DPRPoll 2002


Cirrha Niva's Parnassus Records generously donated three signed copies of their excellent album Liaison de la Morte especially for this poll.

The other prizes were actually sent to us throughout the year as extra review copies or competition prizes by Centrozoon, Cyclops, Giant Electric Pea, Inside Out, Metal Mind, Musea Records, Mystic Records, QuiXote, Sublime Label, Suburban and Tantalus.

DPRP would like to thank all concerned labels for their generous support.

And The Winners Are...

The corresponding entry numbers of the winners have been randomly chosen by a highly sophisticated random number selecting device (aka my mum). This year's prizes and winners were:

signed copy of Cirrha Niva - Liaison de la Morte

Mikko Niemi, Finland
Alastair Swainger, UK
Imrich Retteghy, Slovakia

Centrozoon - The Cult of Bibbiboo

Steve Moore, USA

Flamborough Head - One for the Crow

Tom van der Hulst, The Netherlands

Galahad - Year Zero

John de Kroon, The Netherlands

Genesis for Two Grand Piano's

Terje Nygard, Norway
Andreas Dopfer, Germany

La Tulipe Noire - Faded Leaves

Sonia Begin, Canada

Magus - The Garden

Friedhelm Assman, Germany

Melbourne - Night Star

Herbert Ter Maat, The Netherlands

The Morrigan - Hidden Agenda

Uwe Haeberle, Germany

Nice Beaver - On Dry Land

Richard Winkel, The Netherlands

Pendragon - Acoustically Challenged

John van der Linden, The Netherlands

Poor Genetic Material - Leap Into Fall

Jonathan Novice, UK
Brent Jones, Canada

Renaissance - In the Land of the Rising Sun

Bart, Poland

Robert Andrews - The Host

Anthony, The Netherlands

Saens - Escaping From The Hands Of God

John Stout, UK

Skeem - Skeem

H. Valkenberg, The Netherlands

Stereokimono - Ki

Gijitski Igor, Russia

Seven Reizh - Strinkadenn

Arnoud Tiele, The Netherlands

Set of Two albums by Tantalus: Short Stories and Lumen et Caligo I

Mario Morais, Portugal

Tr3nity - The Cold Light of Darkness

Juan Carlos Falcon, Peru

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