Quaterna Requiem, Violeta de Outono & Par Lindh Project Live
Rio Art Rock 1997, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

By Cesar Augusto Lanzarini

The Shows

I arrived late at Scala, but the show hadn't started yet.

Quaterna, who promised a good show, didn't disappoint us. They opened with Fanfare, and afterwards we had the long (almost 40 minutes) suite Quasimodo from the album with the same name. The band had some small problems because it was too dark over Elisa's keys and she couldn't see all the "preset" buttons. But this problem didn't ride the band, who surprised us with a new song that will be released in 1998; an excellent duel between keys and drums.
Irmaos Grimm shows all the talent of Jose Roberto Crivano, one of the best guitarists of Brazilian progressive scene. The new bass player Fred, who was beside the band since the beginning, gave new life to the band. But the surprise was in the final: Kleber Vogel - band member on the first disc Velha Gravura - entered and played the same name track. It was memorable. The solos were amazing. I saw some people crying!!!
Only one negative point is the sound, a little bit entangled.

Then we had Violeta de Outono, with their leader Fabio Golfetti (and Fabio Ribeiro on the keys). Everybody was hypnotized by the "glissando" effects from his electric guitar, which surrounded the Scala.
The show basicaly consisted of the songs from the first album and some tracks of the second and the new CD. A Pink Floyd cover was played, but the promised Echoes wasn't played because of the short time the band had available to play. Some people say that this is the Brazilian Hawkwind.
Negative point: why didn't we hear the keyboards of Fabio Ribeiro?!

Finally, Par Lindh came on the stage at almost 01:30. The keyboards of the Swedish musician were at the left side of the stage. And we had another amazing and unforgetable show. During some moments, I ask myself if this thing was really happening. During the first tracks, I thought that the drummer would crash the drum set. An energy and a power never seen!
All of the new disc was played. The covers: Jerusalem with a fascinant female vocal, Fanfare for.... from EL&P and some classics like Carmina Burana and Phantom of the Opera. But in 21st Century Schizoid Man from King Crimson, the drummer showed that his voice is a powerful music instrument, like his drums! The guitar and the bass were instruments apart, even the guitarist had a solo piece, were the drummer sings some songs!

The event will have a video and a double live cd that are being mixed.

Album Review : Par Lindh Project - Mundus Imcompertus

Third and so far best work of this Swedish keyboardist. Par has captured the spirit of the 70's and his influences from Keith Emerson are very clear.
The CD consists of three tracks. With the first track, Baroque Impression No. I we have a killer instrumental with a strong drum presence. The Crimson Shield is the perfect track for the magic voice of Magdalena Hagberg, which shows all the marvels of the lyric influences. Add a nice arrangement of harpsichord and the tune is complete. Mundus Imcompertus, a 26 minute suite, is a nice voyage to the actual progressive rock made in the Sweden, that marks a strong presence with its hard influences, and a new trip to the 70's. The bass of Marcus Jäderholm is astonishing, as the tons of keyboards layers of Par Lindh. The female backing vocal and guitar and drums form an instrumental never seen in Brazil.

Par Lindh - Keys
Magdalena Hagberg - Voice
Nisse Bielield - Drums
Marcus Jäderholm - Bass
Jocke Ramsell - Electric and Acoustic Guitar


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