schulze, Klaus1. Satz: Ebene23:231972Irrlicht
TaprobanMorton23:232004The Spaghetti Epic: Six Modern Prog Bands For Six Seventies Prog Suites
Vanilla FudgeBreak Song23:231969Near The Beginning
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Steven WilsonRaider II23:212011Grace For Drowning
alan sorrenticome un vecchio incensiere...23:171973come un vecchio incensiere...
Chick CoreaSometime Ago / La Fiesta23:171972Return To Forever
Godspeed You Black Emperor!Sleep23:172000Lift Up Your Skinny Hands Like Antennas To Heaven
Hillage, SteveGarden of Paradise23:151979-
Schulze, KlausBuddy Laugh (A Rock'n'Roll Bolero)23:141977Body Love 2
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Abraham, Leewhite23:122010black and white
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MartiganBoatman's Vision23:122009Vision
Spock's BeardThe Water23:111995The Light
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Dream TheaterA Change Of Seasons23:061995A Change Of Seasons
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SpiralThe capital in ruins22:592011The capital in ruins
GenesisSupper's Ready22:581972Foxtrot
Ash Ra TempelDesire22:561977Dream & Desire
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big big trainthe underfall yard22:542009the underfall yard
Nuova EraPianeta Trasparente22:531989Dopo L'Infinito
Nnecra PackêLa Lune22:492002Paracelse
Jon & VangelisHorizon22:451983-
Schulze, KlausVoices Of Syn22:451974Blackdance
Shadow GalleryFirst Light22:452001Legacy
CaravanNine Feet Underground Nigel Blows A Tune Loves A Friend22:431971In The Land Of Grey And Pink
MentaurThe Last Battle22:431995The Last Battle
EsotericIgnotum Per Ignotius22:422008The Maniacal Vale
Schulze, KlausSynphära22:421973Cyborg
AkaciaJournal22:412003An Other Life
Tangent, TheThe Full Gamut22:412008Not As Good As The Book
AsturiasBrilliant Streams22:381989Brilliant Streams
ExistenceIn The Kingdom Of Madness22:381998-
Talk TalkThe Rainbow22:381988Spirit Of Eden
TeliofIs it? (parts 1-7)22:382008Is it?
MindflowersTalk With Myself22:372002Improgressive
CairoRuins At Avalon's Gates22:351994Cairo
Godspeed You Black Emperor!Static22:352000Lift Up Your Skinny Hands Like Antennas To Heaven
MontfeltroCanto No 122:3419-
TapobranThe Bandits22:332006The 7 samurai
UnitopiaThe Garden22:332008The Garden
Godspeed You Black Emperor!Storm22:322000Lift Up Your Skinny Hands Like Antennas To Heaven
Parallel Or 90 DegreesThe Time Capsule22:301999The Time Capsule
Versus XThe Mirror Of Division22:301996-
The SourceFrom The Start22:282007All Along This Land
Steve UnruhSong To The Sky22:272005Song To The Sky
FlairckGevecht Met de Engel22:261980Gevecht Met de Engel
TheocracyMirror of Souls22:262008Mirror of Souls
AsturiasCircle in the forest22:241988Circle in the forest
GazpachoTick Tock22:242009Tick Tock
CircusMovin' On22:231977Movin' On
PythagorasJourney to the vast unknown22:231981Journey to the vast unknown
Silent MemorialRetrospective22:232009Retrospective
Minimum VitalEtranger En Sa Demeure22:222005Odyssey - The Greatest Tale
Schulze, KlausLasse Braun22:221977Body Love (remaster)
SBBFollow My Dream22:211978-
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C.A.P.Il regno22:152003Il bianco regno di Dooah
CathedralThe Voyage Of Homeless Sapien22:151994-
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SithoniaLa Recita Del Silenzio22:151992Spettaculo Annullato
Tangerine DreamAlpha Centauri22:121971Alpha Centauri
Roz VitalisBecoming the Poor-in-Spirit (Dead Can Rise 3)22:112003Lazarus
After CryingA Gadarai Megszallott22:101992Megalázottak és Megszomorítottak
DogmaA Season For Unions22:081992Dogma
Jet ChamberClearing Your Head22:051998Jet Chamber 4
EpidermisA Speck, A Dream22:041991Feel Me
DisciplineInto The Dream22:031997Unfolded Like Staircase
CastEl Puente22:012003Al-bandaluz
Collegium MusicumPf 197222:011971-
62 Eulengassexxxx22:00199562 Eulengasse
Floating StateWild flower21:592003Thirteen tolls at noon
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Fates WarningThe Ivory Gate of Dreams21:571999No Exit
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Parallel or 90 degreesAfterlifecycle21:481997Afterlifecycle
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YesRitual - Nous Sommes Du Soleil21:351973Tales From Topographic Oceans
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TrespassMorning lights21:332006Morning lights
AetherChapter IX21:322005Odyssey - The Greatest Tale
TriumviratIllusions On A Double Dimple21:311973Mister ten Percent
ApogeeSwallow The Illusion21:302003The Garden Of Delights
Glass HammerAt The Court Of Alkinoos21:302005Odyssey - The Greatest Tale
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Salem HillStolen By Ghosts21:302005Mimi's Magic Moment
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Steve Roachviews beyond21:292007Arc of Passion
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Jet ChamberI Miss Green21:262000Jet Chamber 5
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Eggs & DogsSilicone Bimbo Run21:242009You Are
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YobThe Mental Tyrant21:232005The Unreal Never Lived
Godspeed You Black Emperor!Motherfucker = Redeemer21:222002yanqui u.x.o.
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TriumviratMr. Ten Percent21:221973Illusions on a Double Dimble
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No-ManHeaven Taste21:191995Heaven Taste
Frogg CafeWaterfall Carnival21:162003Creatures
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MastermindBrainstorm21:151991Volume II: Brainstorm
CrucibleAn Imp's Tale21:141997Tall Tales
GalleonThe Wanderer21:141998Mind over Matter
Ave RockPausa en Espacios21:131977Espacios
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Tangent, TheFour Egos, One War21:132008Not As Good As The Book
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Kingston WallMushrooms21:081992Kingston Wall
PendragonThe Wishing Well21:072005Believe
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Godspeed You Black Emperor!Nervous, Sad, Poor...21:001997F# A# OO
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Reverend BizarreSlave of Satan21:002005Slave of Satan
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Visible WindThe Awakening20:591996Narcissus goes to the moon
MangroveHidden Dreams20:582005Facing The Sunset
Like WendyFalcon Suite20:572000Tales from Moonlit Bay
A.C.TRelationships - The Long One20:562001Imaginary Friends
UsThe road less travelled20:562011The road less travelled
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Nuova EraDopo L'Infinito20:461989Dopo L'Infinito
OmegaSzvit20:461973Omega V
EsotericCircle20:452008The Maniacal Vale
porcupine treevoyage 34 phase IV20:451993voyage 34 the complete trip
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Strangers On A TrainDarkworld20:371993The Key pt II: The Labyrinth
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Emerson Lake PalmerTarkus20:351971Tarkus
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Hatfield And The NorthMumps20:311975-
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ClearlightClearlight Symphony, 1st Movement20:281975Symphony
Brighteye BrisonThe harvest20:272008Believers & Deceivers
ClearlightSymphony II: 5e Mouvement20:271990Symphony II
YesThe Revealing Science Of God - Dance Of The Dawn20:271973Tales From Topographic Oceans
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Glass HammerBehind The Great Beyond20:262004Shadowlands
SingularityIslands20:262007Of All the Mysteries
Spock's BeardA Guy Named Sid20:262003Feel Euphoria
Beau DommageUn Incident à Bois-des-Filions20:251975Où est passée la noce?
EarthAngels of Darkness, Demons of Light I20:242011Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I
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OverheadBeginning To End20:222002Zumanthum
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Univers ZeroThe Funeral Plain20:221986-
Wolves In The Throne Room(A Shimmering Radiance) Diadem of 12 Stars20:222006Diadem of 12 Stars
SBBWolnosc Z Nami20:211975-
Incredible Expanding MindfuckShadow Of a Twisted Hand Across My House20:202001-
FocusHamburger Concerto20:191974Hamburger Concerto
Explorers ClubRaising The Mammoth II (AKA Prog-O-Matic)20:182002Raising The Mammoth
Providence...And I'll Recite An Old Myth From...20:181990-
Reverend BizarreFrom the Void20:182004Harbinger of Metal
Devil DollMr. Doctor20:171990Eliogabalus
MagentaThe Ballad of Samuel Layne20:172008Metamorphosis
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Power Of OmensIn The End20:152003Rooms Of Anguish
CanYou Doo Right20:141969Monster Movie
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Orb, the feat. David GilmourSpheres Side20:122010Metallic Spheres
Tr3nityThe Last Great Climb20:122004Precious Seconds
UnderworldThing In A Book20:121994Dark & Long
Collegium MusicumEufonia20:111971-
MartiganThe Contract20:112009Vision
SylvanThe Words You Hide20:102012Sceneries
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Magic PieChange20:042005Motions Of Desire
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ManningSuite: Dreams20:032003The View From My Window
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AragonRocking Horse20:001993Rocking Horse
CanBel Air20:001973-
Chrome HoofMad Air Punch20:002006Beyond Zade
IQThe Narrow Margin20:001997Subterranea
MonolitheMonolithic Pillars20:002007Interlude Premier
SylvanThe Waters I Traveled20:002012Sceneries
15:00 - 19:59
HaikaraThe West19:592004The Spaghetti Epic: Six Modern Prog Bands For Six Seventies Prog Suites
RushThe Fountain Of Lamneth19:591975Carress Of Steel
Taylor, CecilAmplitude19:591966-
YesterdaysSuite Pauline19:592009The Spaghetti Epic 3 - The Greatest Silence
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IQLast Human Gateway19:581983Tales From The Lush Attic
MandalabandOm Mani Padme Hum19:571975Mandalaband
Shpongle... And the Day Turned to Night19:571999Are you Shpongled ?
VenomAt War With Satan19:571983At War With Satan
Tangerine DreamBirth Of Liquid Plejades19:561972Zeit
Green milk from planet orangeConcrete city breakdown19:552005City calls revolution
Power Of OmensTest Of Wills19:551998-
Bass CommunionConstruct II19:542005Continuum
Il Trono Dei RicordiThe King Of Memories19:541994-
alan sorrentiaria19:531972aria
Forgotten SunsDream killer19:532004Snooze
Lindh Project, PärThe Cathedral19:531994-
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Popol VuhVuh19:481971In the Gardens of Pharao
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janebetween heaven and hell19:441977between heaven and hell
Oldfield, MikeMusic From The Balcony19:441991Heavens Open
ArenaMoviedrome19:432000Immortal ?
flamborough headlooking for john maddock19:432009looking for john maddock
FonyaUniform Expansion and the Perfect Cosmological Principles19:431998Perfect Cosmological Principles
PhideauxSnowtorch (part 1)19:422011Snowtorch
Bevis Frond, TheThe Shrine19:411988-
Rare BirdFlight19:411970-
Schulze, KlausEuro Caravan19:412007Kontinuum
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Elegant SimplicityTranquility And Drift19:401998Purity And Despair
FinchA Passion Condensed19:391976-
Hammill, PeterFlight19:391980-
Massive AttackAntistar19:392003100th window
AgallochScars of the Shattered Sky (Our Fortress Has Burned to the Ground)19:382006Ashes Against the Grain (Vinyl Edition)
PangeeQuartus Frenesis19:381995Hymnemonde
Banco De GaiaStarstation Earth19:371997Big Men Cry
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LeviathanBee Yourself19:371990Bee Yourself
Social TensionMacbethia19:371989Macbethia
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Oldfield, MikeIncantations part 219:361978Incantations
Cope, JulianThe ringed hills of Ver19:351997Rite2
Sonic YouthThe Diamond Sea19:351995Washing Machine
Tangerine DreamOrigin Of Supernatural Probabilities19:351972Zeit
Latte e MielePapillon19:341973Papillon
Adam HurstDusk19:322006Passages
Lands endNeptunes Last Tear19:311995Terra Serranum
Bodin, ThomasA Spanish ballerina in love19:302008Cinematograaf
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Thieves KitchenT.A.N.U.S.19:302000Head
KarmakanicSend a message from the heart19:282008Who's the boss in the factory
USFull Circle19:282004The Ghost Of Human Kindness
Aphrodite's ChildAll The Seats Were Occupied19:271972666
Harper, RoyOne Of These Days In England Parts 2-1019:271977Bullinamingvase
LiftSimplicity/Caverns19:271974The Moment Of Hearing
SalmonTime tro fantasize19:272004When the dust settles...
Porcupine TreeVoyage 34, Phase III19:241993Voyage 34: The Complete Trip
Ash Ra TempelSuche & Liebe19:231972Schwingungen
DiscusAnne19:232003... tot licht !
Incredible String BandIthkos19:221974Hard Rope and Silken Twine
LorienChildren's Game19:221994Children's Game
Sean FilkinsPrisoner Of Conscience Pt1: The Soldier19:222011War And Peace & Other Short Stories
25 Yard ScreamerBlacklight19:212007Cassandra
La Maschera Di CeraLa Maschera Di Cera19:212002La Maschera Di Cera
PhideauxWaiting for the Axe to Fall19:212010Number 7
Budka SufleraSzalony Kon19:201975-
H2OIl cimitero degli elefanti19:201997Unopuntosei
Nice, TheArs Longa Vita Brevis Suite19:201968Ars Longa Vita Brevis
Pekka PohjolaOrdinary music19:201997Pewit
Rich, RobertThe Road to Wirikuta19:201997Fissures
SpiralThe caves of Anamnesis19:202012The Traveler
TriptykonThe Prolonging19:202010Eparistera Daimones
Billy Thorpe & the AztecsMississippi19:191971The Hoax is over
High WheelThere19:191996-
Mahavishnu OrchestraHymn To Him19:191974Apocalypse
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Darwin's RadioThe Illusion is Freedom19:182009Template for a Generation
Soft MachineMoon In June19:181970-
Soft MachineOut-Bloody-Rageous19:171970-
ApogeeCruel Jokes19:161998Sisyphos
Ash Ra TempelFreak 'n' Roll19:151973Join Inn
CollectorsWhat Is love19:151969Collectors
EsotericPassing Through Matter19:151997The Pernicious Enigma
PresentLe Promenade Au Fond D'Un Canal19:151981Triskaidekaphobie
Glass HammerInto Thin Air19:142007Culture of Ascent
YesThat, That Is19:141996Keys To Ascension
Red SandVery Strange19:132005Gentry
JanusAgnus Dei19:111990Out Of Time
The TangentWhere Are They Now ?19:102009Down And Out In Paris And London
Banco del mutuo soccorsoIl Giardino Del Mago19:091972Banco del mutuo soccorso
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Circus MaximusThe 1st Chapter19:082005The 1st Chapter
Harper, RoyBurn The World19:081990Burn The World
Oldfield, MikeIncantations part 119:081978Incantations
SBBZe Zlowem Biegne Do Ciebe19:071977-
IbisDivine Mountain / Journey Of Life19:061974Sun Supreme
Little TragediesThe Voice Of Silence19:052009The Spaghetti Epic 3 - The Greatest Silence
Steve Roachmoment of grace19:052007Arc of Passion
TransienceThe Seven Pools19:041999Sliding
CastThe Mirror's House19:031996-
Forever TimesSkyang Khang-Ri19:031999-
ProjeKct Two (a King Crimson fractal)Space Groove II19:031998Space Groove
TaprobanOutside Nowhere19:022004Outside Nowhere
A New ConsciousnessEnvironemtn(twosevenzero)19:011994A New Consciousness
Twelfth NightThe Collector19:011991Collector's Item
MagentaChildren Of The Sun19:002001Revolutions
RhapsodyGargoyles, Angels of Darkness19:002002Power of the Dragonflame
Rich, RobertDervish Dreamtime19:001981Sunyata
EphratReal (attempts 1-3)18:582008No One's Words
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Godspeed You Black Emperor!Antennas To Heaven18:572000Lift Up Your Skinny Hands Like Antennas To Heaven
Okumoto, RyoClose Enough18:572002Coming Through
EsotericThe Noise Of Depression18:561994Epistemological Despondency
LoveRevelation18:561967Da Capo
GryphonMidnight Mushrumps18:551974Midnight Mushrumps
Panic RoomThe Dreaming18:552008Visionary Position
Jan Akkerman & Thijs Van LeerBeethoven's Revenge18:541985Focus
Soft MachineFacelift18:541970-
Sylvian, DavidSteel Cathedrals18:541984Alchemy
UFOStar Storm18:541971Flying
Pig Farm On The MoonThe Queen Maibe18:532003Orbital
Salem HillThe Future Me18:532005Mimi's Magic Moment
Aerial Service AreaEternal (Infinity)18:521995Aerial Service Area
SBBPrzed Premiera18:521977-
Schulze, KlausEn=trance18:521988En=trance
Aerial Service AreaHighlow18:511995Aerial Service Area
Nuova EraIo E Il Tempo18:511992Io E Il Tempo
GDeVAWintersong18:502007Bubbles, Bubbles
SBBJulia18:501997Slovenian Girls
YesClose To The Edge18:501972Close To The Edge
Bass CommunionV18:492004Ghosts On Magnetic Tape
USThrough Hell And High Water18:482007Reflections
Art of infinityUtopia18:472008Endless future
NDVPaying the price18:472003Karma
Orb, TheA Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld18:471991The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld
Ain SophA Story of Mysterious Forest18:461980A Story of Mysterious Forest
HorizontSummer in Town18:461985Summer in Town
MidasBeyond The Clear Air18:451985Beyond The Clear Air
MugenSinfonia Della Luna18:451984Sinfonia Della Luna
Schulze, KlausSilent Running18:451981-
demon thorwritten in the sky18:441974written in the sky
Bodin, TomasM18:432005I AM
QuarkspaceWhere Galaxies Collide18:431999-
Storming HeavenJessie's Journey - The Suite18:431996-
Fripp & EnoSwastika Girls18:421973-
WerejuJourney Through the Dead of Night18:422008Lost and Far From Home
Harrison, GeorgeUnder The Mersey Wall18:411969Electronic Sound
Zappa, FrankThe Little House I Used To Live In18:411970Burnt Weenie Sandwich
GaladrielThe Grey Stones Of Escalia18:401991Chasing The Dragonfly
EarthOuroborus is broken18:391991Capsular Extraction
Beduinos a gasoleoDesculpa Lá [incluindo Planicie]18:382007Beduinos a gasoleo
Porcupine TreeThe Sky Moves Sideways, Phase 118:371995The Sky Moves Sideways
Sunn o)))Orakulum18:372007Oracle
YesMind Drive18:371997Keys To Ascension 2
Guthrie, ArloAlice's Restaraunt18:361968Alice's Restaraunt
The Last Placid Days Of PlentyThe end of an era18:362007Headphone Gallery
Darvill And Friends, MartinThe Greatest Show On Earth18:351998The Greatest Show On Earth
Decemberists, theThe Tain18:352004The Tain
Procol HarumThe Worm and the Tree18:351977Something Magix
ZombiNight Rhythms18:352006Surface To Air
SinkadusSnalblast18:341996Aurum Nostrum
YesThe Ancient - Giants Under The Sun18:341973Tales From Topographic Oceans
CanHalleluhwah18:321971Tago Mago
Estatic FearOde To Solitude18:321997Somnium Obmutum
Enid, TheReverberations18:311988-
Metro societyLost in Paris (Acts I-III)18:312007A journey in Paris
The ResidentsHitler Was a Vegetarian18:311976The Third Reich 'n' Roll
Bodin, ThomasSix six six18:302008Cinematograaf
Jet ChamberInner Rotation18:301996Jet Chamber 2
Emerson Lake PalmerPiano Concerto No. 118:281977Works Volume 1
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Reverend BizarreThe Wandering Jew18:272004Harbinger of Metal
Capitolo 6Frutti per Kagua18:261972Frutti per Kagua
OsannaOro Caldo18:261972Palepoli
AjalonLong Road Home, The18:251996Light at the End of the Tunnel
Earth And FireSong Of The Marching Children18:251971Song Of The Marching Children
Tangerine DreamJourney Through A Burning Brain18:251970-
A New ConsciousnessGolden Gate (fivefourone)18:241994A New Consciousness
Osada Vida3rd Seat - Constant Rhythm Of The Routine Makes All Dreams Unaware18:242006Three seats behind a triangle
Rundgren's Utopia, ToddSingring And The Glass Guitar18:241977-
ContraluzExilio En El Espacio18:231973-
Flower Kings, TheDrivers Seat18:222004Adam & Eve
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Tangent, TheA Gap In The Night18:222004The World That We Drive Through
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AdventRamblin' Sailor18:172006Cantus Firmus
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Gourishankar, theMarvellous Choice18:1620072nd Hands
Wolves in the Throne RoomI Will Lay Down My Bones Among The Rocks And Roots18:162007Two Hunters
BorisJust Abondoned My-Self18:142005Pink
ItFictition18:141993Order Through Chaos
Soft MachineSlightly All The Time18:141970-
Wicked MindsReturn To Uranus18:142004From The Purple Skies
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The Future Kings of EnglandThe Fate of Old Mother Orvis18:112007The Fate of Old Mother Orvis
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FonyaSeeing Cape Cod Seas18:061995Earth Shaper
Red SandSubmissive18:062005Gentry
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New TrollsLying Here18:041972Searching for a land
Porcupine TreeMoonloop (EP version)18:041994Moonloop (EP)
Stewart, AlLove Cronicles18:041969Love Cronicles
Teargas & PlateglassAn Age Of Dust18:042004Teargas & Plateglass
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LaluPotboy: the Final Fantasy18:032005Oniric Metal
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Violent SilenceQuiet Stalker18:012005Kinetic
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Kayo Dot__ On Limpid Form18:002006Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue
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Elegant SimplicityA Crack In The Ice17:582002Architect Of Light
Godspeed You Black Emperor!East Hastings17:581998F# A# OO
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Of MontrealThe Hopeless Opus or the Great Battle of the Unfriendly Ridiculous17:562001Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies: A Variety of Whimsical Verse
Reverend BizarreDemons Annoying Me17:562003You Shall Suffer!
Stomu Yamash'ta: Come To The EdgePoker Dice17:551972Floating Music
Between The Buried And MeSwim To The Moon17:542009The Great Misdirect
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Kaipaelectric power water notes17:512010in the wake of evolution
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DanteThe Taking17:502007The Inner Circle
MastermindTriumph Of The Will17:501991Volume II: Brainstorm
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metaphoryes and no17:492004entertaining thanatos
Social TensionIt Reminds Me Of Those Days17:491990It Reminds Me Of Those Days
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The ResidentsSix Things To A Cycle17:471977Fingerprince
BongripperCharlie, Burt Reynolds has got shit on you17:462007Hippie killer
Fly Pan AmDan Ses Cheveux Soixante Circuits17:451999Fly Pan Am
Godspeed You Black Emperor!BBF317:451999Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada
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Isildur's BaneWild as a toad (the voyage, part III)17:451992The voyage - A trip to elsewhere
Osada Vida2nd Seat - And Desires Are The Most Delicious Thing Of Routine17:452006Three seats behind a triangle
SkaldowieKrywan, Krywan17:451973Krywan, Krywan
Tangerine DreamZeit17:431972Zeit
GargamelAgitated Mind17:422006Watch For The Umbles
Porcupine TreeAnesthetize17:422007Fear of a Blank Planet
GrobschnittSun Trip17:411972Grobschnitt
Thieves KitchenCall to whoever17:412001Argot
CityAm Fenster17:401978City
Godspeed You Black Emperor!Bleak, Uncertain, Beautiful...17:401997F# A# OO
Twelfth NightSequences (studio version)17:401980The First Tape Album
InquireCircles17:392000The Neck Pillow
Lluís LlachCampanades a morts17:391977Campanades a morts
Out Of FocusL.S.B.17:391972Four Letter Monday Afternoon
PendragonWorld's End17:392001Not Of This World
Tangerine DreamColdwater Canyon17:391977-
QuarkspaceKrautball's Demise17:381999-
USThe way we were17:382008Climbing up mount improbable
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Versus XVersus X17:381996The Turbulent Zone
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Trettioåriga KrigetKrigssång II17:351976Krigsång
AgallochThe Black Lake Niðstång17:342010Marrow of the Spirit
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Philips, AnthonyChinese walls17:321997Dragonfly dreams
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SyzygyThe Journey of Myrrdin17:292003The Allegory of Light
CrossWaking Up17:282012Wake Up Call
Enid, TheFand17:281978Aerie Faerie Nonsense
NexusMirar hacia el centro17:282007Perpetuum karma
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Popol VuhTake the tension high17:271985Spirit of Peace
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CastEncrucijada17:252003Al Bandaluz
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TDWThe Meeting17:252005Reflection
Vulgar UnicornSieving The Day's Events17:251996Sleep With The Fishes
Porcupine TreeVoyage 34, Phase II17:241992Voyage 34: The Complete Trip
ToolWings For Marie17:24200610,000 Days
AstraOuroboros17:232009The Weirding
Osada Vida1st Seat - Driving Desires To Become The Aim17:232006Three Seats Behind A Triangle
RevivorThe Siege17:232010The siege
Shadow GalleryThe Queen Of The City of Ice17:221994-
Zappa, FrankBig Swifty17:221972Waka/Jawaka
embryocall17:211973steig aus
Strictly Inc.An Island In The Darkness17:211995Strictly Inc.
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OSIThe Thing That Never Was17:202003Office Of Strategic Influence
Pierre Moerlin's GongLeave it Open17:191981Leave it open
Sylvian, David & Fripp, RobertDarshan (The Road To Graceland)17:181993The First Day
USThe Ghost Of Human Kindness17:182004The Ghost Of Human Kindness
FromageTsuki Ni Hoeru17:171984Ondine
Kerrs PinkWhile Time Fades Away17:171981-
Maze of TimeTemple of the Gods17:162008Lullably for Heroes
DamnedCurtain Call17:151980The Black Album
Froese, EdgarMaroubra Bay17:151975-
MudvayneL.D.5017:152001The Beginning of All Things To End
EloyLand Of No Body17:141973-
MarillionGrendel17:141982Market Square Heroes EP
Mouth of the ArchitectSleepwalk Powder17:142006Mouth of the Architect/Kenoma Split
UnderworldMan Loop17:141994Dark & Long
ProjeKct Two (a King Crimson fractal)Space Groove I17:131998Space Groove
Schulze, KlausWays Of Changes17:131974Blackdance
Eris PluviaRings Of Earthly Light17:121991Rings Of Earthly Light
HarmoniumHistoires Sans Paroles17:121975Les Cinq Saisons
Zero HourMetamorphosis17:122003Metamorphosis
CairoWestern Desert17:111998Conflict and dreams
NovalisBanished Bridge17:111973Banished Bridge
Radio Massacre InternationalRain falls in grey....17:112007Rain falls in grey
TilesWindow Dressing17:112004Window Dressing
Burke, DecParadigms And Storylines17:102011Paradigms And Storylines
DeeExpus ProjectHalfway home17:102008Halfway home
IbisDivinity17:101974Sun Supreme
Iron ButterflyIn-A-Gadda-Da-Vida17:101968In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
MoongardenStars And Tears17:102001The Gates Of Omega
Doors, theCelebration Of The Lizard17:091968Waiting For The Sun
Sinigaglia, RiccardoOrat17:092000-
Agitation FreeLaila II (Fame)17:081976Last
AnabisDas Zünglein An Der Waage17:081981Wer Will
AnubisThe passing bell17:082011A tower of silence
CymorylSoldier Of Shame17:082002Strange Evocation
DeyssVision In The Dark17:061987Vision In The Dark
CovenantPremise of Life17:051992Nature's Devine Reflection
SotosL'espoir du clan des huîtres17:051999Sotos
Orb, theSlug Dub17:041995Orbus Terrarum
Verdeaux, CyrilleMeditation Lyricon17:042001-
DifferencesThe Melody17:031982-
Pink FloydDogs17:031977Animals
DisillusionThe Sleep of Restless Hours17:022004Back to Times of Splendor
EsotericGrey Day17:022004Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum
LegendDrop in The Ocean17:022011Cardinal Points
Oldfield, MikeIncantations part 417:011978Incantations
Bass CommunionDrugged 317:001999Bass Communion (II)
GandalfThe River Of Permanent Changes17:001989-
GazpachoDream Of Stone17:002007Night
Gracious!The Dream17:001970-
AsgardThe Mirror Of The King16:591992Arkana
Jet ChamberTightness16:592000Jet Chamber 5
ArzachelMetempsychosis16:582007Arzachel - Uriel
AshraLotus Part I-IV16:581977Blackouts
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Froese, EdgarAqua16:581974-
Liquid Tension ExperimentWhen The Water Breaks16:581999Liquid Tension Experiment 2
Oldfield, MikeIncantations part 316:581978Incantations
Spock's BeardAs Far As The Mind Can See16:582007Spock's Beard
CanariosPrimer Acto16:571974Ciclos
RefugeeGrand Canyon Suite16:571973Refugee
WavestarChase The Evening16:571987-
CoilRemotely16:561992How To Destroy Angels (Remixes And Re-Recordings)
HakenCelestial Elixir16:562010Aquarius
Parallel Or 90 DegreesA Gap In The Night16:561997-
Zappa, FrankThe Gumbo Variations16:561969Hot Rats
Hillage, SteveSolar Musick Suite16:551975Fish Riding
Sherinian, DerekAtlantis16:551999Planet X
Sun dialvisitation16:551990other way out/other way in
MascaradaRupture (The Preacher And The Hooker)16:541998-
SinkadusAgren16:541996Aurum Nostrum
ColoseumValentyne Suite16:531969Valentyne Suite
EmbryoHuman Contact16:531975-
Joanna NewsomOnly Skin16:532006Ys
Spock's BeardFrom The Darkness16:532010X
Subhumans [UK]From the Cradle to the Grave16:511983From the Cradle to the Grave
The Strange FlowersStrange girl16:502005Ortoflorovivaistica
WillowglassThe Labyrinth16:502008Book of hours
HeldonDoctor Bloodmoney16:491975-
Donna SummerLove To Love You Baby16:481975Love To Love You Baby
AtmospheraCuckoo (Love's Labour's Lost)16:471977Lady of Shalott
Big Big TrainFor Winter16:472002Bard
CanariosSegundo Acto16:471974Ciclos
Versus XIn Silent Age16:471996-
Far East Family BandMystery Of Northern Space16:461976-
Pink FloydInterstellar Overdrive (EP version)16:461966-
Porcupine TreeThe Sky Moves Sideways Phase 216:461995The Sky Moves Sideways
Djam KaretWhere's L. Ron?16:451985No commercial potential
Far East Family BandNipponjin16:451976-
SatelliteEvening Games16:452005Evening Games
SylvanA Fairytale Ending16:451998Deliverance
Tangerine DreamPhaedra16:451974-
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band13 Blues For 13 Moons16:45200813 Blues For 13 Moons
Trettioariga krigetFrom your streets (part III)16:452003Glorious war
No NameA Collection of Dreams16:4420064
AngeSouffleurs de vers (le film)16:432007Souffleurs de vers
AmeFiori (Original Mix)16:422007O-TON10
Jethro TullBaker Street Muse16:421975-
NektarA Tab In The Ocean16:421972A Tab In The Ocean
Rich, RobertBioelectric Plasma16:421996A Troubled Resting Place
Abel GanzThe Dead Zone16:411984Gratuitous Flash
Black MountainBright Light16:412008In the Future
Bodin, TomasThree Stories16:411996-
CoilHow To Destroy Angels16:411984How To Destroy Angels
Glass HammerArianna16:411998On to Evermore
Jarre, Jean-MichelIndustrial Revolution16:411988Revolutions
Mars Volta, TheTetragrammaton16:412006Amputechture
Neil YoungWords16:411972Journey Through The Past
Puppet ShowThe Past Has Just Begun16:412006The Tale of Woe
AislesGrey16:392005The Yearning
Doors, theRock Is Dead16:391969The Complete Studio Recordings
Dream TheaterIn the Presence of Enemies - Part II16:382007Systematic Chaos
Elegant SimplicityArchitect Of Light16:382002Architect Of Light
Latte E MielePatetica16:381973Papillon
tribes of neurot/walking time bombsmarch to the sun16:381998static migration
AkaciaAn Other Life16:362003An Other Life
Cope, JulianThe Glam Dicenn (Parts 3 & 4)16:362000An Audience With the Cope
FaustMiss Fortune16:361971Faust
UnderworldJuanita/Kiteless/To Dream of Love16:361996Second Toughest in the Infants
Morse, NealThe Conclusion16:342007Sola Scriptura
saensBabel Lights16:342002Escaping from the hands of God
SupertrampBrother Where You Bound16:341985Brother Where You Bound
Glass HammerEmber Without Name16:332007Culture of Ascent
Spock's BeardTime Has Come16:331996Beware Of Darkness
Bob DylanHighlands16:321997Time Out of Mind
Poor Genetic MaterialRush Of Ages16:322002Leap Into Fall
LandmarqTa' Jiang16:311993Infinity Parade
TriumviratAcross The Water16:311972Mediterranean Tales (across the water)
CalliopeTerra di maggio16:291995Il madrigale del vento
ApotheosisThe Maimed God16:282002Farthest From the Sun
GalleonPermanent Vacation16:281994Heritage and Vision
PhideauxSnowtorch (part 2)16:282011Snowtorch
Schicke Fuhrs FrohlingPictures16:281976Symphonic Pictures
Spock's BeardAt The End Of The Day16:282000V
UnitopiaJourney's Friend16:282008The Garden
Air SculptureTraditional folk music16:271999Fjord Transit
Czeslaw NiemenBema pamieci zalobny - rapsod16:271969Enigmatic
Enid, TheAlbion Fair16:271979Touch Me
Godspeed You Black Emperor!09-15-0016:272002yanqui u.x.o.
Godspeed You Black Emperor!The Dead Flag Blues16:271998F# A# OO
ProgenyBring Me Home16:271999-
ApogeeThe Garden Of Delights16:262003The Garden Of Delights
Froese, EdgarEpsilon In Malaysian Pale16:261975Epsilon In Malaysian Pale
Iced EarthDante's Inferno16:261995Burnt Offerings
SaensAlone16:262002Escaping From The Hands Of God
Schulze, KlausAlpha-Numerique16:261988En=trance
The Aurora ProjectShadow Border16:262009Shadow Border
AtmospheraLady of Shalott16:241977Lady of Shalott
Steve Miller BandMacho City16:241981Macho City
Sweet SmokeBaby Night16:241970Just A Poke
PendragonNot Of This World16:232001Not Of This World
Alan Parsons Project, TheTurn Of A Friendly Card16:221984Turn Of A Friendly Card
Cryptic VisionIn a World16:222006In a World
Earth And FireAtlantis16:221973Atlantis
InquireDie Bettwurst part two16:222000The Neck Pillow
Spock's BeardJaws of Heaven16:222010X
Sweet SmokeSilly Sally16:221970Just A Poke
Joni MitchellPaprika Plains16:211977Don Juan's Reckless Daughter
Ego EimiThe Door of Heart16:202004The Door of Heart
MoongardenHome Sweet Home16:202001The Gates Of Omega
SangiulianoTime Control16:201978Take Off
Uriah HeepSalisbury16:201971Salisbury
ArchiveAgain16:192002You All Look The Same To Me
Davis, Miles and Gil EvansConcierto De Aranjuez (Adagio)16:191960Sketches of Spain
4/3 de TrioKossmokardak16:182004Ersatz
Henry CowLiving In The Heart Of The Beast16:181975-
PangeeLa Sanctuaire d'Euterpe16:181995Hymnemonde
Snow PatrolThe ligtning strike16:182008A hundred million suns
2066 & THENReflections on the Future16:171972Reflections on the Future
Curtis, AnthonyHikmat Al-Ishraq16:172005Book of the Key
EnglandPoisoned Youth16:171977Garden Shed
Lei SecaKrakatoa16:171999Art Rock
MogwaiMogwai Fear Satan16:171998Mogwai Young Team
TransatlanticMy New World16:162000SMPTe
Versus XEssentially Human16:162008Primordial Ocean
Deus Ex machinaArbor16:141991Gladium Caeli
Enid, TheJoined By The heart16:141989Six Peaces
Ezra WinstonThe Journey In The World Above16:141988The Myth Of The Chrysavides
High WheelMetamorphosis16:141996-
Jan Akkerman & Thijs Van LeerWho's Calling16:141985Focus
AquapolisAquapolis Suite16:131994Tokyo Symphonic Syndrome
DagmährLeaving For Paris16:131997My Magnificient Instability
Aerial Service AreaNewton's Law16:121995Aerial Service Area 2 - 150 G Space Weight
BongripperReefer Sutherland16:122007Hippie killer
Egdon HeathThe Killing Silence16:121991The Killing Silence
The SolipsisticsHello Anaheim16:121997Wish in one hand
2350 BroadwayRich Dreams16:1119962350 Broadway 3
Fates WarningStill Remains16:112000Disconnected
Princess SuperstarMy Life16:112003Last of the Great 20th Century Composers
Alan Parsons Project, TheThe Fall Of The House Of Usher16:101976Tales Of Mystery And Imagination E.A. Poe
Dream TheaterA Nightmare to Remember16:102009Black Clouds & Silver Linings
Grateful DeadTerrapin Station16:101977-
Il Castello Di AtlanteStava Scritto16:102001-
DemiansSand16:092008Building An Empire
Pineapple ThiefRemember Us16:092003Variations On A Dream
Gathering, TheBlack Light District16:082002Black Light District EP
Satriani, JoeWoodstock Jam16:071993-
LongshotWelcome to the mind surgery clinic16:062002Asylum
AjalonOn the Threshold of Eternity16:052004On the Threshold of Eternity
Ken's NovelChapter IX Domain of oblivion16:052003Domain of oblivion
Tristan ParkAn American Tragedry - I16:051998An American Tragedy
CodaRise And Eclipse Of The Sun16:031996What a Symphony
Gryphon(Ein Klein) Heldenleben16:031975Raindances
EsotericDominion Of Slaves16:011997The Pernicious Enigma
Gino VannelliA Pauper In Paradise16:011977A Pauper In Paradise
Sunn o)))Belürol Pusztít16:012007Oracle
Thieves KitchenMute16:012000Head
Funky Four Plus OneRappin And Rockin The House16:001979Single Release
Grand StandOld Man's Tale16:002002Tricks Of Time
Enid, TheLonghome15:591988-
Explorer's ClubImpact 1: Fate Speaks15:591998Age Of Impact
Sunn o)))Báthory Erzsébet15:592005Black One
LustmordPart III15:571990Heresy
Vulgar UnicornThe Stitch15:561996Sleep With The Fishes
Ash Ra TempelSpace15:551973Seven Up
MonoCom(?)15:552003One Step More and You Die
RedemptionSapphire15:552005The Fullness of Time
ApogeeTo Keep The Balance15:542003The Garden Of Delights
AtilaEl Principio del Fin15:541976Intencion
Far east family bandEntering:times15:541976Parallel world
CairoValley Of The Shadows15:531998Conflict and dreams
EsotericMorphia15:532004Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum
Strings ArgumentsSilence, Darkness15:532002The Encounter
Knights Of The Occasional TableElephants & Castles15:521996Les Elephants Du Paradis
Steve CochraneThe Promise Of The Music15:521998-
DisciplineBefore The Storm15:511997Unfolded Like Staircase
MelvinsThe ANti-Vermin Seed15:512002Hostile Ambient Takeover
AgnusPaintings And Expressions15:501980Pinturas y Expresiones
CliffhangerHopeless15:501998Hope And Despair
Deluge granderAugust in the urals15:502006August in the Urals
DifferencesA Different Day15:501992-
SBBWiosenne Chimery15:501978Follow My Dream (bonus track)
HarmoniaSometimes In Autumn15:491976-
Norma JeanPretty Soon, I Don't Know What, but Something is Going to Happen15:492002Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child
Spock's BeardFlow15:491997The Kindness Of Strangers
Twenty Sixty Six And ThenReflections of the Future15:481973Reflections
cult of lunadark city, dead man15:472006somewhere along the highway
CelluloidMercury Part 2: The Civilization of Planets15:461983Mercury
Christian Brendel & ZombOdyssee15:462008Les peuples de songes
GandalfMirages Upon A Desert Of Sand15:461990-
MagmaWurdah Itah15:461992-
Shub-NiggurathIncipit tragaedia15:461986Les morts vont vite
Zero HourDemise And Vestige15:462001-
A.F.T.The Great Panjandrum Wheel, Part 215:451976Automatic Fine Tuning
NexusEn las manos de Dios15:452001Metanoia
Versus XThe Pulse of Earth15:452008Primordial Ocean
ArchiveFinding It So Hard15:442002You All Look The Same To Me
EsotericSilence15:442008The Maniacal Vale
Hancock, HerbieChameleon15:441973Headhunters
Porcupine TreeEven Less15:442006Recordings II
Banco Del Mutuo SoccorsoCanto Nomade Per Un Prigioniero Politico15:431973Io sono nato libero
HawkwindYou Shouldn't Do That15:431972-
Reverend BizarreCaesar Forever15:432007III: So Long Suckers
The Beta BandMonolith15:431998The Patty Patty Sound EP
Univers ZeroEmmanations15:431984-
Field, TheSequenced15:422009Yesterday And Today
IluvatarIndian Rain15:421999A Story Two Days Wide
John FaheyVoice of the Turtle15:421971America
Moon SafariMethuselah's Children15:422008Blomljud
Time UnitThe Clap15:421994-
WobblerClair Obscur15:422005Hinterland
SpiralThe red giant stirs15:412012The Traveler
YesEndless Dream15:411995Talk
GuapoKing Lindorm15:402008Elixirs
HourglassPlains of Remembrance15:402002The Journey Into
RiversideSecond Life Syndrome15:402005Second Life Syndrome
AragonThe Crucifixion15:391991Don't Bring The Rain
Cope, JulianHill of Odin15:391997Rite 2
EloyAtlantis’ Agony At June 5th – 8498, 13 P.M. Gregorian Earthtime15:391977Ocean
In NomineLe Cadavre Exquis15:392000Mutatis Mutandis
nosoundwinter will come15:392009a sense of loss
Reverend BizarreOne Last Time15:392007III: So Long Suckers
Sheila ChandraABoneCroneDrone 715:392001This Sentence Is True (The Previous Sentence Is False)
EarthSeven Angels15:381993Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version
MarillionThis Strange Engine15:381997This Strange Engine
YesAwaken15:381977Going For The One
Arch, JohnCheyenne15:372003A Twist Of Fate
Guru GuruImmer Lustig15:371996-
PrinceCloreen Bacon Skin15:371998Crystal Ball
FMHead Room15:361978Direct To Disc
QuarkspaceWe Are QPR15:361999-
Mimaroglu, IlhanSix Preludes for Magnetic Tape15:351967-
Hammill, PeterMy Pulse15:341983-
Henry, PierreVoile D'Orphee15:341963-
AnimaTunnel of light15:331996Singularities
Coheed and CambriaThe Velourium Camper15:332003In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
Edison's ChildrenThe Awakening15:332011In The Last Waking Moments...
MidasThe Slough Of Despond15:331985Beyond The Clear Air
OrbitalAre We Here?15:331994Snivilisation
Spock's BeardThe Light15:331995The Light
USSea Song15:332003Eamon's Day
SpektakelThe Eternal Question15:321974-
BrainstormSmile A While15:311972-
HoggwashOut of the Darkness15:302007The Last Horizon
Millenium (pl)Kasyno Milosci (The Casino of Love)15:302002Reincarnations / Reinkarnacje
Van MorrisonSummertime In England15:301980Common One
ClearlightTime Skater15:291977Les Contes Du Singe Fou
De Babalon, ChristophOpium15:291996If You're Into It, I'm Out Of It
NosoundFrom silence to noise15:292008Lightdark
Vander, ChristianVoyages En La Mer Océane15:291993-
Erik Baron & D-Z AkordDe Futura Pt 215:282007De Futura (Hiroshima)
Wayne, JeffThe Eagle & The Hawk15:281992Spartacus
WhisperedBlade in the Snow15:282010Thousand Swords
Bass CommunionMolotov 150215:272008Molotov And Haze
DragonflyThe Riddle Princess15:271978Dragonfly
AstraThe Weirding15:262009Wht Weirding
Simon SaysWhite Glove15:262002Paradise Square
Versus XThe Hostile Sea15:262000-
Fyreworks, TheBroken Skies15:251996The Fyreworks
Lands EndAt Lands End15:251994-
After CryingSecret Service15:242003Show
FMBorder Crossing15:241978Direct To Disc
PresentLe Poisson Qui Rend Fout Pt. 1 - Ram Ram Va Faire Pif Paf15:231985Le Poisson Qui Rend Fou
Schulze, KlausLa Tolleranza15:232000-
UnderworldBanstyle/Sappys Curry15:231996Second Toughest in the Infants
Zone SixInfernale Grande15:23200710 Years Of Aural Psychedelic Journeys
Versus XFingerprints15:222008Primordial Ocean
Ars NovaTrust To The Future15:212003Biogenesis Project
BeardfishUntil You Comply (Including Entropy)15:212009Destined Solitaire
Glass HammerA Maker Of Crowns15:212005The Inconsolable Secret
Ave RockSurcos En El Aire (Furrows In The Air)15:201977Espacios
Blind FaithDo What You Like15:201969Blind Faith
SandstoneLooking For Myself15:202006Looking For Myself
Van der Graaf GeneratorSquid 1/Squid 2/Octopus15:201970H To He, Who Am The Only One
3 (aka Three)Amaze Disgrace15:181994Wake Pig
High Wheeloutside the circles15:1819931910
LongshotThe Ballad of Peter Blackfrog15:182002Asylum
Los LobotomysAll Blues15:171991Los Lobotomys
LaZonaIl Sogno Della Scala15:162003LaNottiDifficili
Lluís LlachItaca15:161975Viatge a Itaca
Mägo de OzFinisterra15:162000Finisterra
3 (aka Three)Life's Not Fair15:152002Half Life
AtriaLearning To Fly15:151996Hide
Egyptian KingsLow Mass Stars15:152006Almagest
GandalfGreen Valley Beyond The Horizon15:151990-
Isildur's BaneOpportunistic Walk15:151997MIND Vol.1
MarillionInterior Lulu15:141999marillion.com
CourtAlviss' Revenge15:131993-
Glass HammerFurther Up And Further In15:132002Lex Rex
SoftwareTechnoJazz, Part 115:131998TechnoJazz 1
the smashing pumpkinswhy am i so tired?15:132005rarities and b-sides
The SourceCastles In The Sky15:132009Prickly Pear
Univers ZeroRonde15:131977-
JesuSun Rise15:122007Sun Down / Sun Rise
MonoLost Snow15:122004Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined
Pineapple ThiefToo much to lose15:122008Tightly unwound
Tr3nityEyes of a Child15:122001The Cold Light of Darkness
Il Balletto Di BronzoIntroduzione15:111972YS
Set Fire To FlamesIn Prelight Isolate15:112003Telegraphs In Negative / Mouths Trapped In Static
Black JesterPurgatorio15:101997The Divine Comedy
Final ConflictStop15:101997Stand Up
AinaThe Story Of Aina15:092004The Story Of Aina
BeardfishAnd The Stone Said: If I Could Speak15:092011Mammoth
Electric WizardSaturn's Children15:082004We Live
CastThe Door Of The World15:071994-
CoilEscalation15:071994The Angelic Conversation
abel ganzLooking for a platform15:062008Shooting Albatross
Nathan MahlCarpe Diem15:062000-
Orb, TheSpanish castles in space15:061991The orbs adventures beyond the ultraworld
Sol InvictusA Palace Of Worms15:061998All Things Are Strange And Rare
ApogeeFalling Up The Steps15:051995The Border Of Awareness
Rachel's BirthdayNightingale and snake15:051996An invitation to Rachel's Birthday
SylvanShare The World With Me15:052012Sceneries
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceVoodoo Chile15:051968Electric Ladyland
AlquinMountain Queen15:041973Mountain Queen
Electric WizardWeird Tales15:042000-
MetaphorStarfooted In A Garden Of Cans15:041999Starfooted
WilcoLess Than You Think15:042004A Ghost is Born
Aerial Service AreaAnother Green Airport15:031995Aerial Service Area
Ash Ra TempelCode Blue15:031980Belle Alliance
Flower Kings, TheI Am The Sun, Part 115:032000Space Revolver
Rich, RobertBook of Ecstacy15:031998Seven Veils
Salem HillThe Joy Gem15:032005Mimi's Magic Moment
Tristan ParkAn American Tragedry - II15:031998An American Tragedy
Van MorrisonWhen Heart Is Open15:031980Common One
WobblerImperial Winter White15:022009Afterglow
BeardfishA Psychic Amplifier15:012003FRÅN EN PLATS DU EJ KAN SE
Buon Vecchio CharlieAll'Uomo Che Raccoglie I Cartoni15:011972Buon Vecchio Charlie
Rich, RobertOmnipresent Boundary15:011995Stalker
SupersisterEnergy (Out Of Future)15:011971To The Highest Bidder
Orb, theTowers Of Dub15:001992U.F. Orb
Robert Rich & B. LustmordOmnipresent Boundary15:001995Stalker

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