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For those of you who might find this interesting, below you'll find the votes for the DPRPoll 1999 of the team members of the Dutch Progressive Rock Page.

Team Member Ed Rene Remco Derk
Band Album 1 Porcupine Tree Amorphis Spock's Beard Derek Sherinian
Album 1 Stupid Dream Tuonela Day for Night Planet X
Band Album 2 Neal Morse Evergrey Fish Camel
Album 2 Neal Morse Solitude Tragedy Dominance Raingods with Zippos Rajaz
Band Album 3 Spock's Beard Yes Camel Neal Morse
Album 3 Day for Night The Ladder Rajaz Neal Morse
Band Album 4 IQ Pain of Salvation Colin Bass Saga
Album 4 The Lost Attic Entropia An Outcast of the Islands Full Circle
Band Album 5 Dirtbox Lemur Voice Starless Dream Theater
Album 5 Uneasy Listening Divided Starless Metropolis Pt 2: Scenes from a Memory
Band Best Track Fish - Fish Dream Theater
Best Track 98 Plague of Ghosts - Plague of Ghosts Finally Free
Band Best Artwork IQ Wolverine Colin Bass Saga
Best Artwork 98 The Lost Attic Fervent Dream An Outcast of the Islands Full Circle
Band Best Concert Spock's Beard Progpower 99 IQ Spock's Beard
Best Concert - When 28-09-99 14-11 4 april 1999 28-09-99
Best Concert - Where 013 Tilburg 013 Tilburg 013 Tilburg 013 Tilburg
Best Newcomer Dirtbox Wolverine - -
Biggest Disappointment Alan Parsons - The Time Machine Ehhhhhhh, I won't tell you :-) No new Pink Floyd (see all previous polls) Still no lifesigns from Floyd...

Team Member Mattias BJ Martijn JJ
Band Album 1 Porcupine Tree Dream Theater Abraxas Abraxas
Album 1 Stupid Dream Metropolis Pt 2: Scenes from a Memory 99 99
Band Album 2 Dream Theater Marillion Camel Camel
Album 2 Metropolis Pt 2: Scenes from a Memory Unplugged at the Walls Rajaz Rajaz
Band Album 3 A.C.T. Liquid Tension Experiment Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman
Album 3 Today's Report Liquid Tension Experiment 2 Jabberwocky Jabberwocky
Band Album 4 Evergrey Neal Morse John Wetton Yes
Album 4 Solitude Tragedy Dominance Neal Morse Nomansland The Ladder
Band Album 5 Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman Fish Jethro Tull Landmarq
Album 5 Jabberwocky Raingods with Zippos J Tull Dot Com Thunderstruck
Band Best Track Dream Theater Fish Abraxas Fish
Best Track 98 Finally Free Plague of Ghosts Moje Mantry Plague of Ghosts
Band Best Artwork Evergrey Wolverine Wolverine Arena
Best Artwork 98 Solitude Dominance Tragedy Fervent Dream Fervent Dream The Visitor - Revisited
Band Best Concert Progpower 99 IQ Arena ReGenesis
Best Concert - When 14-11 July 1 31-10-1999 17 September
Best Concert - Where 013 Tilburg Teatro Providencia, Santiago de Chile Tivoli, Utrecht Alphen a/d Rijn
Best Newcomer Wolverine Neal Morse Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman Colin Bass
Biggest Disappointment Queensr˙che - Q2K As usual: Mike Oldfield - John Jowitt leaving Arena

Team Member Neil Henri Jerry
Band Album 1 Anekdoten Spock's Beard Pallas
Album 1 From Within Day for Night Beat the Drum
Band Album 2 Spock's Beard A.C.T. Timothy Pure
Album 2 Day for Night Today's Report Island Of The Misfit Toys
Band Album 3 King Crimson Mostly Autumn Tom Waits
Album 3 The ProjeKCts The Spirit of Autumn Past Mule Variations
Band Album 4 Sleepy People Tiles Xang
Album 4 Blunt Nails in a Sharp Wall Presents of Mind Destiny Of A Dream
Band Album 5 - - Mastermind
Album 5 - - Excelsior !
Band Best Track - Spock's Beard Pallas
Best Track 98 - The Healing Colors of Sound Ghosts
Band Best Artwork Anekdoten Evergrey -
Best Artwork 98 From Within Solitude Dominance Tragedy -
Band Best Concert Spock's Beard Pallas Pallas
Best Concert - When 2 October 1999 9 december 1999 9 december 1999
Best Concert - Where London Astoria II Tivoli, Utrecht Tivoli, Utrecht
Best Newcomer Thieves Kitchen A.C.T. XANG
Biggest Disappointment No Sphere album!! In fact very few really memorable releases of any kind!! attendance at concerts Small number of great albums, large number of bad albums.

The Top 5 of the DPRP Team would look like this:

  • Spock's Beard - Day for Night
  • Camel - Rajaz
  • Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt 2: Scenes from a Memory
  • Abraxas - 99
  • Porcupine Tree - Stupid Dream

The most popular track in the team would be Plague of Ghosts by Fish.

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