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CD & DVD Reviews, issue 2014 volume 46: reviews of Adeia, Cheeto's Magazine, Eden Shadow, Ellis, Fem, Flash, Thomas Glönkler, Neal Morse, Narcotic Daffodils, Pervy Perkin, Rřsenkreütz, and Telergy!

Concert Review: Andy Read covers three days of Prog-by-the-Sea at the 16th Crescendo Festival on the west coast of France. The line-up included: Accordo dei Contrari, Hoggwash, Gens de la Lune, Yuka and Chronoship, The Band of Hope (feat: Roine Stolt and Jonas Reingold), Aranis and The Enid. Read the review Here!

Weekend Prog: Five new mini reviews and recommendations from our team featuring: Fuzzy Nautilus, Tauk, Watchmoore, Kermit and The Bob Lazar Story. Read it Here!

DPRP Radio: It's another all-new edition as we catch up on more of the great new Progressive releases from The Pineapple Thief, Jason Rubenstein, Contemporary Dead Finnish Music Ensemble, The Bob Lazar Story, Flying Colours, Alex’s Hand, Hominido and North Atlantic Oscillation plus two tracks each from the new Galahad and Opeth releases. You can listen to the show Here!
UK Gig Guide: Brought to you by The Progressive Aspect, the UK Gig Guide is constantly being updated. Recent additions, changes and cancelled gigs include: Abel Ganz, Flying Colors, Lifesigns, Solstice, The Classic Rock Society, Nektar, The Pineapple Thief, Amplifier, Daevid Allen & Gong, Fragile featuring Claire Hammill, North Atlantic Oscillation, Led Bib, The Fierce And The Dead, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Martin Barre and Emerald Dawn.!

Dutch and Belgian Gig Guide: The guide has been updated with additions for Bigelf, Caravan, The Enid, IO Earth, Lazuli, Silhouette and Special Providence!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-45: reviews of A.C.T., Syd Arthur, Collapse, Clearlight, Delusion Squared, I Will Kill Chita, Minor Giant, Neil, Robert Schroeder, Storm, Voyager, and Yuka & Chronoship!
DPRP Interviews: This week DPRP's John Wenlock-Smith brings you an interview with Rob Reed (Magenta / Kompendium).

DPRP Radio: We're Back! It's an all-new edition catching up on 11 great new Prog releases from Amplifier, Deep Limbic System, Pingvinorkestern, Abel Ganz, Utopianisti, Adrian Weiss, A Secret River, Give Us Barabba, Rosenkreutz, Evergrey and Threshold. You can listen to or download the show Here!

Weekend Prog: Five new mini reviews and recommendations from our team this week featuring: These Curious Thoughts, The Merlin Bird, Monobrow, Hominido and an album called Penis Barbecue! Read it Here!

Concert Review: In the latest concert report we feature Kansas live in The Netherlands!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-44: reviews of Archangelica, Contemporary Dead Finnish Music Ensemble, Focus, Gandalf's Fist, Hi-Fiction Science, Mindslave, Robert Reed, Schnauser, Superdrama, Unkh, Virtuel, and Darryl Way!

Weekend Prog: Our five writers have so far recommended 125 different albums. This week, each looks back to select their favourite album of the series so far. Discover the five choices Here!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-43: reviews of Abel Ganz, Mehdi Alouane, Keith Cross & Peter Ross, Desert Wizards, Gandalf's Project, Habelard2, Mike Hyder, Merlin Bird, Rick Miller, Aaron Ruimy & Marco Minnemann, and The Yleclipse!

Dutch and Belgian Gig Guide: The guide has been updated with additions for Adeia, Fossil Evolution, Mind:Soul, Traumhaus, The Aurora Project, Souds of Fall 2014 Festival, Damian Wilson, Flying Colors, Squonk, Stream of Passion and Noble Silence!
UK Gig Guide: Brought to you by The Progressive Aspect, the UK Gig Guide is constantly being updated. Up and coming gigs this week for Noddy's Puncture, Matt Stevens, Mostly Autumn, Alchemy, Strawbs, Abel Ganz, Messenger and The Crazy World of Arthur Brown!

Weekend Prog: To celebrate our 25th edition, we've invited four well-known progressive musicians to select one of their favourite albums for you to listen to this week. Read which artists and see their selections Here!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-42: a Prog Metal Special with reviews of Astral DNA, Flaming Row, Infinite Spectrum, Mother of Millions, Paving the Labyrinth, Speaking to Stones, Stream of Passion, TDW, and Teramaze!

Concert Review: In the latest concert report we feature Mike & The Mechanics live in Germany!

Concert Review: In the latest concert report we added day 5 to Menno's Cruise to the Edge? YES please!!

Weekend Prog: Five new mini reviews are now online with a link so you can listen to each album in full. Some great music from Poil, Deep Limbic System, Tom Slatter, Fang Chia and Mahogany Head Grenade. Read the feature Here!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-41: a long issue with reviews of Mostly Autumn, Brother Firetribe, Polska Radio One, XNA, Hot Head Show, Chris Thompson, Janus, Janus, Kerrs Pink, Hibernal, Ozma, Bruce Soord with Jonas Renske, Matt Stevens, Quantum Fantay, Alek Darson, SBB, and Coshish!

Weekend Prog: Five mini prog reviews for you with some great new albums by Montage, Dean Watson, JPL, Karaba and those ever-popular Various Artists! Read and listen to the music Here!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-40 with reviews of Steve Hogarth and Richard Barbieri, Thoughts Factory, Méséglise, Molly Bloom, Hans Platz, Rovo and System 7, Montage, Tides from Nebula, Mechanik, and Need!

Weekend Prog: We've another 5 mini prog reviews for you with music from Estonia, UK, Isreal and Finland. Dive in to discover some great new albums Here!

CD & DVD Reviews: in latest update (2014 volume 39 - 13 July 2014) we have: a Round Table Review of Yes' latest album: Heaven and Earth!

Weekend Prog: We've a whole alphabet of Prog for you in Edition 21, with five picks from Atomic Ape to Zwoyld via Greenleaf, Tim Fromont Placenti and Veni Domine. As usual, we've added links where you can hear the full albums. Read the article Here!

DPRP Radio: This week we select one prog band from each of the countries who made it through to the quarter finals of the World Cup in Brazil. Choose your winners from Brazil v Columbia; Germany v France; Argentina v Belgium; Netherlands v Costa Rica. You can download or stream the show from Here!

CD & DVD Reviews: reviews of Elephants of Scotland, Keith Emerson, Rudi Tchaikovsky, Kaukasus, Glass, Lost Kite, In Progress, Simeon Soul Charger, 1974, Sabinas Rex, Amazing Machine, Kshettra, and Renaissance!

Weekend Prog: It's almost the weekend...so time for 5 more Prog recommendations. Five mini-reviews plus the chance to hear the full albums by: Cheeto's Magazine, Jack O'The Clock, Serdge, Accordo Dei Contrari and Element V. Read it Here!
UK Gig Guide: Brought to you by The Progressive Aspect. Recent changes and additions in June include Almost The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, The Aristocrats, John Lee's Barclay James Harvest, Peter Gabriel, Stackridge, The Lyndsay Cooper Tribute Concert, Matt Stevens, Jump, Magenta, Strawbs, Billy Bottle and The Multiple, Nektar, Lifesigns, Devin Townsend, Anathema, Hawklords and Opeth…!

DPRP Radio: A great mix of modern and classic sounds on this week's show. Recent releases from Yes, Element V, Nick Magnus, Coshish & Jason Rubenstein plus two tracks off our Album of the Week from Argentina's Mindslave. From the classic vaults we've got Riverside, O.S.I., Magenta and The Addiction Dream. Listen to the podcast Here!

Dutch and Belgian Gig Guide: This weeks update includes Anima Mundi, Day Six, Focus, Leap Day, Mangrove, Minor Giant, Morphelia, Noble Silence, Opeth, Osada Vida, Squonk and United Progressive Fraternity!

Concert Review: In the latest concert report we added day 4 to Menno's Cruise to the Edge? YES please!!

CD & DVD Reviews: the massive quarter of a day long Progstravaganza XIX!

DPRP Radio: As we're halfway through 2014, we asked thirteen of the writers for DPRP to select their Top 3 albums of the year so far. Tune-in and download the show to discover some great music Here!
Weekend Prog - Special Feature: To tie-in with this week's radio show thirteen writers from DPRP list their Top 3 Albums of 2014 (so far). The top choice from each writer gets a brief recommendation plus links to where you can hear the music and read the reviews. Discover which 39 albums have been chosen Here!

CD & DVD Reviews: reviews of Appearance of Nothing, Brimstone, Cosmograf, Dream the Electric Sleep, Fungus, John Wesley, Mind Portal, Le Reveil des Tropiques, Salander, Spirogyra, and Tuval Cain!

Concert Review: In the latest concert report we feature Menno's Cruise to the Edge? YES please! day 1-3!

Weekend Prog: In this week's feature we have the Boyfrndz Breaking Orbit to make The Gift of a Destiny Potato to the Autumn Electric. Find out what the hell we're talking about Here!
DPRP Radio: For our 109th edition we've a great mix of old and new. Recent releases from Overhead, Camelia's Garden, Breaking Orbit, Soup, Kindler and two tracks off our Album of the Week from Sweden's Pingvinorkestern. From the classic vaults we've got Pallas, KingsX, Joe Bonamassa and Pain of Salvation. You can download and stream the show here.

Competitions: WIV-Entertainment have once again offered us two pairs of tickets for the Night of the Prog festival that will take place for the ninth time in St. Goarshausen at the Loreley stage in Germany on July 18th and 19th. To win you must answer 3 questions correctly, you can enter the competition Here!

CD Reviews: In the latest update we have reviews by The Watch, Future Fiction, Beyond-O-Matic, Flamborough Head, Charlotte Church, Blodwyn Pig, Tim Bowness, Jim Capaldi, Blueminded, Anathema, Dean Madonia, The Twenty Committee, Kalutaliksuak, and Camel!

Weekend Prog: For our 18th edition we bring you some avant-garde from Romania, crossover prog from the USA, female fronted rock from Holland and a band from Sheffield whose album is so good, two of our writers have recommended it. Read the full article Here!

DPRP Radio: As we are halfway through the year, Andy Read selects his favourite progressive albums of 2014 so far, with some great music from Vanden Plas, Kaukasus, Astral DNA, Anubis Gate, Amoral, Teramaze, Need, Paving the Labyrinth, Panic Room, iamthemorning, Being and Axial Lead. Listen to the podcast Here!

Concert Review: In the latest concert report we feature Gazpacho live in The Netherlands & the UK!
Interviews: This week we bring you Gert Hulshof's interview with The Psychedelic Ensemble. You can read it Here!

Concert Review: In the latest concert report we feature Steve Hackett live in The Netherlands!

CD Reviews: In the latest update we have a Round Table Review of Anathema's latest album Distant Satellites!

Weekend Prog: Something for the Weekend? Our five recommended listens this week include AltProg from Norway, ProgMetal from Canada, NeoProg from the UK, Chamber Music from USA/Norway and an album of which only 205 copies will ever be produced! Read more Here!

DPRP Radio: On this week's show we have two tracks from the new Anathema album, the new singles from Opeth, Voyager and Cosmograf plus music from IQ, Proud Peasant, Choir of Young Believers, Bader Nana, Structural Disorder and Dr Feelgood. You can listen to the show Here!

CD & DVD Reviews: read about albums by Steve Hackett, Electrotype, Vital Element, Seasons of Time, Nami, Various Artists, Pineapple Thief, Royal Hunt, Andy Summers, Mother Turtle, Syndone, and Rocket Scientists!

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