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Favourite Track
(526 different records in 3656 score points)

artisttrack titlescorevotes
3rd World ElectricChildren Of The Future11
3rd World ElectricThe Lava Juggler21
3rd World ElectricWaterfront Migration31
Abigail's GhostSneak Peek21
AgenessMartial Arts11
AgenessThe Lament Of Ghosts31
AgenessThe Lie And The Liar155
Agents Of MercyA Different Sun83
Agents Of MercyA Soldier's Tale53
Agents Of MercyAfternoon Skies33
Agents Of MercyHeroes & Beacons157
Agents Of MercyJesus On The Barricades11
Agents Of MercyMercy & Mercury73
Agents Of MercyReady To Fly11
Agents Of MercyThe Fading Ghosts Of Twilight2011
Agents Of MercyThe Unwanted Brother11
Agua De AnniqueJust Fine11
AirbagFeeling Less22
AirbagSounds That I Hear52
AjalonLullaby Of Bedlam21
AjalonNot Man11
Alamaailman VasaratLuola11
AlquinThe Mission32
AmorphisSilver Bride21
An Endless SporadicEternal Bloom21
AndromedaVeil Of Illumination (2008?)11
Animal CollectiveIn The Flowers11
Anneke Van Giersbergen & Sharon Den AdelSomewhere11
Anubis GateYiri21
ApogeeMystery Remains31
Appleseed CastAs The Little Things Go11
ArchiveCollapse / Collide84
ArchiveControlling Crowds105
ArchiveThe Empty Bottle21
AshentHow Could It Feel Like This?31
AstraBeyond To Slight The Maze21
AstraThe Rising Of The Black Sun11
AstraThe River Under42
AstraThe Weirding94
AstralisVoces Del Bosque21
Aviv GeffenIt Was Meant To Be A Love Song21
BeardfishAbigails Questions [in An Infinite Universe]21
BeardfishAwaken The Sleeping21
BeardfishCoup De Grace42
BeardfishDestined Solitaire31
BeardfishIn Real Life There Is No Algebra11
BeardfishThe Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of11
BeardfishUntil You Comply [including Entropy]22
Between The Buried And MeDesert Of Song31
Between The Buried And MeFossil Genera - A Feed From Cloud Mountain11
Between The Buried And MeMirrors31
Between The Buried And MeSwim To The Moon32
Big Big TrainLast Train31
Big Big TrainMaster James Of St. George52
Big Big TrainThe Underfall Yard10042
Big Big TrainVictorian Brickwork3415
BigelfNo Parachute11
Black BonzoGuillotine Drama21
Blind EgoDeath83
Blind EgoGuilt11
Blind EgoLeave52
Blind EgoNumb32
Blue StoneMidnight Tides31
Bob DylanLife Is Hard11
BrainstormThe Conjunction Of 7 Planets31
Breathing SpaceQuestioning Eyes52
Brother ApeNo Return21
CandlemassIf I Ever Die21
Cat Stevens/ Yusuf IslamDream On21
Cheer-accidentYour Weak Heart21
Crippled Black PhoenixTime Of Ya Life21
Crippled Black PhoenixWhissendine31
Dan ArboriseCries11
Darwin's RadioAge Of Broken Reason32
Darwin's RadioBreathe It In32
Darwin's RadioThe Illusion Is Freedom22
Dave Matthews BandShake Me Like A Monkey31
Days Before TomorrowLighters42
Dead Heroes ClubA Time Of Shadow73
Dead Heroes ClubStranger In The Looking Glass136
Dead Heroes ClubThe Centre Cannot Hold11
Dead Heroes ClubTheatre Of The Absurd21
DelainNothing Left21
DeliriumVerso Il Naufragio11
Deluge GranderAggrandizement31
Depeche ModeWrong21
Derek SherinianAntarctica21
Diablo Swing OrchestraA Tapdancer's Dilemma21
Diablo Swing OrchestraVodka Inferno21
Dinosaur Jr.I Don't Wanna Go There11
Dinosaur Jr.Plans11
Dirty ProjectorsStillness Is The Move21
Dream TheaterA Nightmare To Remember5925
Dream TheaterA Rite Of Passage189
Dream TheaterStargazer31
Dream TheaterTenement Funster/flick Of The Wrist/lily Of The Va11
Dream TheaterThe Best Of Times5122
Dream TheaterThe Count Of Tuscany17777
Dream TheaterThe Shattered Fortress43
Dream TheaterWither209
DredgGathering Pebbles11
DredgI Don't Know31
EditorsIn This Light And On This Evening21
Eggs & DogsDad Is Coming Home62
Eggs & DogsFood63
Eggs & DogsPoor Lucille105
Eggs & DogsPrivate Skies146
Eggs & DogsSilicone Bimbo Run84
Eggs & DogsYou Are62
EloyAge Of Insanity22
EloyThe Refuge11
EpicaDesign Your Universe11
EpicaKingdom Of Heaven11
EpicaOur Destiny11
EpicaResign To Surrender21
Eric WoolfsonGolden Key21
Eric WoolfsonSomewhere In The Audience11
EurekaGoing Home11
EurekaHeading South11
Even HorsesOut There31
Fairclough & YouellQuicker Than Sand31
Final ConflictStand Up31
FlutterPax Romana21
Francis DunneryBack In New York City21
Francis DunneryYellow Christian11
Free FormFear Of Flying31
GargamelPrevail The Sea73
GazpachoDesert Flight124
GazpachoThe Walk9136
GazpachoTick Tock9345
GazpachoWinter Is Never3515
Gianni RossiTheme From Gutterballs11
Glass HammerThe Lure Of Dreams21
Grizzly BearTwo Weeks21
Guilt MachineLeland Street52
Guilt MachinePerfection?52
Guilt MachineSeason Of Denial145
Guilt MachineTwisted Coil2010
GungflyRumbling Boxes11
Heaven & HellAtom And Evil21
Heaven & HellBible Black42
Il Castello Di AtlanteL'uomo Solo31
Imogen HeapEarth31
Indukti...and Who's The God Now ?!104
InduktiNinth Wave42
InduktiTusan Homichi Tuvota42
IntentionsThaw Me21
IqLife Support85
IqOne Fatal Mistake146
IqRyker Skies6126
IqStronger Than Friction3416
IqThe Province8740
Izz23 Minutes Of Tragedy105
IzzCan't Feel The Earth62
IzzSwallow Our Pride11
JenifereverOx Eye11
Jenny SorrentiA Stessa Terra11
Joe BonamassaJockey Full Of Bourbon31
Judy DybleHarpsong21
KaA Million Lives31
KalisiaPart B - Elevation21
Karda EstraThe White Rose31
KatatoniaDay And Then The Shade11
KatatoniaIdle Blood104
KatatoniaOnward Into Battle11
KatatoniaThe Longest Year21
KayakBefore The Angels Fell73
KayakBreaking The News31
Kid HarpoonColours11
Knight AreaAntagony11
Knight AreaDark Souls73
Knight AreaEthereal32
Knight AreaOcclusion74
Knight AreaRealm Of Shadows31
KosmosTuulisina Päivinä31
KtuSnow Reader31
KtuWasabi Fields11
Lalle LarssonMarionette11
Lalle LarssonWeaveworld11
Leap DaySecret Gardener31
Leap DayWhat Would You Do11
Leap DayWhen Leaves Fall21
Lee AbrahamBlack52
Lee AbrahamThe Mirror42
Lee AbrahamWhite21
LeprousNot Even A Name11
Lisa HanniganTeeth11
LitmusBeyond The Sun11
Lobster NewbergBug City21
Long Distance Calling35922
Long Distance CallingApparitions11
Long Distance CallingBlack Paper Planes21
Low Frequency In StereoStarstruck11
Ludovico EinaudiLady Labyrinth21
Lyle WorkmanRuckus Maximus11
MagentaWonderous Stories44
MagmaËmëhntëhtt-rę Ii43
MagnumBlood On Your Barb Wired Thorns31
Mandalaband IIIAncestors11
Mandalaband IIIEden11
MangroveBeyond Reality126
MangroveTime Will Tell63
ManningA Road Less Travelled21
ManningThe House On The Hill21
MarillionHard As Love95
MarillionIt's Not Your Fault21
MarillionOut Of This World62
MarillionThis Is The 21st Century11
MarillionWrapped Up In Time22
Marit LarsenUnder The Surface11
MartiganBoatman's Vision187
MartiganRed & Green32
MartiganThe Contract21
MartiganTouch In Time11
MastodonGhost Of Karelia11
MastodonThe Czar118
MastodonThe Last Baron115
Maudlin Of The WellAn Excerpt From 6,000,000,000,000 Miles Before The11
Maudlin Of The WellLaboratories Of The Invisible World21
MetamorphosisSong For My Son21
MewIntroducing Palace Players22
MewSilas The Magic Car11
MewTricks Of The Trade21
Mike KeneallyChee11
Mike KeneallyGita21
Mike KeneallyHallmark11
Mike KeneallyWe Are The Quiet Children31
Minimum VitalCapitaines11
Minimum VitalShe Move Through The Fair11
MonoBurial At Sea32
MoongardenDemetrio And Magdalen21
MoongardenEnter The Modem Hero11
MoongardenEnter The Modem Hero / Compression11
MoraineSave The Yuppie Breeding Grounds31
Mostly AutumnThe Spirit Of Autumn Past31
Mountain ViewJohn Zorn31
Mr. So & SoHoney Jar11
Mr. So & SoOh Look! A Rainbow!!32
Mrs. HeroSlaves To Fashion31
MuseExogenesis: Symphony1611
MuseI Belong To You32
MuseUndisclosed Desires63
MuseUnited States Of Eurasia [+ Collateral Damage]116
MuseUnnatural Selection146
Narrow PassHeaven's Crying11
Neal MorseSo Many Roads21
Neo-prophetMan Without A Name11
Nile4th Arra Of Dagon11
NosoundFading Silently42
NosoundWinter Will Come116
OSINo Celebrations42
OSIThe Escape Artist21
OceansizeFeed To Feed31
Osada VidaUninvited Dreams21
Ozric TentaclesSan Pedro11
Pain Of SalvationGone31
Pain Of SalvationHallelujah21
Pain Of SalvationIf You Wait21
Pain Of SalvationMortar Grind21
Pain Of SalvationYellow Raven11
Panic RoomGo21
PantokraatorTule Tule21
PantommindTo The Days Of Old31
Parallel Or 90 DegreesInterlude21
Parallel Or 90 DegreesStandalone11
Parzival's EyeChicago31
Parzival's EyeDisguise31
Parzival's EyeLongings End32
Parzival's EyeSkylights31
Parzival's EyeWide World11
Patrick WatsonBeing21
Paul CusickFade Away11
Paul CusickHello11
Pearl JamThe Fixer11
PendragonConcerto Maximo21
PendragonIt's Only Me43
PendragonThe Freak Show31
Perssons PackStenad I Stockholm11
Peter FoxHaus Am See31
Peter HammillGhosts Of Planes21
Peter HammillThe Mercy42
Peter HammillUndone11
PhideauxDormouse Ensnared31
PhideauxDormouse Escapes31
PhideauxInfinite Supply31
PhideauxLove Theme From 'number Seven'2411
PhideauxStoria Senti31
PhideauxThe Claws Of A Crayfish21
PhideauxWaiting For The Axe To Fall106
Pictorial WandCircle's End31
PlaceboBattle For The Sun32
Porcupine TreeBlack Dhalia22
Porcupine TreeBonnie The Cat74
Porcupine TreeCircle Of Manias21
Porcupine TreeDrawing The Line179
Porcupine TreeFlicker21
Porcupine TreeGreat Expectations42
Porcupine TreeI Drive The Hearse5926
Porcupine TreeKneel And Disconnect31
Porcupine TreeOccam's Razor21
Porcupine TreeOctane Twisted94
Porcupine TreeRemember Me Lover74
Porcupine TreeThe Blind House136
Porcupine TreeThe Incident4123
Porcupine TreeThe Yellow Windows Of The Evening Train42
Porcupine TreeTime Flies288131
Pure Reason RevolutionAvo22
Pure Reason RevolutionDeus Ex Machina21
Pure Reason RevolutionVictorious Cupid21
Queensr˙cheHome Again74
Queensr˙cheThe Voice31
RedemptionAnother Day Dies32
RedemptionBlack And White World1810
RedemptionFistful Of Sand21
RedemptionFrozen In The Moment - Live In Atlanta11
RedemptionLove Kills Us All / Life In One Day63
RiversideEgoist Hedonist2816
RiversideHybrid Times4722
RiversideLeft Out5726
Roswell SixIshalem32
Roswell SixLetters In A Bottle52
SagaA Number With A Name21
SagaHands Of Time31
SagaStep Inside42
SagaThe Human Condition11
SatelliteAfraid Of What We Say42
SatelliteAm I Losing Touch?31
SatelliteEvery Desert Got Its Ocean52
SatelliteOver Horizon21
Secret GreenTom O'bedlam21
Shadow CircusAngel87
Shadow CircusCaptain Trips31
Shadow CircusComing Back Home To You11
Shadow CircusProject Blue3313
Shadow CircusThe Hand Of God31
Shadow CircusThe Horsemen Ride94
Shadow CircusWhen The Morning Comes31
Shadow CircusWilloughby2512
Shadow GalleryDigital Ghost73
Shadow GalleryGold Dust53
Shadow GalleryHaunted94
Shadow GalleryStrong11
Shadow GalleryVenom21
ShadowlandThe Edge Of Night21
ShpongleNothing Is Something Worth Doing32
SilhouetteAnother Bed Time Story31
SilhouetteFar Away31
SilhouetteUnreal Meeting11
Snow PatrolJust Say Yes11
Steve HackettEmerald And Ash168
Steve HackettFire On The Moon199
Steve HackettLast Train To Istanbul21
Steve HackettNomads21
Steve HackettSleepers62
Steve MorseBrink Of The Edge11
Steve ThorneBlack Dahlia42
Steve ThorneFeathers42
Steve ThorneKings Of Sin32
Steve ThornePaper Tiger21
Steve ThorneSons Of Tomorrow42
Steve ThorneVictims21
Steven WilsonAbandoner11
Steven WilsonGet All You Deserve31
Steven WilsonHarmony Korine105
Steven WilsonNo Twilight Within The Courts Of The Sun31
Steven WilsonSignificant Other22
StrawbsDancing To The Devils Beat11
StrawbsRevenge Can Be So Sweet31
SubmarienUp To You11
SubsignalBeautiful And Monstrous31
SubsignalWhere Angels Fear To Tread11
Sunn 0)))Alice21
Sunn 0)))Big Church21
Supernal EndgameStill Believe21
SylvanFollow Me11
SylvanForce Of Gravity42
SylvanFrom The Silence32
SylvanGod Of Rubbish21
SylvanIsle In Me64
SylvanTurn Of The Tide11
SylvanVapour Trail2411
SyzygyThe Sea31
The Aurora ProjectShadow Border11
The Butterfly EffectWorlds On Fire31
The Dear HunterGet Your Gun21
The Dear HunterIn Cauda Venenum11
The Dear HunterLife And Death31
The Dear HunterWhat It Means To Be Alone21
The DecemberistsThe Rake's Song104
The DecemberistsThe Wanting Comes In Waves / Repaid74
The Devin Townsend ProjectAwake!!32
The Devin Townsend ProjectDisruptr21
The Devin Townsend ProjectHeaven Send21
The Devin Townsend ProjectHyperdrive!42
The Devin Townsend ProjectKi11
The Devin Townsend ProjectTerminal31
The Devin Townsend ProjectThe Way Home!21
The GatheringNo Bird Call73
The GatheringPale Traces11
The GatheringYou Promised Me A Symphony11
The Mars VoltaSince We've Been Wrong21
The Mars VoltaTeflon11
The Mars VoltaWith Twilight As My Guide83
The ReasoningBreaking The 4th Wall31
The TangentParoxetine - 20mg11
The TangentPerdu Dans Paris126
The TangentThe Canterbury Sequence Volume 2, Ethanol Hat Nail32
The TangentThe Company Car31
The TangentWhere Are They Now?3119
The Wishing TreeHollow Hills22
Tides Of ManDescent21
Tim ExileFamily Galaxy11
Time's ForgottenThe Tale Of The Sun And Moon52
Tori AmosWelcome To England21
TouchstoneStrange Days42
Trans-siberian OrchestraBelieve11
TransatlanticA Man Can Feel156
TransatlanticDancing With Eternal Glory / Whirlwind [reprise]159
TransatlanticI Need You11
TransatlanticIs It Really Happening?3218
TransatlanticLay Down Your Life62
TransatlanticLenny Johnson52
TransatlanticOn The Prowl21
TransatlanticOut Of The Night63
TransatlanticOverture / Whirlwind10045
TransatlanticPieces Of Heaven21
TransatlanticRose Colored Glasses2112
TransatlanticSet Us Free21
TransatlanticSoul Sacrifice32
TransatlanticThe Wind Blew Them All Away3315
Troy DonockleyThe Madness Of Crowds21
Two StonesOn The Ferryboat11
U2Cedars Of Lebanon11
U2Moment Of Surrender42
Udo LangTherapy11
UfoSaving Me11
Umphrey's McgeeMantis83
Unitopia (2008?)The Garden21
UsEverything Changes31
UsThe Rules Of The Game21
UsWhen The Deep Looks Back11
VangoughManekin Parade11
Vienna CircleFirst Night In Berlin11
ViimaKahden Kuun Sirpit11
VoivodGod Phones11
Warrior SoulDestroy The War Machine31
Wetton & DownesMy Life Is In Your Hands21
Wetton & DownesNever Thought I'd See You42
Wetton & DownesRaven11
WillowglassThe Valley Of Kings11
WintersleepDrunk On Aluminium11
Within TemptationSomewhere11
WobblerImperial Winter White94
WobblerIn Taberna73
WolfmotherViolence Of The Sun21
Zero 7Swing31
ZombiEarthly Powers31

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