Favourite Track Of The Past Decade
(1367 different records in 23877 score points)

artisttrack titlescorevotes
A.C.TWailings From A Building113
A.C.T.Imaginary Friends21
A.C.T.Mr. Landlord102
A.C.T.Take It Easy42
A.C.T.The Effect132
A.C.T.Torn By A Phrase41
AbsuThe Stone Of Destiny51
AbydosYou Broke The Sun41
Acid Mothers TemplePhantom Of Galactic Magnum21
After CryingConclusion91
After CryingDe Profundis31
After CryingSecret Service83
After ForeverFace Your Demons81
After ForeverImperfect Tenses41
After ForeverMonolith Of Doubt71
After ForeverMy Pledge Of Allegiance No. 141
After ForeverOnly Everything11
Ai Confini Del MondoLa Maschera Di Cera31
AinaThe Siege Of Aina31
Akineton RetardDementia Absorbant91
Alanis MorissetteThank U11
Alice CooperBlow Me A Kiss91
All About EveLet Me Go Home11
AlquinTerror Eyes11
AmbeonCold Metal11
AnathemaA Fine Day To Exit82
AnathemaAnyone, Anywhere41
AnathemaAre You There?142
AnathemaFragile Dreams91
AnathemaOne Last Goodbye213
AnathemaTemporary Peace244
AnekdotenFrom Within92
AnekdotenThe War Is Over142
AnekdotenWhat Should But Did Not Die51
Annie HaslamMichael, Prince Of Angels51
Anti-Depressive DeliveryPenny Is A Slut Machine91
AragonThe Angels Tear51
ArcturusFor To End Yet Again31
ArenaA Crack In The Ice265
ArenaButterfly Man132
ArenaCrack In The Ice101
ArenaCutting The Cards31
ArenaEnemy Without101
ArenaFriday's Dream71
ArenaIn The Blink Of An Eye61
ArenaMarch Of Time31
ArenaMea Culpa21
ArenaOn The Box31
ArenaOpera Fanatica184
ArenaRiding The Tide42
ArenaRunning From Damascus61
ArenaShattered Room153
ArenaSkin Game234
ArenaSmoke And Mirrors81
ArenaSpectre At The Feast41
ArenaTears In The Rain112
ArenaThe Butterfly Man335
ArenaThe Eyes Of Lara Moon11
ArenaThe Hanging Tree31247
ArenaThe Visitor284
ArenaVanishing Act21
ArenaWitch Hunt102
ArkAbsolute Zero21
ArkMissing You203
ArkWaking Hour31
ArmageddonTheme From Armageddon21
AsiaGone Too Far22
AsiaKings Of The Day11
AsiaReady To Go Home152
AsiaSilent Nation163
AvantasiaReach Out For The Light81
AvantasiaThe Seven Angels51
AyreonAbbey Of Synn11
AyreonAmazing Flight In Space163
AyreonAnd The Druids Turned To Stone122
AyreonCome Back To Me51
AyreonComputer Eyes51
AyreonCosmic Fusion101
AyreonDay Eleven: Love224
AyreonDay Five: Voices61
AyreonDay Sixteen: Loser328
AyreonDay Three: Pain344
AyreonDay Twelve: Trauma173
AyreonDay Twenty: Confrontation71
AyreonDay Two: Isolation234
AyreonGarden Of Emotions293
AyreonInto The Black Hole42
AyreonIsis And Osiris7617
AyreonMy House On Mars102
AyreonOne Small Step61
AyreonThe Castle Hall61
AyreonThe Dream Sequencer101
AyreonThe First Man On Earth132
AyreonThe Shooting Company Of Captain Frans B. Cocq112
AyreonTunnel Of Light41
Banco De GaiaKara Kum41
BeardfishA Love Story71
BelieveWhat Is Love21
Beyond TwilightFor The Love Of Art And The Making31
Beyond TwilightShadowland41
Biffy ClyroWith Aplomb51
Big Big TrainFor Winter61
BjorkWho Is It?21
Bjorn LynneDemon Moon31
BlackfieldCloudy Now152
Blind GuardianAnd Then There Was Silence61
Bob CatleySpirit Of Man31
BorknagarThe Stellar Dome11
Bozzio Levin StevensBlack Light Syndrome81
Bozzio Levin StevensDark Corners21
Bozzio Levin StevensEndless11
Brian EnoThis31
Brother ApeNew Shangri-la51
Brother ApeOn The Other Side61
CairoThe Prophecy31
CairoValley Of The Shadows31
CamelA Nod And A Wink11
CamelComing Of Age31
CamelFor Today5511
CamelFox Hill32
CamelLost And Found51
CamelSquigley Fair62
CamelThe Final Encore102
CamelThree Wishes264
CannataLife: 10181
CannataSpirit Of The Four Winds41
Carpark NorthThe Beasts81
Catherine WheelSparks Are Gonna Fly91
Celestial D'euvreZeitgeist71
Chimpan AI Came To Say11
Chroma KeyAgain Today11
Chroma KeyAstronaut Down101
Circus MaximusAlive31
Circus MaximusGlory Of The Empire32
Circus MaximusThe First Chapter305
Cirrha NivaNightwish51
ClepsydraThe Missing Spark102
ClepsydraThe Nineteenth Hole101
ClepsydraThe Return21
ClepsydraTuesday Night61
Clive Nolan & Oliver WakemanDangerous World81
Clive Nolan & Oliver WakemanSeldon81
ColdplayA Rush Of Blood To The Head163
ColdplaySpeed Of Sound21
ColdplaySquare One32
CommunicWaves Of Visual Decay11
ConspiracyViolet Purple Rose51
CredoThe Letter91
CredoTo The Grave101
CrucibleAn Imp's Tale324
CrucibleLand For Sale91
Cryptic VisionIn A World132
DaghmahrLast Reaction41
Dali's DilemmaLiving In Fear11
Dali's DilemmaMiracles In Yesteryear11
Damian WilsonGrow Old With Me91
Damian WilsonPart Of Me61
DareWalk On The Water101
Dark TranquilityLost To Apathy31
Dave BainbridgeThe Everlasting Hills182
Dave Matthews BandDancing Nancies101
David BowieBring Me The Disco King101
David GilmourOn An Island325
David GilmourTake A Breath71
David GilmourWhere We Start11
David SylvianI Surrender62
David SylvianWonderlust41
Day SixLost Identity21
DeathSpirit Crusher51
Deep PurpleMtv31
Deep PurpleRapture Of The Deep41
Derek SherinianThe Sons Of Anu71
DisciplineBefore The Storm112
DisciplineCanto IV (In Limbo)476
DisciplineInto The Dream142
DiscusSystem Manipulation51
DisillusionAlone I Stand In Fires41
DisillusionBack To Times Of Splendor51
Divine RegaleOcean Mind11
Djam KaretNight Of The Mexican Goatsucker41
Donald FagenH Gang71
DraconianDeath Come Near Me61
DragonforceDawn Over A New World21
DragonforceMy Spirit Will Go On41
DragonforceTrough The Fire And The Flames51
DragonlandHoly War11
Dream TheaterAs I Am275
Dream TheaterBeyond This Life477
Dream TheaterBlind Faith213
Dream TheaterDance Of Eternity202
Dream TheaterDisappear91
Dream TheaterEndless Sacrifice31
Dream TheaterFatal Tragedy112
Dream TheaterFinally Free7012
Dream TheaterGlass Prison8310
Dream TheaterHell's Kitchen162
Dream TheaterHollow Years21
Dream TheaterHome19433
Dream TheaterHonor Thy Father265
Dream TheaterI Walk Beside You51
Dream TheaterIn The Name Of God378
Dream TheaterLines In The Sand174
Dream TheaterOctavarium50676
Dream TheaterOne Last Time41
Dream TheaterOverture 1928153
Dream TheaterPanic Attack101
Dream TheaterPeruvian Skies133
Dream TheaterSacrificed Sons274
Dream TheaterSix Degrees Of Inner Turbulence26144
Dream TheaterStrange Deja Vu81
Dream TheaterTake Away My Pain41
Dream TheaterThe Answer Lies Within91
Dream TheaterThe Dance Of Eternity367
Dream TheaterThe Glass Prision11
Dream TheaterThe Great Debate51
Dream TheaterThe Spirit Carries On29236
Dream TheaterThese Walls81
Dream TheaterThis Dying Soul51
Dream TheaterThrough Her Eyes52
Dream TheaterThrough My Words41
Dream TheaterTrial Of Tears72
Dream TheaterYou Not Me81
DreamscapeThe End Of Light102
EcholynAs The World81
EcholynHeavy Blue Miles41
EcholynHigh As Pride31
EcholynLovesick Morning51
EcholynThe End Is Beautiful346
EdguyTheater Of Salvation91
Elfonia...de Los Libros Del Tiempo21
ElohimErased In Peace81
EloyRo Setau101
EmbraceCome Back To What You Know61
EnchantFollow The Sun31
EnchantMettle Man41
EnchantPaint The Picture51
EnchantSinking Sand52
EnchantUnder Fire32
EnchantWhat To Say182
EnchantWhat Would I Say?91
EpicaA New Age Dawns31
EpicaFacade Of Reality81
Ergo SumOfuscado11
EvergreyA Touch Of Blessing61
EvergreyAs I Lie Here Bleeding41
EvergreyMadness Caught Another Victim51
EvergreyMark Of The Triangle82
EvergreyRulers Of The Mind31
EvergreyThe Masterplan71
EvergreyTrilogy Of The Damned51
EvergreyWhen The Wall Go Down91
EveronFantasma Suite61
EveronThe Real Escape21
Explorer's ClubFading Fast133
Explorer's ClubFate Speaks21
Explorer's ClubGigantipithicus11
Explorer's ClubTime Enough71
Fates WarningA Handful Of Doubt81
Fates WarningA Pleasant Shade Of Grey Part 12528
Fates WarningA Pleasant Shade Of Grey Part 631
Fates WarningAnother Perfect Day81
Fates WarningHeal Me81
Fates WarningStill Remains599
FinisterreLa Fine21
FishClock Moves Sideways41
FishFaith Healer31
FishGoldfish & Clowns62
FishMoving Targets61
FishPlague Of Ghosts19334
FishScattering Crows11
FishSunsets On Empire81
FishThe Perception Of Johnny Punter164
Flamborough HeadGarden Of Dreams31
Flamborough HeadSchoolyard Fantasy61
Flamborough HeadXymphonia41
FluttreffectFlann O'brien11
Forgotten SunsDream Killer11
FrakcturedPeter Gabriel41
FrameshiftLa Mer31
Francis DunneryGive Up And Let It Go91
Frank BoeijenNijmegen Bij Zonsondergang81
Freak KitchenPorno Daddy91
Frogg CafeWaterfall Carnival31
Frost*Black Light Machine6411
Frost*No Me No You21
Frost*The Other Me21
Funeral For A FriendHistory91
Funeral For A FriendMonsters51
GPSNew Jerusalem21
GPSWritten On The Wind152
GalahadBug Eye21
GalahadI Could Be God11
GalleonThe Land: Three Colors21
GalleonThe Ocean11
GalleonThe Price91
GalleonThree Colours31
GazpachoDinglers Horses41
GazpachoDo You Know What You Are Saying?61
GenesisAlien Afternoon81
GenesisCalling All Stations32
GenesisCarpet Crawlers 199992
GenesisDividing Line41
GenesisOne Man's Fool81
GenesisThe Dividing Line122
GenesisThere Must Be Some Other Way94
GenesisUncertain Weather11
Glass HammerA Tale Of The Great Wars71
Glass HammerAll In Good Time (part Two)21
Glass HammerArianna91
Glass HammerBehind The Great Beyond72
Glass HammerChronos Deliverer71
Glass HammerFurther Up And Further In51
Glass HammerHaving Caught A Glimpse92
Glass HammerLirazel11
Glass HammerMaker Of Crowns81
Glass HammerOne King81
Glass HammerRun Lisette172
Glass HammerSo Close, So Far61
Glass HammerTales Of The Great Wars72
Glass HammerThe Knight Of The North112
GodsmackI Fuckin' Hate You71
Godspeed You Black EmperorStorm (levez Vos Etc.)11
GojiraOcean Planet41
Grand StandEmpty Barrels Rattle The Most81
Green CarnationLight Of Day, Day Of Darkness377
Green DayHoliday71
Grey Lady DownTruth51
HamadryadStill They Laugh41
Hans ZimmerNow We Are Free11
Happy The ManIl Quinto Mare21
Happy The ManShadowlites41
Hard RainRock Me In Ya Cradle61
HawkwindTo Love A Machine31
HeadlineTrilogy Part 251
Hidria SpacefolkAstroban41
HoobastankThe Reason112
Hypnos 69The Point Of No Return31
IQBorn Brilliant204
IQGuiding Light5810
IQHarvest Of Souls44778
IQInfernal Chorus72
IQKing Of Fools71
IQRed Dust Shadow204
IQSacred Sound8417
IQSleepless Incidental182
IQSomewhere In Time61
IQThe Narrow Margin30847
IQThe Seventh House21034
IQThe Wrong Side Of Weird264
IQUnsolid Ground51
IQYou Never Will73
IQZero Hour173
IZZDefeaning Silence71
IZZI Already Know21
IZZLate Night Salvation51
IZZStar Evil Gnoma Su21
Ian AndersonA Hand Of Thumbs31
Ian AndersonThe Little Flower Girl91
Iced EarthDamien21
Iced EarthGettysburg (1863)153
IemShadow Of A Twisted Hand Across My House71
IlluvatarIndian Rain71
Imogen HeapClosing In71
Imogen HeapGoodnight And Go91
Imogen HeapJust For Now81
In Darkest HoursThe Tangent51
In FlamesEmbody The Invisible11
In FlamesTrigger41
Ines ProjectSomething Is Waiting Here51
IonaSongs Of Ascent51
IonaWave After Wave264
IonaWoven Cord142
Iron MaidenBrave New World91
Iron MaidenDance Of Death81
Iron MaidenDream Of Mirrors71
Iron MaidenPaschendale11
Iron MaidenThe Legacy51
Iron MaidenThe Wicker Man101
Iron MaidenThese Colours Don't Run61
Isildurs BaneHollistic Medicine31
Isildurs BanePilot91
Isildurs BaneUnity101
JadisAlive Inside61
JadisCounting All The Seconds122
JadisEach & Everyday61
JadisI Hear Your Voice51
James LabrieTell Me21
Janison EdgeThe Day That I Fall61
Jeff BeckNadia61
Jethro TullWicked Windows101
Jinetes NegrosEl Rey41
John WettonI've Come To Take You Home71
Jon LordPictures Within71
Jon Oliva's PainThrough The Eyes Of The King132
Jordan RudessQuatum Soup31
Jorn LandeSunset Station51
JujuSix Themes21
K2Chapter 1: Infinite Voyage101
KaipaA Complex Work Of Art214
KaipaA Road In My Mind31
KaipaElectric Leaves41
KaipaEnd Of The Rope11
KaipaLast Free Indian21
KaipaNotes From The Past93
KamelotMarch Of Mephisto152
KamelotMemento Mori51
KamelotThe Haunting122
KansasDistant Vision31
KansasGrand Fun Alley41
KansasIcarus Ii82
KarmakanicEntering The Spectra62
KarnatakaAfter The Rain174
KarnatakaDelicate Flame Of Desire154
KarnatakaTime Stands Still101
KashmirNo Balance Palace51
KatatoniaTear Gas21
Kate BushA Coral Room81
Kate BushAeriel51
Kate BushAn Architects Dream71
Kate BushBertie51
Kate BushKing Of The Mountain72
Kate BushNocturn21
Kate BushNocturne31
Kate BushPi41
Kate BushSea Of Honey61
KayakClose To The Fire31
KayakFriendship And Love11
KayakFrozen Flame11
KayakThe Otherworld11
KayakWhen The Seer Looks Away71
KbbDiscontinous Spiral91
KeaneSomewhere Only We Know61
Kevin GilbertA Long Day's Life183
Kevin GilbertCertifiable No 1 Smash31
Kevin GilbertStaring Into Nothing91
Kevin GilbertSuit Fugue (Dance Of The A&R Men)42
Kevin GilbertThe Best Laid Plans11
Kevin GilbertWater Under The Bridge61
King CrimsonDangerous Curves365
King CrimsonFrakctured122
King CrimsonHappy With What You Have To Be Happy With61
King CrimsonInto The Frying Pan21
King CrimsonLarks' Toungue In Aspic, Part IV122
King CrimsonLevel Five416
King CrimsonPower To Believe61
King CrimsonThe Construkction Of Light204
King CrimsonThe Deception Of The Thrush92
King CrimsonThe Power To Believe41
King CrimsonThe Power To Believe II101
King CrimsonThe Power To Believe III91
King CrimsonWorldsmyoystersoupkitchenfloorwaxmuseum31
King Crimsonnglagrd21
KinoHolding On42
KinoLeave A Light On72
KinoLetting Go367
KinoLosers' Day Parade7416
KinoPerfect Tence91
KinoSwimming In Women193
Knight AreaThe Gate Of Eternity21
KormornSegt Szellemek31
La Maschera Di CeraDoppia Immagine91
La Maschera Di CeraNuova Luce21
La Voce Del VentoHarmonica21
LaluPotbot: The Finaly Fantasy31
Lana LaneQueen Of The Ocean41
LandberkWhy Do I Still Sleep91
LandmarqThe Overlook42
LandmarqThe Vision Pit153
Lands EndNatural Selection11
LanvallThe Crystal Entrance41
LeonardoShaping The Invisible81
Like WendySorry For The Codaine31
Lions ShareBaptism Of Fire101
Lions ShareFlash In The Night11
Liquid ScarletThe Carafe61
Liquid Tension ExperimentAcid Rain52
Liquid Tension ExperimentHourglass82
Liquid Tension ExperimentKindred Spirits11
Liquid Tension ExperimentOsmosis71
Liquid Tension ExperimentParadigm Shift11
Liquid Tension ExperimentThree Minute Warning61
Liquid Tension ExperimentUniversal Mind11
Liquid Tension ExperimentWhen The Water Breaks244
Little AtlasCan I Find It61
Little AtlasThe Ballad Of Eddie Wanderlust81
Lord Of MushroomsLust41
Lost HorizonHighlander101
Machine And The Synergetic NutsTexas31
MaestosoHebden Bridge61
MaestosoThrough A Storm51
MagellanA Social Marginal91
MagellanTest Of Wills91
MagellanThe Great Goodnight51
MagentaChildren Of The Sun203
MagentaThe White Witch376
Magic PieChange264
Magic PieMotions Of Desire41
Manfred ManTwo Friends11
Mangala VallisIs The End The Beginning?52
Mangala VallisThe Mask11
ManningJack Roberts61
ManningOut Of My Life81
ManningThe Marriage Of Heaven And Hell41
ManowarThe Sons Of Odin81
ManticoraThe Black Circus101
Manu ChaoMinha Galera41
Marc RizzoIntrospection Of An Introvert11
MarillionBetween You And Me11
MarillionDon't Hurt Yourself165
MarillionDrilling Holes61
MarillionFantastic Place13420
MarillionInterior Lulu449
MarillionMan Of A Thousand Faces275
MarillionMap Of The World52
MarillionOcean Cloud23240
MarillionOne Fine Day71
MarillionThe Invisible Man27142
MarillionThis Is The 21st Century8717
MarillionThis Strange Engine22234
MarillionThree Minute Boy51
MarillionWhen I Meet God538
MarillionYou're Gone113
Martin OrfordA Part Of Me101
Massive AttackAngel21
MasterplanBlack In The Burn71
MastodonCapillarian Crest31
MastodonHearts Alive142
Maximum IndifferenceJack Palance The Ninja101
Maximum IndifferenceKuang Grade Mark Eleven Penetration Program11
Mercury RevHoles71
Metal MajestyGrim Reaper71
MetallicaSt. Anger91
MewThe Zookeeper's Boy92
MewWhite Lips Kissed132
Mike Keneally BandPride Is A Sin81
Mike OldfieldThe Source Of Secrets41
MilleniumPower To Love81
Mind OdysseyMemories101
Mind's EyePoseidon Says71
Mind's EyeUmbrellas Under The Sun91
MindflowCrossing Enemys Line21
MindgamesFactory Of Illusions61
MindgamesRoyalty In Jeopardy11
MokomaSyvyys On Vaiti21
Molly Bloom50,000 Camels31
Molly BloomIf21
Moon Of SteelAfter All101
MoongardenRound Midnight71
MoongardenSilent Lucifero51
MoonsafariDance Across The Ocean173
MoonsafariWe Spin The World234
MorrisseyFirst Of The Gang To Die81
Morte MacabreApoteosi Del Mistero101
Mostly AutumnCarpe Diem223
Mostly AutumnDistant Train31
Mostly AutumnEvergreen456
Mostly AutumnHeroes Never Die417
Mostly AutumnHollow11
Mostly AutumnMother Nature8913
Mostly AutumnOut Of The Inn21
Mostly AutumnPassengers195
Mostly AutumnPlease31
Mostly AutumnPure White Light71
Mostly AutumnShrinking Violet8116
Mostly AutumnSomething In Between62
Mostly AutumnThe Gap Is Too Wide6411
Mostly AutumnThe Last Climb152
Mostly AutumnThe Night Sky203
Mostly AutumnThe Spirit Of Autumn Past, Part 2366
Mostly AutumnWhich Wood?31
Mostly AutumnWinter Mountain51
Mr. BungleArs Moriendi81
Mr. BungleHoly Filament11
MullmuzzlerVenice Burning41
MuseButterflies & Hurricanes6510
MuseCitizen Erased31
MuseKnights Of Cydonia7312
MuseSing For Absolution214
MuseSpace Dementia72
MuseStockholm Syndrome71
MuseSupermassive Black Hole51
MuseTime Is Running Out91
Mgo De OzFinisterra71
Mgo De OzGaia91
Mgo De OzLa Conquista81
Neal Morse12296
Neal MorseAuthor Of Confusion71
Neal MorseBack To The Garden41
Neal MorseColder In The Sun91
Neal MorseCradle To The Grave82
Neal MorseFather Of Forgivness31
Neal MorseI Am Willing436
Neal MorseIn The Fire193
Neal MorseInside His Presence61
Neal MorseIt's All I Can Do92
Neal MorseKing Jesus21
Neal MorseMoving In My Heart41
Neal MorseOh Lord My God71
Neal MorseReunion91
Neal MorseSolid As The Sun224
Neal MorseSomber Days71
Neal MorseStorm Before The Calm11
Neal MorseSweet Elation61
Neal MorseTemple Of The Living God174
Neal MorseThe Creation499
Neal MorseThe Glory Of The Lord11
Neal MorseThe Prince Of The Power Of The Air51
Neal MorseThe Separated Man387
Neal MorseThe Storm Before The Calm71
Neal MorseWasted Life152
NemoApprentis Sorciers101
NemoLe Monde L'envers21
NephenteMoses Does Not Breathe41
NevermoreA Future Uncertain41
Nice BeaverNights In Armour81
NickelbackNever Again61
NightwishDark Chest Of Wonders61
NightwishGhost Love Score355
Nikolo KotzevTry To Live Again41
NilLe Gardien173
NilQuarante Jours Sur Le Sina (acte 2)81
Nine Inch NailsThe Great Below173
No ManLighthouse61
No ManOnly Rain92
No ManPhotographs In Black And White11
No ManTogether We're Stranger51
NosoundThe Moment She Knew51
NovactEternal Life61
OSIStandby (looks Like Rain)31
OceansizeMassive Bereavement101
OpethBeneath The Mire41
OpethDeath Whispered A Lullaby21
OpethFace Of Melinda81
OpethFor Absent Friends182
OpethGhost Of Perdition469
OpethGhost Reveries41
OpethGrand Conjuration41
OpethIn My Time Of Need184
OpethReverie/Harlequin Forest245
OpethThe Baying Of The Hounds122
OpethThe Drapery Falls265
OpethThe Grand Conjuration213
OpethThe Moor101
OpethTo Rid The Disease81
OpethWindow Pane6713
Orphaned LandBirth Of The Three71
Orphaned LandHalo Dies (the Wrath Of God)61
Ozric TentaclesPixel Dream71
PaatosThey Are Beautiful41
Pagan's MindBack To The Magic Of Childhood21
Pagan's MindEntrance To Infinity31
Pain Of Salvation! (Foreword)41
Pain Of SalvationA Trace Of Blood123
Pain Of SalvationAshes225
Pain Of SalvationBeyond The Pale7914
Pain Of SalvationDea Pecuniae42
Pain Of SalvationDiffidentia132
Pain Of SalvationEntropia81
Pain Of SalvationFandango62
Pain Of SalvationIdioglossia72
Pain Of SalvationImago41
Pain Of SalvationIn The Flesh62
Pain Of SalvationInside11
Pain Of SalvationIter Impius8415
Pain Of SalvationKing Of Loss101
Pain Of SalvationMartius71
Pain Of SalvationMorning On Earth61
Pain Of SalvationOne Hour By The Concrete Lake51
Pain Of SalvationPlains Of Dawn21
Pain Of SalvationRemedy Lane61
Pain Of SalvationRope Ends184
Pain Of SalvationSecond Love163
Pain Of SalvationThe Perfect Element10113
Pain Of SalvationTrace Of Blood21
Pain Of SalvationUndertow203
Pain Of SalvationUsed213
Pain Of SalvationWelcome To Entropia132
PallasBeat The Drum31
PallasBlood And Roses71
PallasBringer Of Dreams243
PallasThe Blinding Darkness82
PallasThe Bringer Of Dreams31
PallasThe Cross And The Crucible215
PallasThe Last Angel255
PallasToo Close To The Sun31
PallasTowers Of Babble31
Par Lindh ProjectMundus Incompertus11
Pat Metheny GroupFollow Me81
Pat Metheny GroupThe Way Up101
Patrick MorazPrelude In C# Min61
Pekka PohjolaMelkein91
PendragonA Man Of Nomadic Traits5910
PendragonDance Of The Seven Veils153
PendragonFor Your Journey21
PendragonIf I Were The Wind336
PendragonNot Of This World295
PendragonSou By Souwest61
PendragonThe Edge Of The World335
PendragonThe Last Man On Earth91
PendragonThe Shadow62
PendragonThe Wisdom Of Solomon31
PendragonThe Wishing Well276
PendragonWorld's End113
Perthshire AmberDougie Maclean41
Peter GabrielDarkness466
Peter GabrielFather, Son112
Peter GabrielGrowing Up92
Peter GabrielI Grieve174
Peter GabrielMore Than This253
Peter GabrielSignal To Noise6213
Peter GabrielSky Blue254
Peter HammillAstart11
Phoenix FoundationCars Of Eden51
PinnacleLove In Our Hands11
Planet XThe Noble Savage91
Poets Of The FallStay11
Poor Genetic MaterialWatercolours71
Porcupine Tree.361
Porcupine TreeA Smart Kid133
Porcupine TreeArriving Somewhere But Not Here54583
Porcupine TreeBlackest Eyes15029
Porcupine TreeBuying New Soul273
Porcupine TreeCollapse The Light Into Earth132
Porcupine TreeDark Matter304
Porcupine TreeDeadwing507
Porcupine TreeDon't Hate Me345
Porcupine TreeEven Less27050
Porcupine TreeFeel So Low81
Porcupine TreeFour Chords That Made A Million81
Porcupine TreeFutile61
Porcupine TreeGlass Arm Shattering82
Porcupine TreeGravity Eyelids508
Porcupine TreeHalo234
Porcupine TreeHatesong549
Porcupine TreeHeart Attack In A Layby246
Porcupine TreeLast Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth...162
Porcupine TreeLazarus8413
Porcupine TreeLightbulb Sun152
Porcupine TreeLips Of Ashes31
Porcupine TreeMellotron Scratch11
Porcupine TreeMother And Child Divided21
Porcupine TreeOpen Car305
Porcupine TreePiano Lessons102
Porcupine TreeRussia On Ice10919
Porcupine TreeShesmovedon8317
Porcupine TreeSo Called Friend81
Porcupine TreeStop Swimming719
Porcupine TreeStranger By The Minute92
Porcupine TreeStupid Dream11
Porcupine TreeThe Creator Has A Mastertape91
Porcupine TreeThe Rest Will Flow91
Porcupine TreeThe Sound Of Muzak5910
Porcupine TreeThe Start Of Something Beautiful8313
Porcupine TreeTinto Brass52
Porcupine TreeTrains12422
Porcupine TreeWaiting (Phase One)21
Porcupine TreeWhere We Would Be162
Poverty's No CrimeAll Minds In One41
Pretty MaidsLive Until It Hurts41
Primitive InstinctPraying For The Rain31
Procol HarumWeisselklenzenacht (the Signature)91
Prog AidAll Around The World52
PrototypeLive A Lie41
Pure Reason RevolutionBright Ambassadors Of Morning92
Pure Reason RevolutionThe Twyncyn112
Pr Lindh ProjectMundus Incompertus82
QueensrcheThe Chase71
QueensrcheThe Right Side Of My Mind21
QuidamThe Time Beneath The Sky: Credo I41
RPWL3 Lights71
RPWLCrazy Lane21
RPWLEverything Was Not Enough42
RPWLGentle Art Of Swimming42
RPWLHole In The Sky256
RPWLHome Again31
RPWLI Don't Know (What It Is Like)142
RPWLNew Stars Are Born71
RPWLStart The Fire41
RPWLSun In The Sky11
RPWLThe Way It Is31
RPWLTrying To Kiss The Sun11
RPWLWorld Through My Eyes82
RadioheadClimbing Up The Walls101
RadioheadExit Music283
RadioheadHow To Disappear Completely51
RadioheadKarma Police112
RadioheadLet Down21
RadioheadLike Spinning Plates101
RadioheadParanoid Android8817
RadioheadPyramid Song52
RadioheadWhere I End And You Begin51
RammsteinDu Hast71
Ray WestonLonesome Secrets71
Ray WilsonGoodbye Baby Blue11
RedemptionThe Fullness Of Time143
Rick WakemanBuried Alive71
Rick WakemanThe Call81
RitualSeasong For The Moominpappa31
RiversideAcronym Love91
RiversideConceiving You458
RiversideDance With The Shadow235
RiversideI Believe91
RiversideI Turned You Down71
RiversideIn Two Minds102
RiversideLoose Heart134
RiversideOut Of Myself293
RiversideReality Dream II31
RiversideReality Dream III132
RiversideSecond Life Syndrome21237
RiversideThe Curtain Falls102
RiversideThe Same River10417
RiversideThe Trials Of Man81
RiversideVolte Face183
Robert PlantThe Enchanter81
Rocket ScientistsMariner71
Rocket ScientistsOblivion Days41
Roger TaylorLondon Town C'mon Down51
Roger WatersEach Small Candle82
Roger WatersLeaving Beirut61
Roine StoltHumanizimo71
Roine StoltThe Observer21
Roine StoltWreck Of Hms Nemesis41
Round HouseJinzo-Ningen.200561
Royal HuntRiver Of Pain71
Royal HuntTearing Down The World41
RunrigAngels From The Ashes11
RushOne Little Victory132
RushPeaceable Kingdom92
RushSecret Touch91
SagaAshes To Ashes21
SagaBack To The Shadows81
SagaFootsteps In The Hall71
SagaIce In The Rain21
SagaOn The Air92
SagaRemember When31
Salem HillStolen By Ghosts41
Salem HillSweet Hope Suite172
Salem HillThe Joy Gem123
Salem HillTo The Hill61
Salem HillWhen32
SatelliteA Street Between Sunrise And Sunset153
SatelliteBeautiful World193
SatelliteEvening Games225
SatelliteEvening Overture71
SatelliteOn The Run82
SatelliteTake It As It Is51
SatelliteThe Evening Wind21
SavatageMorphine Child101
SavatageThe Hourglass21
SavatageThe Wake Of Magellan62
Seven ReizhSelaou41
Seventh KeyThe Raging Fire71
Shadow GalleryCliffhanger II Hang On / The Crusher92
Shadow GalleryColors51
Shadow GalleryComfort Me31
Shadow GalleryEncrypted71
Shadow GalleryFirst Light447
Shadow GalleryFloydian Memories41
Shadow GalleryNew World Order113
Shadow GalleryVow31
Shaun GuerinA Queen's Tale21
Sieges EvenSequence 1: The Weight215
Sieges EvenSequence 2: The Lonely Views Of Condors243
Sieges EvenSequence 6: To The Ones Who Have Failed61
Sigur RsAgaetis Byriun51
Sigur RsHoppipola101
Sigur RsPopplagio31
Sigur RsSaeglopur21
Sigur RsSvefn-g-englar101
Sigur RsUntitled VIII122
Sigur RsViorar Vel Til Loftarasa61
Simple MindsStay Visible81
Sinister StreetThrough The Looking Glass81
SireniaSister Nightfall21
SlayerNew Faith61
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumThe Donkeyheaded Adversary11
Snow PatrolChasing Cars21
Snow PatrolRun31
Soul CagesFalling81
Soul SirkusWorld Play41
Sphere 3Paralysis91
Spiral ArchitectInsect52
Spock's BeardA Flash Before My Eyes508
Spock's BeardAll Is Vanity101
Spock's BeardAll On A Sunday41
Spock's BeardAs Far As The Mind Can See81
Spock's BeardAt The End Of The Day29852
Spock's BeardBeware Of Darkness11
Spock's BeardCakewalk On Easy Street81
Spock's BeardCarrie91
Spock's BeardCarry On61
Spock's BeardFlow5311
Spock's BeardGhosts Of Autumn336
Spock's BeardGibberish72
Spock's BeardHarm's Way6111
Spock's BeardI'm Dying254
Spock's BeardIn The Mouth Of Madness62
Spock's BeardJune7214
Spock's BeardLong Time Suffering83
Spock's BeardLooking For Answers71
Spock's BeardLove Beyond Words11
Spock's BeardMade Alive / Overture41
Spock's BeardMade Alive Again / Wind At My Back52
Spock's BeardOn A Perfect Day124
Spock's BeardOpen Wide The Flood Gates102
Spock's BeardRearranged31
Spock's BeardShining Star101
Spock's BeardSkin11
Spock's BeardSnow112
Spock's BeardSolitary Soul142
Spock's BeardThe Devil's Got My Throat112
Spock's BeardThe Distance To The Sun122
Spock's BeardThe Good Don't Last558
Spock's BeardThe Great Nothing32855
Spock's BeardThe Healing Colours Of Sound6110
Spock's BeardThe Slow Crash Landing Man61
Spock's BeardThoughts (part II)81
Spock's BeardTime Has Come101
Spock's BeardWalking On The Wind92
Spock's BeardWind At My Back547
Spock's BeardWith Your Kiss31
Star OneIntergalactic Space Crusaders71
Star OneSet Your Controls51
Star OneSongs Of The Ocean105
Steelhouse LaneSon Of A Loaded Gun11
Steve HackettBrand New91
Steve HackettDarktown91
Steve HackettDays Of Long Ago51
Steve HackettIn Memoriam162
Steve HackettMechanical Bride21
Steve HackettRise Again21
Steve HackettSerpentine Song327
Steve MorseThe White Light11
Steve MorseTruthola71
Steve ThorneEvery Second Counts11
Steve ThorneLast Line41
Steve ThorneTumbleweeds41
Steve VaiIncantation81
Steve VaiWhispering A Prayer101
Steve WalshSmackin' The Clowns41
Strange FruitThe Flame Still Burns41
StrangefishIgnorance Of Bliss52
StrangefishShifting Sands And Turning Tides103
Stream Of PassionDeceiver31
Stream Of PassionHaunted21
Stream Of PassionWherever You Are41
StyxBrave New World41
StyxOne With Everything51
SylvanAnswer To Life162
SylvanArtificial Paradise6913
SylvanDeep Inside334
SylvanGolden Cage71
SylvanKind Of Eden91
SylvanPane Of Truth235
SylvanThat's Why It Hurts265
SylvanThe Colors Changed275
SylvanThis World Is Not For Me41
SylvanTimeless Traces154
Symphony XCandlelight Fantasia31
Symphony XCommunion And The Oracle21
Symphony XRediscovery II21
Symphony XThe Accolade62
Symphony XThe Divine Wings Of Tragedy31
Symphony XThe Odyssey6411
System Of A DownToxicity21
TantalusRoute Thirty Six - Part Two71
TarentelDeath In The Mind Of The Living31
TempanoChildhood's End (El Fin De La Infancia)41
Tenacious DWonderboy11
Terje RypdalLux Aeterna31
The Amber LightA New Atlantis101
The CureBloodflowers72
The CureLost21
The DecemberistsThe Island51
The Devin Townsend BandCanada91
The Devin Townsend BandDeep Peace41
The Devin Townsend BandEarth Day233
The Devin Townsend BandGaia21
The Devin Townsend BandTriumph61
The Devin Townsend BandVampira31
The Dillinger Escape Plan43% Burnt71
The Flaming LipsDo You Realize?91
The Flower KingsA Kings Prayer91
The Flower KingsA Vampires View102
The Flower KingsAdam & Eve41
The Flower KingsBabylon61
The Flower KingsBlue Planet21
The Flower KingsChicken Farmer Song71
The Flower KingsChurch Of Your Heart8012
The Flower KingsCircus Brimstone51
The Flower KingsCity Of Angels71
The Flower KingsCosmic Circus42
The Flower KingsDeaf, Numb, And Blind162
The Flower KingsDevil's Playground10818
The Flower KingsDriver's Seat183
The Flower KingsEnd On A High Note92
The Flower KingsGarden Of Dreams23032
The Flower KingsGhost Of Red Cloud81
The Flower KingsHit Me With A Hit11
The Flower KingsHumanizzimo101
The Flower KingsI Am The Sun12622
The Flower KingsIn The Eyes Of The World71
The Flower KingsJust This Once81
The Flower KingsKing Of Grief81
The Flower KingsLast Exit71
The Flower KingsLast Minute On Earth154
The Flower KingsLove Supreme165
The Flower KingsMagic Pie41
The Flower KingsMinor Giant Steps81
The Flower KingsMommy Leave The Light On71
The Flower KingsMonsters And Men195
The Flower KingsParadox Hotel202
The Flower KingsPioneers Of Aviation22
The Flower KingsRoad To Sanctuary71
The Flower KingsRumble Fish Twist163
The Flower KingsSelf Consuming Fire71
The Flower KingsSerious Dreamers81
The Flower KingsSilent Inferno193
The Flower KingsStardust We Are40657
The Flower KingsThe Blade Of Cain62
The Flower KingsThe Judas Kiss61
The Flower KingsThe Road Back Home21
The Flower KingsThe Truth Will Set You Free39859
The Flower KingsThere Is More To This World52
The Flower KingsTouch My Heaven51
The GatheringBroken Glass51
The GatheringGreat Ocean Road82
The GatheringOn Most Surfaces [Inut]101
The GatheringRed Is A Slow Colour132
The GatheringRescue Me51
The GatheringThe Big Sleep81
The GatheringTravel599
The GatheringWaking Hour91
The GatheringYou Learn About It112
The GiftAwake And Dreaming51
The Jelly JamThe Jelly Jam31
The LensSleep Until You Wake81
The Mars VoltaCassandra Gemini466
The Mars VoltaDrunkship Of Lanterns81
The Mars VoltaEriataka11
The Mars VoltaGemini Dei101
The Mars VoltaInertiatic Esp102
The Mars VoltaL'via L'viaquez51
The Mars VoltaSon Et Lumiere61
The Mars VoltaTake The Veil Cerpin Taxt81
The Mars VoltaTelevators133
The Mars VoltaTetragrammaton71
The Pineapple Thief13721
The Pineapple ThiefLight Up Your Eyes91
The Pineapple ThiefPart Zero51
The Pineapple ThiefPvs51
The Pineapple ThiefRemember Us4810
The Pineapple ThiefVapour Trails41
The Pineapple ThiefWe Subside72
The Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication61
The Red Hot Chili PeppersRoad Trippin'101
The SynSome Time, Some Way71
The TangentA Gap In The Night31
The TangentA Place In The Queue338
The TangentIn Darkest Dreams8316
The TangentIn Earnest348
The TangentLost In London306
The TangentSkipping The Distance122
The TangentThe Canterbury Sequence337
The TangentThe Music That Died Alone387
The TangentThe Sun In My Eyes51
The TangentThe Winning Game81
The TangentThe World That We Drive Through61
The TangentUphill From Here82
The Tea PartyComing Back Again11
The Underground RailroadThrough And Through41
The UrbaneGive It Away61
The WatchDamage Mode101
The WatchGoddess81
The WatchThe Ghost And The Teenager123
TherionSon Of The Sun81
TherionTo Mega Therion31
Thieve's KitchenJohn Doe Number One61
Thinking PlagueLes Etudes D'organism62
Thom YorkeHarrowdown Hill31
ThresholdCritical Mass92
ThresholdEchoes Of Life91
ThresholdFalling Away112
ThresholdGround Control51
ThresholdKeep My Head21
ThresholdLake Of Despond294
ThresholdLight And Space365
ThresholdMission Profile173
ThresholdThe Art Of Reason82
ThresholdThe Ravages Of Time11
ThresholdTurn On, Tune In31
TilesWindow Dressing31
Tim Bowness & Peter ChilversPost-its81
Tim BurdenBright Lights71
Timothy PureMisha Superhero92
Tom McreaSecond Law51
Tomas BodinA11
Tomas BodinI132
Tomas BodinThree Stories71
Tomorrow's EveThe Trials Of Man91
Tool10,000 Days51
ToolThe Grudge204
ToolWings For Marie Pt.I31
Tori AmosI Can't See New York11
TotoBetter World41
TotoBottom Of Your Soul11
TotoCaught In The Balance31
Tr3nityThe Eyes Of A Child41
Tr3nityWhich Way?11
TransatlanticAll Of The Above49174
TransatlanticBridge Across Forever224
TransatlanticDuel With The Devil21639
TransatlanticIn Held (Twas) In I152
TransatlanticMy New World7415
TransatlanticMystery Train11
TransatlanticStranger In Your Soul57683
TransatlanticSuite Charlotte Pike203
TransatlanticWe All Need Some Light599
TrippaNever Gonna Be The Same91
Tristan ParkThe Space Between11
TriumviratJust A Face101
TriviumEmber To Inferno61
Troy DonockleyColour Of The Door91
Twelfth NightEntropy51
Twin AgeA Sign Of My Decline41
Under The SunBreakwater51
Univers ZroXenantaya11
Universal Totem OrchestraPane Astrale51
UsA Sorrow In Our Hearts11
UsFull Circle21
UsHappy Suburbia '7891
UsLife In Progress61
UsSea Song31
UsThe Ghost Of Human Kindness71
UsThe Young And Restless101
Van Der Graaf GeneratorEvery Bloody Emperor347
Van Der Graaf GeneratorNutter Alert32
Vanden PlasGethsemane101
Vanden PlasJanuary Sun101
Vanden PlasRainmaker21
Vanden PlasScarlet Flower Fields81
Vanden PlasSilently51
Versus XCurtain Call101
Violent SilenceQuiet Stalker92
Virgin SteeleAngel Of Death91
Wetton / DownesDie Is Cast61
Wetton / DownesLet Me Go31
Wetton / DownesRubicon91
White WillowChemical Sunset11
White WillowGnostalgia82
White WillowPaper Moon61
White WillowSally Left81
White WillowSplinters41
White WillowThe Crucible81
White WillowThe Lingering172
Within TemptationAngels32
Within TemptationForsaken61
Within TemptationIce Queen72
Within TemptationJillian (I'd Give My Heart)41
Within TemptationMother Earth51
WolverineAnd She Slowly Dies41
WolverineHis Could Touch81
WolverineMy Room21
WolverineNew Best Friends71
Wuthering HeightsSleep91
YesBe The One51
YesDon't Go21
YesFace To Face41
YesGive Love Each Day224
YesHomeworld (The Ladder)5611
YesIn The Presence Of8513
YesIt Will Be A Good Day (The River)11
YesMind Drive265
YesNew Language31
YesNine Voices51
YesSoft As A Dove51
YesThat, That Is132

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