Roger Waters, July 31st 1999
Molson Center, Montreal Canada

By Patrick Loiselle

Roger Waters In The Flesh 1999

The wait is over. Twelve years after his appearance in Montreal during the Radio K.A.O.S. tour, Roger Waters decided it was time to end his hibernation and do a few shows just for the fun of it. Montreal has an interesting relation with Pink Floyd/Waters. It was here in 1977 during the Animals tour that Waters spat on the fans at the Olympic Stadium in front of what was, and still is, the record for attendance at the venue. 82,000 peoples witnessed the incident. Also back in '94 during the Division Bell tour, they sold out the stadium 3 nights in a row, at 65.000 persons a night, needless to say they're very big here.

When he toured in 1987 in support of Radio K.A.O.S., he gave one of the best concert I've ever attended. I have two vivid memories of that show. When he finished playing Another Brick in the wall pt.2 the crowd gave him a standing ovation that lasted a good 5 minutes, Jim Ladd, the d.j. on stage with him tried to calm us down but to no effect, finally Roger just went in and played the next song, it was so intense. After the last encore, Eclipse, the lights went on to signify the end of a great evening but the crowd wouldn't stop applauding and screaming until, after several minutes the lights went off and the band came back. Since they had played all of the songs scheduled for the show, they played Another Brick again. Great memories...

Anyway that what then and this is now, but as you can well imagine expectations were very high last night. As for the previous concert, there was no opening act, so at 8:00 sharp, the lights dimmed down. They opened with In The Flesh, Roger looked very good all dressed in black.He was standing up in the air on a ramp behind the rest of the band, and playing his bass but when he first started to sing the crowd went wild. The sound was good but not great but it would improve after a few songs. Next was The Thin Ice pretty much played like the album. They played the whole first side of The Wall, then Roger would speak for the first time, not saying much exept "hello, glad to be here". He then switched his bass for an acoustic guitar and played Mother which was similar to the Berlin version with one of the singer,(girl), doing the middle part of the song. After it was time for some stuff from The Final Cut: Get Your Filthy Hands off my Desert, Southampton Dock, very well played.
Then the first big surprise, Pigs On The Wing pt.1 followed by a 17 minutes version of Dogs. Incredible. John Carey, the keyboard player who also toured with Pink Floyd, did the vocal usually done by Dave Gilmour, and did a fabulous job. By then the sound was superb and we got our first taste of the famous quad sound, with dogs barking all over the arena. During the keyboard part some members of the band and Roger Waters took some time off and played a game of card on one of the couch located on the left side of the stage, very awkward. When they finished the song they received a standing ovation.
Next was Welcome To The Machine and Wish You Were Here, but the next song would be another classic, Shine On You Crazy Diamond. The song was very good but for the fist time of the show I realized that something was missing. It was Dave Gilmour's playing. Snowy White was good but he didn't play with the same emotions that Dave does, nevertheless it was a great song with Roger doing the vocals. Anyone that heard some 70's Floyd shows when they played the song must remember he was singing the song back then. That's the end of the first set and a 20 minutes intermission.

The second set opened with Breath-Time-Breath reprise, which were very good. They played the first minute of the Great Gig in the Sky but stopped when the vocals would have begun and stepped into Money, ok version.
Now some solo stuff. Roger again would swich to the acoustic guitar and started Every Stranger's Eyes, superb version with no problems hitting the high notes. The Powers That Be followed and it kicked ass, a lot heavier than on the album and one of the best song played during the night. What God Wants pt1 followed by Perfect Sense part 1-2 gained very strong performance by the band and especially by the lady who was singing with Roger, It's a Miracle was next, I like the song on the album but found it too mellow for the concert, Amused To Death ended the solo portion of the concert.
Brain Damage was then played with a little country feel to the song, can't say I liked it followed by Eclipse.

End of the show. The band left the stage for about 4 minutes then came back for The Encore. Roger, electric guitar on hand went in and started a superb version of Comfortably Numb. It was very strange to hear to aother side of the song, we're so used of hearing the band singing the first part then Dave comes in and sing his part, last night was the other way around. The song was great and during the solo part at the end of the song, the two guitar players exchanged turns like the Berlin version, wasn't Dave but it was close enough. I've waited 12 years to see him again and it was worth it, great concert, great atmosphere but still I wish they were there!!!


In The Flesh
The Thin Ice
Another Brick In The Wallpt.1
The Happiest Days of Our Lives
Another Brick In The Wall pt.2
Get your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
Southampton Dock
Pigs On The Wing
Welcome To The Machine
Wish You Were Here
Shine On You Crazy Diamond pt.1-4, 6-7 reprisal of pt.1

Breathe reprise
Great Gig In The Sky (intro, ending wherel vocals would have begun)
5.06 AM (Every Strangers Eyes)
The Powers That Be
What God Wants pt.1
Perfect Sense pt. 1
Perfect Sense pt. 2
It's a Miracle
Amused To Death
Brain  Damage

 Comfortably Numb




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