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Below you will find the winners of the prizes in the DPRPoll 2000.

Signed large canvas prints of artwork spreads from Pallas' Beat The Drum album

Keith Street
Mark Stanford
Martin Söhrman

Ayreon - Temple of the Cat CD single

Anson C. James
Dave Giese

Clearlight Music package with 3 CDs

Gilles Arend

Forgotten Suns - Fiction Edge 1 (Ascent)

Piet Michem

Ines - The Flow, signed by Ines

Han Uil

Into Eternity - Into Eternity

Richard Watts (signed copy)
Markwin Meeuws

IQ- The Seventh House

Thomas Bromirski
Keith Butler

John Wetton - Sinister

John Opolski
Marc Wijnands

Kayak - Dream Child / Starlight Dancer (live) - CD single

Bas Detering
Richard Winkel

Forthcoming Kayak live album Chance of a Live Time

Alexander Goudsmit

Maximum Indifference CD

Vandermeulen Philip
Edward Mendez

Metaphor - Starfooted

Jonas Eckerbom

Ozric Tentacles Package (CD, stickers, poster, batches & T-shirt)

Arie Leeuwesteijn

Pain of Salvation - The Perfect Element

Timo Virkkala
J. den Boer
Chris Beynon

RPWL - God Has Failed

Lars Van Moer

Salem Hill - Not Everybody's Gold

John Martens

signed copy of Alias Eye - Beyond The Mirror

Peter Poelmans

signed copy of Sonic Debris - Velvet Thorns

Trond K. Botnen

Transience - Sliding

Alejandro F. Abella

Un Voyage en Progressif (Musea Sampler)

Michael Vergane

Vanden Plas - Spirit of Live

Greg Hall (with bonus CD single)
Mario Colonnese
Danny Timmers

Wolverine package (2 CDs, postcards & stickers)

Rita Urras

Xang - Destiny of a Dream

Richard Hawey

Very special thanks to the following sponsors of the poll: GEP Records, InsideOut Music, DVS Records, Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon), Stretchy Records/Ozric Tentacles, Wolverine, Gallilei Records, Kayak, Clearlight Music, Pallas, Tempus Fugit, and Disque Online.

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