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Requests for Improvement & Feedback

Stay this way and you`re Okay!
Try to give some recent information about forthcoming albums from the bigger bands.Often you have bought the album and much later the album is reviewed.
More News - More Other Countries Gigs ( FRANCE !!! )
AN ADDITIONAL CLASSIFICATION OF CD reviews by score (from 10 down to O)
some reviews could come earlier
Even more album reviews. I appreciate that you only have so much time, but fantastic new groups such as 'Muse' did not get a look in. Their second album 'Origin of Symmetry' is a masterpiece of bombastic prog (a la Queen) and rock (a la Radiohead's -'The Bends') - MEGA!!
more news, cd releases updaten
Keep up the good work
Some new stuff : - The 2001(2002.etc) releases sorted by rating - More "back catalogue" reviews - Are progs Bands making money : In This page we could find the position in charts of the most popular bands, how many albums sold etc.......
More cd reviews are required. You are missing a lot of big prog releases in your reviews section. eg; Magenta, Nektar-Prodigal Son, and numerous other releases from the past and present. I know you only review what you get free from the artists and distributors, but there must be a ton of great prog titles that your staff has in their personal collections that never gets reviewed. Perhaps you are trying to make a statement to the artists and distributors that you will not give them free advertising and promoting unless they give you free music to review. Which sounds fair, but it limits the quality and comprehensiveness of your reviews! section.
Still waiting for the CD review for Saga's House Of Cards it was stated in the reviews section that it would be coming soon! (5 months ago) Other than that change nothing, you are the best Prog site on the net.
I enjoy keeping up with the news, new cd releases and reviews because we do not get to much over here and this site has the best available. So just keep up the fantastic work. Thank You
Maybe some more links to prog-metal bands? You obviously don't like death vocals (Into Eternity!!) so maybe you shouldn't review them when you think it isn't progressive enough. Besides that one of my favourite and most visited pages so please continue
Include in your reviews cd's from other discographys houses......you didn't talk about Elementi from Le Orme and excellent cd , for example.
not really; I should visit it more often. Reviews should be one HTML page per band, IMO
Keep on doing the good work, maybe you can broaden the horizons over the prog landscape ...
ok like this
MOre news, more reviews ! ;-)
A priceless resource. Keep it up and thanks.
Just would like more regularly updated newspages. Other than that DPRP is fine.
See above the two columns rated 5.
More news, polls, best cover artwork, posters, best songs, full mp3's.
Graag ook een versie in het Nederlands.Dat leest makkelijker.
I think you're a bit too prog-rock oriented but DPRP is still my starting page on the net
werken jullie al samen met Progwereld.org en iO-pages? Wanneer komt er een keer een totale poll, dus favoriete artiesten/groepen, favoriete album, favoriete zanger/gitarist/drummer.
Add some Mp3 samples.... Why not?
have a chronological concert list online again.
A on-line prog-chart and Discographies of the main progressive rock bands.
keep up the good work.... and thnx
please more updates, more counting out time like revieuws (maybe an öld"and "new"archive?, some intervieuws?
For the CD reviews, the result would be a bit more credible if the reviewers are in some way more or less familiar with the band or artist they're reviewing. There are sometimes some reviews where statements are being made about the music that can be irritating for those closely following the band. (Not really a matter of taste, more a matter of being informed. Nevertheless, you're the best prog-related site on the internet, so don't take it too hard.)
No, it's still standard stuff for me
Listings of US tours
i would like to see more reviews....but everything else rocks! keep up the good work! really appreciate what you are doing for good music!
About the previous question: I discovered it in June 2001. Have been propagating it ever since. I am just impressed with all the love for music and artists that you guys put up every week.It's my favourite site, and I checked out and bought a lot of music because of your excellent reviews. Thanks!
When telling us about something new in the email update maybe you could also include a direct link.
I wanna know about the Italian progressive rock bands. Where are they?. I think in the best progessive rock page in the world must to be the bands of all the world. Well, in the page counting out time there's no one band italian band! (What happen with PFM, LeOrme, Banco, Il Balleto di Bronzo, etc, bands very very important in the progressive rock history?). And the new bands?. In the cd stores there are a lot of new bands of this country. And please, in the page Forgotten sons, write about the supergroup Triumvirat (I think the excellent album Spartacus must to be in Counting out time, and not U2 or Supertramp!. Please write about the group! Royal Hunt. And for last, the Mexican group Iconoclasta ISN'T THE ONLY ONE PROGRESSIVE ROCK MEXICAN BAND -His music is trash!!. There are better bands my friends!. I recomend Syntagma. I wanna to send a CD of this group for you. How I can do it?. Bye and congratulations for you excellent page, the best progressive rock page IN THE WORLD!!!!!.
A regular up-date of the release-page
I really like to go to this website. It's very nicely done and it's easy to get to the things you want to read about. The only thing I can think of that I would like to change is that it would be nice to get information on gigs everywhere, not just gigs in the Netherlands. Otherwise, it's a very good site. Obvious, everything can change for the better, even the sites that you like.Happy New Year from Göran in Sweden
You are close to perfection Every time I am on DPRP, I discover new things
Just keep up the good work.ps. delete the clean pollsheet I just send!
jullie moeten iets aan de nieuwe releases doen is een chaos!!!!succes verder kom graag bij jullie!!als je recensies voor duitse concerten nodig hebt laat iets weten!!!00491717518100
Keep up the good work
One E-Mail (Update List) per week will be enough.
In Spanish:Lo unico que cambiaría en DPRP es solo la actualización de las informaciones,las cuales las haría todos los días.Muy buena pagina de rock progresivo, yo diría que la mejor que he visitado hasta el momento.
Just keep it coming !!!!!
Thank You For All.....
How about providing a prog chart (top 10) each month if that is possible
I think that the CD reviews are too long.
CD releases to be updated more often and more concrete regarding release dates
On cd reviews you could show more clearly when a band/artist is a newcomer.
the news update should be on a more regular bases, weekly as it is called, and maybe larger updates
No, I don't know what could change? It's just one of the best sites I know!! Keep up the good work!!!
As an American, I find some of the mis-used English grammer in the CD reviews a bit amusing at times. I can tell that its a second language for some of the reviewers. Still, I've found that DPRP is the best prog music source on the web by far. Keep up the good work!
Go with the flow and everythink will be oke!! It's nice as it is!
steady news updates would be fine, more concise CD reviews plus more competitions
I think you are doing quite ok: even though I no longer am subscribed to the update list (you were there almost every day!! Just too much...) I am astounded by the info you gather et cetera, et cetera: keep up the good work and: all the best for 2002!
A more simply way to consult the CD releases page.
No, I am very content about DPRP the way it is. It's my favourite site on the WWW. Keep up the good work
It's OK
It is not necessary to change, it can always improve but as this I like it.
Some interest for DVD. A summery of prog-related DVD-releases, up-coming releases etc.
it's good the way it is!
In my (humble) opinion, CD reviews are the most populair item (I am still waiting for Mostly Autumn's review). So Please... more CD reviews.
DPRP is great, it would be difficult to improve anything. Carry on soldiers!
I'm very satisfied with teh pages.So just keep on going this way
Doing a great job! Best sight for Prog on the Net'!!
NO!! You guys are doing a great job for the progressive rock lovers of the world! Keep up the good work! Kind Regards, Thomas Wheelock
More news, redesign CDelight
Nee, eigenlijk niet voor mij is het de perfecte symfo-site. Wel ga ik heel vaak naar concerten rondom den bosch b.v W2 en plein 79. Soms vind ik de gegevens hiervan niet in de concert agenda. zo was er laatst in december anathema in w2 en de ozzy osbourne tribute in plein 79. voor de rest waardeer ik jullie zeer voor jullie inzet en ik hoop dat jullie het nog lang moge volhouden. Misschien is het een idee om weer eens een top 500 van alle cd's te laten prognotiseren door de lezers.....
Meer objectieve cd recencies
Seems to work for me just fine, just prefer more info in the CDlight pages sooner than now, i.o.w. a review connected to the album when it appears in this section.
Nothing, You rule!!
Maybe More Concerts Reviews(for example i didn't see a Rammstein review on the dprp!!....great show)
Go on like this(Ga zo door) Ik ben u zeer dankbaar
nope, keep up the good work!
Can't think of anything at the moment...
When I first discovered DPRP about a year ago, I was overwhelmed by the size of the site. I didn't know where to begin. And now, there's still a lot of potentially interesting material that I don't know about. The content is great, but the interface for getting there could be better. You should concentrate on improving the navigation, giving different points of view on the content. For example, I would like to browse the CD reviews by release date or style as well as by artist. Also, cross-linking would be incredibly useful when trying to find new music to listen to. Manually adding "See also" links to all CD reviews might be too big a job to do, so why not let the visitors do it for you? Following Amazon's "People who bought this also bought these" feature, you could let visitors enter similar artists/albums while reading a review. The search function could also use some reworking, the results it returns are often not what I'm looking for. For example, it can only search each search word separately but not as a string, which ususally results in the first found document having the words in different sentences, or paragraphs even. The results should be sorted by relevancy, as well. If you ever decide to change the graphics of the site, please keep the front page as light as it is now. I've set DPRP as my browser's start page, since it's the only news site that doesn't take ages to load. It clearly outranks MSN and local Finnish portals. As for the content, I've been wishing for centralized band charts, you know, the maps that tell you who was in a band, when they were, where they came from and what they went on to do. I think that the web would be an excellent platform for this, since you could easily link all bands together by linking musicians together. In a paper chart of King Crimson, you might see that Greg Lake was the singer until 1970 and then left to join ELP. Now imagine if you could simply click on ELP and move on to ELP's own chart, or click on Greg Lake to go to his solo career chart. Simply by adding links to band members to all band charts, you would end up with a comprehensive, cross-linked history of prog bands. A few words on CDelight: Personally, I find the flashy tricks rather annoying. I'd much rather scroll the text myself than have it fly across the screen when I move my mouse.
The Vow is not a belgian band! It's german! §;o)
Don't change anything ! One of the best dynamic sites of (new) prog-music... I love the 'news' section, with the links to the related info... Cheers Gilles (Prog-Resiste Magazine)
Maybe a little bit more according to progmetal. I miss a forum for demo-bands including reviews, concert-reviews, band-pages etc for them and I can very well help you as I get a lot of demo´s. In FORGOTTEN SUNS ... where are IRRWISCH and BIKINI, two of my old favourite-bands. More about Russian and East-European prog music. More about Japanese prog music including relises, reviews etc. Otherwise are you the very best but even if you are can it always be better. Cheers Tore Larson GARF-VÄXJÖ PS! GARF = Gothenburg´s Art Rock Society/Association and we in GARF-VÄXJÖ were first with taking SONIC DEBRIS to Sweden and we´ve had WOLVERINE two times. The 9th March does ZONATA play here along with RENAISSANCE ST, a fantastic local demo-band who I warmly can recommend you. If you want a copy of their brand new album can you just drop me a line.
I would like you to pay a little bit more attention to the truly progressive music around. I think DPRP is still stuck on old neo-prog cliché bands, like Pallas, Ayreon (I still didn't find what has he done of real interest) or Arena (IQ are different for me... way better than all the other neo-prog acts). I give you an exhample: Did you know about the existence of great bands such as Birdsongs of the Mesozoic? And what about the great work of After Crying, Anekdoten, italian prog acts like Torre dell Alchimista, etc? Have a great 2002, and... keep up the good work!
More CD reviews. :)
Even in NL, da's wat makkelijker formuleren. Het afgelopen jaar zijn jullie wat afstandelijker geworden, niet qua benadering richting de mensen, maar qua inhoud. Er waren erg veel cd recensies van albums die met geen mogelijkheid te krijgen waren, of albums waarvan uiteindelijk gesteld werd dat het eigenlijk niet op deze site thuis hoort. Naar mijn mening zouden deze, laatst genoemde, albums dan gewoon niet gerecenseerd moeten worden. Dit is uiteraard opbouwend bedoeld. Verder denk ik dat jullie heel belangrijk zijn voor de scene. Ik wens jullie veel succes in 2002!
Not DPRP itself, but the number of visitors should change: this site deserves a bigger audience!
No thank you i'm verry happy with this site. For me, it's the best Progsite i found so far. Keep up the good work.
Basically, I'd like to see that the DPRP Pages give more space to Spanish and Latinamerican bands, both cureent and classic (links, reviews, CDLight, even Forgotten Sons...), as well as classic Italian and French bands.
Well, more of everything would be nice ;-) Perhaps a page for smaller "unknown" bands to get noticed - a new band each month - with short info and soundsamples of the band. But other than that, just keep up the astonishing work.//Anders
Bring more colours to this site, but it's ok, what's inside.
More updates of the news page.
Meer up-dates van cd releases en meer CD's bespreken wanneer deze zijn gereleased (bijvoorbeeld conform de IO-page, waarin de meeste albums besproken worden).Verder zijn jullie een perfecte site voor elke symfo-freak......DOORGAAN!!!!!!!
the latest news is a bit outdated in comparison to other prog websites. i know its voluntary work so i wont complain much about it :)
I don't understand HOW you people know all the news, and how many time you're spending on writing revieuws, sending updates etcetera. DPRP is my favourite (progrock) website, because of the many updates. I would not know how to improve things (any more), even if it would be a little less, I would be very satisfied ! So keep up the good work you're doing-the way you're now working, I really learn(ed) a lot by visiting DPRP minimum 2 times a week. Perhaps one suggestion : Would there be enough interest to sell T-shirts/ Sweaters with a nice DPRP-logo ? I know this is a lot of work and a financial risk, but other(smaller?) sites like prognose.be and progrock.com do have them. I would be interested in a sweatshirt, just to let everyone know how great DPRP is !(just an idea !) Kind regards! Erik Goos
more space to other
MORE MORE MORE :) keep up the good work!
DPRP chat misschien?
More history, more reviews, a top 100 of best prog cd of all time which in some way can change weekly.
Keep up the good work. Maybe a little too much progressive metal. And leave the heavy metal/hard rock outside DPRP.
A New counting out time would help me to get some more essential prog albums!
vooral zo doorgaan
Just go the way you go !!
More cd reviews (i missed for example Mostly Autumn (The last bright light.
Nothing, 1´m new around here !!!
How about some fan involvement in the Vision Pit pages? Just a few selected articles and opinions from fans would be interesting.
Keep up the good work! DPRP is the best en most complete website on progressive music!
Good website!
Keep up the good work!
Update list could give a bit more concrete / attractive information.More dedicated info on music-DVD's.For the rest; excellent pages, ''my standard HOME page" (even though I have my own homepage)
Faster reviews...and more system...(if a band is reviewed once one should continue when better cd's are produced...)
van mij hoeft er niet veel te veranderen, het enige wat misschien aandacht nodig heeft is dat als je op de mailinglijst staat wel erg veel mailtjes krijgt. Hoe dat beter moet weet ik ook niet , misschien een grotere mailinhoud en dan 2 of 3 keer per week ipv iedere dag
Review more major releases instead of the loads of "minor" (e.g. Musea records) releases. Don't just review Cd's which are sent to you by the record companies.Suggestion: Prog-Top 100 of all times
no, not really i like it the way it is
if you have the time, more of everything,but keep on the good work, you are one of my faves on the net. Thank you for being.Ken
More information about bands/albums in CDelight.
This is already one of the best sides for prog.so stay as you are and I am lucky.all the best!!!
Releasepage should be more up to date !!Focus on quality and not on quantity.
more regurarly news updates
- More scandinavian concert-info- MP3 (or multimedia) section or good links added
It would be nice to see more interviews.
host online chats with band members and announce them on other prog sites if possible.
More reviews (compared to other sites you are really slow) and something more captivating on the side of website graphics
No, keep on going with your good work.
More interviews and competitions, please!
Keep it up, guys! DPRP is the most reliable and the most informative progressive website in the world. You are doing great and very important work!!! Don't change anything. I have rated your service at everage 9, because it always can be better. But in case of your efforts it is already 10 or even more!!! Keep it up in 2002 and beyond!
Will there be an update regarding Counting Out Time?keep up the good work!
I don't know what to change!
everything is ok , keep the good work
More ´bout radio?!!!...:-))cheerio,Michael
Please up-date Prog Links regularly.
There were some transfer/download problems in some part of the year...
nothing, it is the best onlin-magazine
I think it's time to arrange a decent messageboard, and promote it more on the start-page so some fun discussions can start. I also think it's time to remove The Art Corner. It's VERY old now. But my compliments to the reviewers. You are doing one hell of a job even if I don't agree on much that is written (Especially in the Into Eternity review :) Keep up the good work!
The core pages of news and reviews are excellent and usually uptodate. 1 addition I would suggest is similar idea to CDelight only featuring classic albums from the past that people may have missed ?
It should be possible to "jump" forward in the concert guide. If I'd like to see, in November, what's on in Juli in any country, I'd have to click several time before I come to the correct page! With a linkage system it would be better. If it says "Next 31 days" (or "Next 14 days") there should be links forward to follow. For example "jump 2 3 4 5 months" or "jump 2 3 4 5 periods".The very best would be if there was a searchengine, where I could type either a bands name or date and get the results... Keep up the good work!!
You've got a great site, attractive to look at and easy to navigate, and pleasingly wide-ranging in it's coverage of bands. Why change a winning formula? On the other hand, I've had endless problems trying to post messages on the forum due to missing text, slow loading etc that I've given up using it.
Please make the newspages uptodate and refresh it EVERY week. And....MORE news.
The more news, the better! You keep prog alive.
Get rid of Neil Durant. Don't ask questions like: "How many times do you visit DPRP in one month?" It's impossible to remember that.
The reason for rating the CD reviews so low is that the grades are generally much too high to make any sense.
No, just keep up the good work !!!
I would love to see vendors recommended and/or a best buy type list or page.
It's needing a new layout.
I want more CD reviews, and Forgotten sons
I don't write english very well,sorry
Hmmm... I have no idea! DPRP is still best art / prog-rock related Web source. The best for any 30-plus proggie, who was raised on those great art-rock classics, but keep an eagle-eye for all newest prog / sympho releases.
keep it up as it is!!! Your site is my nr. 1 bookmark!
I live in the U.S. and find the DPRP to be my best source for new news and reviews of things going on in prog. I really enjoy the site.
More regular news updates more interviews
No, I like it the way it is!
I Think you have the best progrock page in the world wide web.I hope you´ll continue with your fantastic work.Unafortunately, there´s no information about this kind of music, except you.Best for the new year to you!!
no, nothing at all. Brilliant site, good work!
DVD reviews
The server seems slow on occassions.
Cheaper mail order system, like the old SI Music.
CDelight doesn't work properly on my Opera 6.0 Webbrowser. But minor aspect..
Not really, just go on and give this music the support it needs.Good luck with it!
More special features like artist interviews would be great. This is the best Prog site on the net ! thanks ! Dan
I think DPRP is still the world standard for prog.
The yearly poll is great, should it be done every 6 months? How about a featured band of the month with history, discography and review/editorial of the bands progress through its career.
Interviews with Prog musicians
Post-rock and RIO artists deserve more attention - those are the most inventive guys around. Listen to Mogwai's "Rock Action", for instance. It's got everything we've been missing since the great albums of the early 70s.
regular news updates. But it´s getting better.
I would appreciate if you would consider covering more of the progmetal scene.
No - my main source of prog info. Kicks the CRS into a cocked hat !
I would like to send you my congratulations for your wonderful work for progressif rock.I really like the cd reviews as, for me, it is a great source of informations and many times I can discover some great releases. I am surprised that, for example, there were very few articles on italian groups (in particular those released by Mellow Records, this year it released some great stuff like "submarine silence", "malibran","zauber", etc...). Once (at the beginning of the year if I remember well...) you did some great articles about the swiss label "Blackrills" or even on a russian one which was very well done and allowed me (and thousands of other music's lovers) to discover fantastic bands. So maybe (it is my suggestion) you would be able to write a review on releases (5 or 6 cd's) from a specific label (Musea, Mellow, Cyclops, etc...). Another request .....: more space for south american bands !!!! In 2001 we could hear some fantastic releases like the chilean guys of "Subterra" or the confirmation of the argentinian "Nexus". That's it friends, but I repeat you really do a great job and I thank you all for that.I wish you a great new year and send you my best regards from Rio.
I have a comment regarding your reviews. They are more and more tending to become very long to the point where I'm discouraged to read them. If they were shorter I would read a lot more. Specially the track by track review is a bit too much, I believe an overall to the point comment is more than enough.I love your site, it is by far the best site related to music on the whole net - Keep up the good work :-)Sami
Nothing - Keep up the good work!!!!!
It's already very good;I would appreciate a larger variety of prog artists in the CD Reviews section.
You should give the CD Review Archive a new structure, i. e. put the lists for every letter on an own page and put only links to these pages ("A" "B" etc.) on http://www.dprp.vuurwerk.nl/reviews/index.html. Apart from this: DPRP smokes!
Sometimes the articles are quiet long and thus a bit difficult to read... but on the other hand there are lots of details in them I would not want to miss :-)
More update to release page
just publish news about alias eye...just kidding folks! :-)Phil, vocals, alias eye
More reviews! :-)Thanks for a great work, guys!
More updates. The cd releases page hasn't been updated for a long time
Keep up the great work...this is my favorite page on the web!
Last year, DPRP was my main resource in purchasing new music. Perhaps 2001 was worse for our style, but I have not been persuaded to buy very much on DPRP's suggestions this past year. Make no mistake, I still log on viturally every day, but I am never convinced that anyone here REALLY likes what they are listening to. I know you put in timeless hours of volunteer work just to keep the page going, but could you possibly be more convincing of your support of the bands you like? Consider how you plan to push pr!ogressive music into the new millenium. I will most assuredly be right there with you.
You must continue in this way .... this is the best site of progressive rock. Now is a classic ...
I would prefer it if the reviews index could add the following information - actual rating, and date of review. While the "Recommended" tag is useful, I would like to know (at a glance) whether an album that missed out, missed by a mile or only just missed as I often search through the index for albums I come across elsewhere.
Better Twelfth Night Page
In case of round table reviews, I think it would work better if it was more discussion style, rather than reading the reviews of the several reviewers one by one. I think you used this style already for some albums!
Maybe more than one person could post reviews to give a more varied opinion
Nope. Keep up the good work!
A possibillity to personalize the homepage with a musicgide related to your favorite artists or style of music.
No keep the good work goin'on.
More specials. More "visions" at the Vision Pit...
nothing :-)
I would like to see a poll for all-time prog album and song
put more music from the seventies in your cd light and reviews
A little more metal reviews would be nice, but other than that, it's one of the best prog pages on the net!
Better reviews. A less obvious bias towards the neo side of things. I don't mind the bias, because I like a lot of that stuff, but by reading this site, it's very hard to tell the stuff I'll like from the stuff I won't like. Reviewers too often describe completely different bands using the same terms (e.g., "melodic guitar lines," "IQ-esque title track"). They're better than they were a couple years ago, but there's still room for improvement. Still, thought I generally don't like this site, it's good as a cent! ral resource for neo, and I would rather it exist than otherwise.
More concert reviews
News pages, more Frecuently
I appreciate very much the roundtable format for 'important' new releases, so if you could increase this feature, this would be even nicer Also, maybe some more attention to re-releases of older material from the greats of the past.
more cd reviews
On the reviews you should include more material different to neoprog or metal prog, there are a lot of other stuff around.. I always missed a review of Crimson's ConstruKction of Light, or a review of the new Hackett box set, for example
more regular updates of the new releases page Thanks for your efforts!
I'm kinda new to your page, but I LOVE it!
Just fine guys, a least for a Belgian (who is only once a year in Belgium), you give me a lot of updates (and frustration as I can`t hardly buy any of those albums around here).Anyway you give me a good taste of what`s out there. Good luck next year.
Nope, Keep on going!
More frequent news updates with a wider coverage and quicker loading pages!
* regularly a review of a classic prog-album (once a month).* make a list of cd-shops in the netherlands (and in belgium) whith a great choice in prog-music.
Nope, keep on Rockin'
Maybe organising some progressive rocknights/festivals with some national and international bands....
More CD reviews - very helpful, but you only do selected CDs from each band. Do them all if you can!
Keep the news regular
I would like to more concert and cd reviews from average readers instead of just the staff of DPRP. Other then that, the page is an absolute delight. Keep up the good work.
More CD reviews. CD Reviews should be reviewed around the time they are released, instead of lumping them at the end of the year. You are great with the major bands like IQ, Marillion, Flower Kings, Transatlantic, but new releases from Mostly Autumn, Saga, ACT, and Shadow Gallery,(all not slouches in the prog world) should have been reviewed a lot earlier in the year. That being said I find your reviews to be very valuable but would just like to get them a little earlier.
MORE cd reviews,every day!!!!!!!!!!!
Quicker reviews of concerts and cd's
Hello there I should say that the News section must be change a little bit. Because they must be on the day, at least by a week. You can't wait for a new to be known after a long time, it won't be a new then. Anyway DPRP it's a great work of many peoples, I know, congratulations to you all. This is a chilean fan...please go on an check www.futuro.cl It's the page of a rock station in my country, I work in that station and I have a prog music show of a couple of hours on saturdays. By the way would you like to have a link in our page???
CD reviews could be a bit more in depth
It's perfect this way!
Have a little more about PROG-METAL
More regular news updates!
more about progressivemetalbands like katatonia, anathema, dimmu borgir
Gewoon zo doorgaan.
For me it's the best prog page on the net. I'll think it costs very much time for all of you and is in my opinion complete enough.
think its great. nice to get prog news here in the outerreaches of progworld.
Some album reviews should be available sooner (i.e: Mostly Autumn...6 month after release)
more updates!!
Shorter CD reviews. Especially the song-by-song approach make them often boring to read.
The usual - Less reliance on and bias towards 'Neo' Prog But Ive been saying that for years ;-)
De mogelijkheid om van iedere Cd-review ook een Mp-3 demo te hebben
I know that you are depending on the kindness of record labels and your own budgets, but I do sometimes have the feeling that long-awaited releases are reviewed a little late. Nothing wrong about that, but in that case I already decided to buy something myself based on reviews from Aardschok magazine, for example. It is a nice read after all, just to hear someone else's opinion about a CD. But really, that's all! Keep up the good work.
the pages should be programmed in a way that they don´t need so much time to be loaded. (although I´m sure that this is not quite easy and that the pages are already optimized (aren´t they ? :-) )
First of all, I know it is hard to keep everything updated. But the CD release page was not very updated last year. It would also be nice if you could choose which updates would be e-mailed. I am usually not so much interested in updates of the concert reviews page for instance but updates of the CD release page or the news pages are very welcome. Maar ga in ieder geval zo door
some reviews sound very interesting but there is no chnace to get the cd - maybe you can tell possible sources within the reviews of the more obscure bands
I took my name off the mailing list because I would rather see a weekly update email rather than an an email for every update by subject.
Great work you do!, just go on!
Please, review the CD's a little more critical!
It's a great prog rock resource, I'm okay with it.
no, DPRP are great!
The more you change, the more the probability you will estrange
Better updates. Where is the Saga "House of Cards"???
Needs to load a bit faster - maybe crunch some of the graphics a bit.
Update of links, and Artworks ratings
No - keep up the good work
Loading times are quite slow
Less emphesis on neo-prog, AOR and prog-metal would be an improvement, IMHO.
Reviews of older albums
Keep up the good work!
The world Gig guide should be updated more frequently as well as the latest CD reviews (or delight), add a music DVD review section, congradulations for a great 2001 and hope all the best in 2002!
Ik was ooit geabonneerd maar kreeg veel te veel verschillende mails terwijl ik 1 update (voor de hele site) per week genoeg vindt.
No I think you are on the right way
Nope, you're doing just fine!!!
Yes!I hope, that the Bandpages will be better in the future. ..... and what about Soundclips of the new Albums that DPRP promote on this WEB-Site?
Am I the only one who thinks that the colour schemes for some of the sections are offensive to the eyes, while others are fantastically well presented. Personally I'd prefer a uniformity of colour-scheme to go along with the excellent design.
It would be nice to have more information on the older prog bands. For instance, a sort of encyclopedia of prog bands would be very cool, although no doubt time consuming
Everyone knows that''our music'' is often hard to find. I would like DPRP to give some more info about that.For the rest, it's perfect!!! jh
Try to split up some of the pages, since they take ages to load
Only found within the last 6 months. It's my regular site for all things Prog.Well Done Keep it up
I'm quit satisfied !
to have more reviews about concerts in other countries through fans which have the luck to assist or travel a lot and be part of dprp as honorary staff
Keep up the good work!!!!!
It would be nice to see the "counting out time"-page continue in the new century. Anyway I think it´s a great homepage. Keep up the good work.
More CD reviews.
More and regular news update.
More reviews
keep up the good work!
More progressive metal on the side, and better reviews on this genre, because I see a lack of knowledge about this type of music.
Revitalize the Forum pages Remove entries after X days
new layout concept for easier use and faster loading of pages.(www.goblindesign.com can assist you)
more news please !
nothing big really, thank you very much for all your work guys. The only thing, I'd like more bands in the links page, and a review of a few broken links (well... that may be my connection :-) Thank you Again. Regards from CHile
IF you could have a page about the reviewers. There top ten list etc, so the point of view of the review better.
I don't think you can improve this site a lot more. It's really good!
Don´t forget "Counting out time"
More reviews od Dutch artists
No thanks, I'm very pleased with a site like this.Keep on the good work!!!
More Music to Download (for radioshow)Music-on-line (?)
Not really. All the best for 2002.
Nothing, its great as it is.
some (more) reviews of older releases or more "reviews"/articles in the "counting out time" section
For me, there 's too much interest in the metal-like music and in my opinion, this has notting to do with progressive rock (which is for me still symphonic rock). But, I'm 41 and that explains probably the fact that I don't like metal at all.
i am new to the site so still getting used to it - but overall i am impressed
Put more attention to (good) italian bands and Baja Prog festival.
Add more concert reviews from everywhere in the prog World.
An interview section would be nice
Nothing in particular! Keep up the good work guys! :D
Update the Forgtton sons section more often.
More concert and album reviews!!!!
I think DPRP is doing great, so nothing really needs to be changed
Less neoprog!
I like it this way; I like the critical attitude in the cd reviews (especially Ed Sander's review of Transatlantic).
Be quicker with putting CD reviews on the site after a CD being released
check out links to band sites ,there seems to be some broken links.
maybe some groovier proggy psychodelic artwork
Even more reviews please (especially Scandinavian music)
spread the CD reviews around a bit more. They're kind of predictable.
you're pretty cool and adoring. keep up the good work.
No please go on!!
More album reviews, please! I find DPRP reviews very helpful when determining whether to purchase albums. However, there are many albums that you haven't covered (for example, Green Carnation).
If it ain't broke, don't fix it! I'm very well informed through your e-mails. Thanks to you, people who don't have daily access to the net usually pump me for information on their favorite bands.
Nothing! Keep on proggin'!!
Some more progressive-metal reviews would make DPRP the ultimate guide to good music
more reviews
More reviews/previews, as soon it is possible
just keep it on going!! you all doing a great "job".
In the newsletter, send the link direct to the page in question
There's not much to improve!!! Maybe a bit more attention to music that's not real prog, but prog-related (examples: Tool, Sigur Ros, Kashmir). Keep up the good work.
I just discovered this page, so I am on my way to find out. For now, it has much to offer.
Nothing, you're rockin' man! ;)
Info about every prog gigs in the world (waoouu...)
No, just keep it up!!! You guys are great!!
More reviews
no! 1)Probaply a new DPRP concert 2)No tourdates in the newspages
No, not at all! Keep supporting music made with brains not with dicks!
chang : more variety : more fusion
Well Euro prog.scene it's so far, but SouthAmerian prog scene are emerging, maybe could a bit more interesting for the rest of the world ear about this newest bands.
more polls & pricezzzzz:-)
No, The information for me is ok!
- more concert reviews
No drastic changes are necessary.
More CD Reviews from CD's from the past. A site with (different) bandlogo's
nothing. love it!
More Audio/Video
:)Estaria bien que hicierais una version en español, aunque solo fueran las noticias. ¡Hay mucho fan castellano-hablante, sobre todo en America! (por pedir, que no quede):)
No - keep up the good work!
Can't think of any major problems. Keep up the good work.
More news on a regular basis.More cd and updated concert reviews.
Perhaps including more articles about progressive music (similar to the articles Jerry Lucky writes on ghostland.com).
Nothing comes to mind. Keep up the good work
Please don't so many mails, you sent about 3 a week, make one mail.
More international (european) concertdates would be fine. The newsletter is great, very important to me.P.s. Sorry for voting titles where I also do business with (Anyone's Daughter), but these are really the CDs which I have listened (and loved) the most in 2001. Greetings Dirk
No, not really
Reviews could be shorter
Dat kunnen we wel eens bespreken aan de br (tijdens IQ?);-)
Some attention to Cairo, Hamadryad, ...maybe not very original, but very rich and fine prog-rock (instead of neo-prog and progmetal, which is even less original)
Cant think of anything particular. It's really good as it is!
So far, the DPRP seems perfect.Nothing more desired.Great.I love this page!!!
Nothing ! Keep on this way guys ;-)
I'd like a good link to second-hand cd-stores throughout the world
Gig Guides Other Countries is not very helpful. For suggestions on how to improve that, see http://www.elrose.demon.co.uk (New Horizons)
More competitions!!!!And stay for the rest the same.
Well, it is actually very good
It is an interesting and inviting site: no changes necessary, I guess.
I would like to see reviews on Eloy albums and more news about them as I consider them a wonderful band, but you have never said something about it. The rest is quite good, congratulations¡
A more interesting newsletter ('Update').More feedback from 'surfers' uploaded. + Band interviews.
A slight improvement in Forgotten Sons- more details would be nice.
What do you think about separate DVD corner?CD reviews are sometimes very late (few months after releasing) and athe same time some reviewed CDs are not progressive.
I do not know if this is possible/allowed, but it would be nice if some sound samples could be added to the CD reviews.
all news updates accessible per band or artist
keep up the good work
Ik heb pas 2 maanden internet dus dat kan ik nu moelijk aangeven, daarom heb ik ook nog lang niet alle mogelijkheden uitgeprobeerd!
More information about new releases Information about stores that sell Prog-Cd´s
Not really.
stay tuned as you are!thanks for the great workit's not that easy to stay so well informed best wishes Patrick
I would like to see more band pages.
A list of CD-shops with the widest range of progrock cd's. A service to order (cheap) cd's.
More news and oftener
More news or perhaps rumours page
more samples
More and more reviews
Please change the symbol/person wearing the hat. What is it?
Get a bit quicker with your CD reviews. Perhaps you lose too much time reviewing rather questionable outputs by some wannabe musicians?
News, they might be updated sooner. Anything else is great. Congratulations.I'm an everyday visitor from Chile in South America, from a rock station call Futuro. You might visit our page or at least make a link to it www.futuro.clThanks...bye
A good link to specialized shops/retailers in The Netherlands.Reviews of (what are in my opinion goor prog rock CDs) of Like Wendy, Miscellane and Watch.
Keep doing up prog the way you do!!
Regularity in news updates if possible.
I would like to see a running poll done and data taken. People can rate all of a Band's CD's. This could be used by people who want to check out a top rated CD but don't really know the band.
Collect a list of Dutch radiostations that give progrock airplay and publish that list on your site.
I'm still finding out about all the information!
probeer het niveau te handhaven boys en girls prima site
Make it easier to navigate the CD reviews. Flag updates to the CD reviews on the front page more often. Hyperlinks on band names and album names.
The CD reviews could be somewhat shorter and more to the point; I'd prefer more and shorter reviews.
Layout. Some pages are too heavily filled with graphics, textual content and html. Good examples being the main menu & reviews menus. They take very long to download, and I even had some crashes when downloading some long list pages (bands, releases, this poll form). It would be good to do some testing on less advantaged PC's and internet connections. I would rate mine as average. Also I would like to have some of the text a bit bigger (main menu), as reading becomes a bit "painful" sometimes.