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For those of you who might find this interesting, below you'll find the votes for the DPRPoll 1998 of the team members of the Dutch Progressive Rock Page.

Team Member Dirk JJ Leon Rene
Band Album 1 Landmarq Arena Rush Threshold
Album 1 Science of Coincidence The Visitor Different Stages Clone
Band Album 2 Genesis Abraxas Landmarq Salem Hill
Album 2 Archive 1967-75 Centurie Science Of Coincidence The Robbery of Murder
Band Album 3 Ayreon Landmarq Flamborough Head Ayreon
Album 3 Into the Electric Castle Science of Coincidence Unspoken Whisper Into the Electric Castle
Band Album 4 IQ Genesis Arena Shadow Gallery
Album 4 Seven Stories into '98 Archive 1967-75 The Visitor Tyranny
Band Album 5 Rush Ayreon Saga Superior
Album 5 Different Stages Into the Electric Castle Detours Younique
Band Best Track Ayreon Ayreon Landmarq Threshold
Best Track 98 Isis and Osiris Isis and Osiris Lighthouse Voyager II
Band Best Artwork Arena Arena Rush Jadis
Best Artwork 98 The Visitor The Visitor Different Stages As Daylight Fades
Band Best Concert Spock's Beard Arena Darius Yes
Best Concert - When January 18th, 1998 29 November 98 June 6th 1998 March 8th
Best Concert - When Tivoli, Utrecht Paradiso, Amsterdam Planet Pul Festival, Uden Utrecht
Best Newcomer Flamborough Head Amon Ra Darius Darius
Biggest Disappointment Marillion - Radiation Glyn leaving ReGenesis Not enough concerts 'round the world The decision not to organize DPRS II next year!!

Team Member BJ Remco Ed Derk
Band Album 1 Ayreon Arena Spock's Beard The Gathering
Album 1 Into The Electric Castle The Visitor The Kindness Of Strangers How To Measure A Planet?
Band Album 2 The Gathering Ayreon Salem Hill Ayreon
Album 2 How To Measure A Planet? Into the Electric Castle The Robbery of Murder Into the Electric Castle
Band Album 3 Marillion Landmarq Arena Rush
Album 3 Radiation Science of Coincidence The Visitor Different Stages
Band Album 4 Liquid Tension Experiment
IQ Alanis Morisette
Album 4 Liquid Tension Experiment
Seven Stories into '98 Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie
Band Album 5 Spock's Beard
Martin Darvill & Friends IQ
Album 5 The Kindness of Strangers
The Greatest Show on Earth Seven Stories into '98
Band Best Track Ayreon Arena Spock's Beard The Gathering
Best Track 98 The Mirror Maze A Crack in the Ice Harm's Way Travel
Band Best Artwork The Gathering Arena Arena King Crimson
Best Artwork 98 How to Measure A Planet The Visitor The Visitor Absent Lovers
Band Best Concert IQ Landmarq Spock's Beard IQ
Best Concert - When 8/4/98 21-Nov-98 2/11/98 8/4/98
Best Concert - When Paradiso, Amsterdam Uden Tivoli, Utrecht Paradiso, Amsterdam
Best Newcomer Liquid Tension Experiment Abraxas Salem Hill
Biggest Disappointment Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells III No new Pink Floyd Marillion - Radiation Arena live in Amsterdam 29-11-1998

Team Member Martijn Henri Bos Neil Jerry
Band Album 1 Abraxas Kansas Bruford Levin Upper Extremities Pallas
Album 1 Centurie Always Never The Same Bruford Levin Upper Extremities Beat the Drum
Band Album 2 Colin Bass Threshold IQ Landmarq
Album 2 An Outcast Of The Islands Clone Seven Stories into '98 Science of Coincidence
Band Album 3 Ayreon Salem Hill
Album 3 Into the Electric Castle The robbery of Murder
Symphony Of Enchanted Lands
Band Album 4 Arena Ageness
Album 4 The Visitor Imageness
Band Album 5 Bjorn Lynne Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Peter Hammill
Album 5 Wizard Of The Winds Mann Alive
Band Best Track Abraxas Ageness IQ Landmarq
Best Track 98 Pokuszenie Sequels About Lake Five (new version) The Overlook
Band Best Artwork Arena Mascarada Bruford Levin Upper Extremities
Best Artwork 98 The Visitor Urban Names Bruford Levin Upper Extremities
Band Best Concert Abraxas The Night Watch Pallas Pallas
Best Concert - When Nov-98 Not Specified Nov-98 98-09-26
Best Concert - When Uden Progheaven, Uden CRS-Rotherham Hedon, Zwolle
Best Newcomer Colin Bass The Night Watch Fragile (Yes Tribute Band)
Biggest Disappointment Marillion Fanclub concert The Flower Kings at Planet Pul 1998 Chandelier disbanded / UK reunion cancelled

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