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Every year, DPRP uses the opportunity of the annual readers poll to ask their visitors what they think about the pages, how they rate them and what could be improved.
This part of the DPRPoll Results looks into that evaluation by the participants.

Visits per Month

The average DPRP visitor comes to the page 6.9 times per month (last year: 6). Most people visit DPRP one to ten times per month, but there are also people who visit the pages daily or even more times during one day !

Taking into account that DPRP had a daily average of 600 visitors during January, a quick calculation results in an estimation of more than 2500 people who visit DPRP regularly.

Rating of DPRP

We asked the participants to give an overall rating to DPRP on a scale from one (very bad) to ten (excellent). On average, the pages got a rating of 8.3, which is exactly the same as during last year's poll.

Nevertheless, most people (almost 80%) think the pages improved in 1998, as the table below shows.

Change ? Participants Percentage
It has improved a lot ! 153 47.1%
It has improved a bit 102 31.4%
No Opinion 44 13.5%
It stayed the same 21 6.5%
It's worse than it used to be 4 1.2%

Evaulation of the Various Sub-Pages

Besides an overall rating for DPRP we also asked the participants to tell us which sub-pages they visit on a regular basis and to give a rating to those pages. The results can be found in the table below.

Page Percentage Visitors Average Rating
News 79.4% 8.3
CD Reviews 69.5% 8.0
Releases 60.9% 7.9
Band Pages 55.1% 8.2
Concert Reviews 44.6% 7.8
Prog Links 43.4% 8.2
CDelight 38.5% 7.8
NL Gigs 31.4% 8.3
World Gigs 27.1% 7.7
Sound Bites 20.0% 6.6
Specials 19.7% 7.6
Progworks 12.9% 7.4
UK Gigs 12.6% 7.3
DPRS 11.7% 7.5
Guestbook 6.8% 6.9

Favourite Band Page

More than half of the participants regularly visit the band pages, and the overall rating for these pages is very good (8.2). Now let's have a look at which band pages are most popular.

Band Page Votes Percentage
IQ (Lush Attic) 111 34.2%
Arena (The Cage) 59 18.2%
Spock's Beard 49 15.1%
No Specific Preference 45 13.8%
Pallas 16 4.9%
Threshold 15 4.6%
Jadis 10 3.1%
Landmarq 7 2.2%
Darius 5 1.5%
Treasure Land 4 1.2%
Asgard 2 0.6%
Paradigm Shift 1 0.3%

Improving DPRP

Finally, we asked the participants how we could improve DPRP even further. The most mentioned requests were:

  • More Sound Bites (& different media) (mentioned 15x)
  • More (frequent) Reviews (15x)
  • Improve Lay-Out/Design (13x)
  • More up-to-date pages/regular updates (6x)
As far as the lay-out and design is concerned, I hope you agree with us that we have been making some progress in that area during the last couple of weeks. We hope to change all of the sub-pages to the new look over the course of several weeks. You'll probably see our new mascot popping up every now and then.

As far as the reviews are concerned, we also hope to improve that area. With several new team members on board we can spread the workload a bit easier. The same goes for more regular updates of the various pages.
As far as reviews of more well known bands are concerned, in the past we only received promotional copies of relatively unknown bands. Whenever a more popular band was reviewed it was normally a CD one of the team members had bought himself. Currently, the more well-known bands and record labels are beginning to acknowledge DPRP which has recently resulted in receipts of material by Fish and Porcupine Tree, as well as a Fish interview. We hope this positive development won't stop here.

Sound Bites is a tricky issue. None of the DPRP team members really wants to get into that area at the moment. And what's more, with the current witch hunt of copyright organisations like the Dutch Buma/Stemra it gets increasingly more diffucult to get involved in uploading sound samples without facing high invoices by this organisation which claims to protect the rights of musicians but at the same time limits the possibilities to promote these same musicians. So sorry but no sound bites for the time being.

Thanks for all the positive remarks you send us with your entries. We hope to see you again in the DPRPoll 1999 !

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For comments about the poll, please e-mail Ed Sander.