Snowy White, Blues Special
Live in De Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
December 1st 1994

by Ed Sander

Before the start of the gig it seemed it all would end up in smoke. In advance booking only 30 tickets were sold. By the time the gig would finally start (22.00) it looked very sad indeed in the hall of De Melkweg as far as the number of people present was concerned. Once the band started to play, people started coming in. The hall was everything but sold out, but in the end it was 'pleasantly crowded'.

For this gig the band had the 'Highway to the Sun-line-up': Snowy White (guitar), John 'Rabbit' Bundrick (Keyboards & Hammond), Kuma Harada (bass and guitar), Walter (bass and guitar) and Juan (drums). Thanks to this extensive strength, the total sound was as solid as a rock.

After an improvised intro the band started the lovely I Loved Another Woman, which was followed by Heartful of Love. The next song, Down by the Bridge, sounded very unfamiliar to me. According to fanclub members it had already been played several times at other gigs. Anyway, it was a great and nice, long piece of music.
The next song will have been a surprise for some people, because Can't Find Love was played live for the first time. After this, two more songs from the Highway to the Sun album followed; Loving Man and The Time Has Come.

Judgement Day seems to be a permanent part of Snowy's setlist. As always this Blues Agency song was fitted with some keyboard- and guitar solos.
The next song was Hot Saturday Night, of which, in my opinion, the live version shows to its full advantage in contrast with the version on the CD. Which, pity enough, cannot be said about Love Pain and Sorrow. Although the music was put together very well and Snowy's solos made us forget Mr. Gilmour's, the characteristic sound of the singing was a bit bungled live, which took away a lot of the charm of the song. The fact this song was played live for the first time is just partly an excuse.

Keep on Working, which had an alternative title again (Working Blues), contained a splendid Hammond-solo by Rabbit. After a tight Highway to the Sun followed one of the highlights of the set: Can't Get Enough of the Blues. This song seems to be an audience favourite. After some 'audience participation' it was time for the familiar solos, of course. Juan, Walter, Rabbit and Snowy explored the limits of their instruments. Pity enough Kuma's turn didn't come (in spite of the note I gave Walter), while I really would have liked to see a bass-part like I have seen in Aarschot, Belgium, with Mick Talor's All Star Bluesband.

After the band had left the stage it seemed the audience wanted to hear more (what else did you expect?). Snowy and Co. returned on stage to play a new ballad (Midnight Blues) and a very heavy and fabulously extended Parchment Farm. All in all this gig lasted one and a half hours and it was the best gig I have seen by Snowy and his band until now [written in Dec. 94].


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