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Below you will find the winners of the prizes in the DPRPoll 1999.

Arena - The Visitor Revisited (Fan Club CD)

Guy Lemire, Canada
Alejandro Abella, Buenos Aires

Arena - Video: Never Alone

Roland Leicht, Germany
Wim Martens, Belgium

Arena - Welcome Back To the Stage (Fan Club CD)

Eduard van Viegen, Holland
Ken Dipple, UK

Digital Ruin - Dwelling In The Out (promo copy)

Kyle Rose, USA
Peter Poelmans, Belgium
Simon Claeskens, Belgium
Johannes Huber, Germany
Danny Timmers, Holland

Signed Copy of John Jowitt's Dirtbox album Uneasy Listening

Frederic Letourneau, Canada

Rare Flower Kings Sampler Promo CD (5 long tracks)

J.M. Ravensbergen, Holland
Scott Kruis, US
Darren Clarke, UK
Raymond de Vries, Holland
Marcelo Gerber, Switzerland
Marlie Hendriks, Holland
Wim van Lonkhuijsen, Holland
Alain Tremblay, Canada
Raul Quijas, Mexico
Len Hutton, UK

GEP Catalogue CD of your own choice

Jason Kochel, US
Jacob Goodijk, Holland
Ron Bard, US

Mastermind - Angels Of The Apocalypse (promo copy)

Tom Munkacsy, USA
Ben van Rijnsoever, Holland
Gert Cuppen, Holland
Derek Daniel, UK
Leonardo Lontra, Brazil

Prog Samplers Package (3 CDs)

Mark Parker, US

Tusk - Requiem For Ecstasy

Joerg Nitschky, Germany

Vanden Plas - I Don't Miss You (CD Single + 2 unreleased Bonustracks)

Haggenburg Arthur, Holland
John McCartney, US
Ralf Schrijvers, Holland
Joost Vree, Holland
Chris Sigrist, US

Wolverine - Fervent Dream

Paul Dufour, US

Very special thanks to the following sponsors of the poll: GEP Records, InsideOut Music, Aubitt Records, The Cage Arena Fan Club and Wolverine.

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