DPRPoll 2014

Prog Happening Of The Year
(81 different records in 374 entries)

1Pink Floyd - 'The Endless River' Album53
2King Crimson - Reformation And Tour18
3Prog Cruises - Their Continuing Popularity17
4Night Of The Prog Festival, Loreley, Germany15
5Kate Bush - 'Before The Dawn' Concerts7
Steve Hackett - 'Genesis Revisited' Concerts7
7IQ - 'The Road Of Bones' Album6
Transatlantic - 'Kaleidoscope' Album And Tour6
9Resonance Festival, London, UK5
10Solaris - 'Marsbéli Krónikák II' Album3
Henry Cow - Reunion For The Lindsay Cooper Tribute Concerts3
Veruno Festival3
Enchant - 'The Great Divide' Album3
Prog - Continued Revival3
Opeth - 'Pale Communion' Album3
Big Big Train - Announcement Of Live Shows3
United Progressive Fraternity - Formation2
Anathema - 'Distant Satellites' Album2
Porcupine Tree - Rumors That A Reunion Will Happen2
Sweden Progfest 20142
Camel - 'In From The Cold' DVD2
Van Der Graaf Generator - 'A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers' Live2
Trinity Live Festival, Leamington Spa, UK2
Genesis - 'The Sum Of The Parts' DVD2
Progpower Europe Festival2
Rick Wakeman - 'Journey To The Centre Of The Earth' Tour2
Abel Ganz - 'Abel Ganz' Album2
Evergrey - 'Hymns For The Broken' Album2
30Anderson-Ponty Band - Formation1
Anathema - Concert At 013, Tilburg, Netherlands1
Steve Rothery - 'The Ghosts Of Pripyat' Album1
Progressive Circus Festival, Helsingborg1
Steve Rothery - Live Concerts1
Baja Prog Festival, Mexico 20141
Rush - Tour Announcement And Possible New Album1
Sanctuary - Reunion1
Terra Incognita Festival, Québec, Canada1
Van Der Graaf Generator - The Announcement Of A New Live Album1
Transatlantic - Playing Live With Jon Anderson.1
Yes - 'Heaven & Earth' Album1
Yes - Live Concert1
ÄnglagĹrd - Touring Again1
Tilburg 013 - Programming Prog Bands1
The Shaming Of The True - Live Tribute1
Strangefish - Reformation1
Steven Wilson - Announcement Of 'Hand. Cannot. Erase' Album1
Progpower USA XV Festival1
TesseracT - Dan Tompkins Rejoining The Band1
The Enid - The Continuing Resurgence Of The Band1
Steven Wilson & Mariusz Duda - Working Together1
Progday Festival Celebrating Its 20th Anniversary1
Colosseum - Reunion Tour1
Iluvatar - 'From The Silence' Album1
IQ - The Return Of Tim Essau On An IQ Album1
Jackdaw Festival, UK1
Jon Lord - 'Celebrating Jon Lord' Concert1
Jethro Tull - 'Passion Play' Remix By Steven Wilson1
HRH Prog Festival, UK1
House Of Prog Internet Radio1
Generation Prog Festival, Nuremberg, Germany1
Flying Colors - 'Second Nature' Album1
Haken - Conner Green Joining The Band1
Haken - Scottish Live Debut1
DPRP - New 'Something For The Weekend' Feature1
Clive Nolan's Alchemy - Concert In Zoetermeer, Netherlands1
Kayak - Final Gig With Cindy Oudshoorn And Edward Reekers1
Pink Floyd - The End Of Their Career1
Peter Gabriel - Playing 'So' Album Live1
Post-Metal - Discovery Of The Genre1
Brian Pern - 'A Life In Rock' TV Show1
Dutch Prog - Many Great Releases1
Eloy - 'Reincarnation On Stage' Live Album1
A.C.T - 'Circus Pandemonium' Album1
Onion Sound Studio, 20th Anniversary Concert1
Mike Vennart - Solo Album Announced1
Clepsydra - Reformation1
Moon Safari / Lazuli - UK Tour1
Celebr8.3 Festival, London, UK1
Northern Prog Festival, Siegerswoude, Netherlands1
Progdreams IV Festival1

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