Marillion, May 4th 2002
Hanehof, Geleen, Holland

By Craig O'Brien

What a gig! I hadn't expected anything particularly special about tonight's show (following the band's festival appearance in Bonn the previous night) but I was wrong! From the moment the band bounded onto stage with a rocking version of Between You and Me, all indications were that this was going to be a gig to be remembered. The pace continued to rise with a pounding version of Quartz that was much more powerful than its funkier studio counterpart. Beautiful was returned to the set following a lengthy absence and was greeted accordingly by the crowd.

Next up was one of the highlights of the show with the ever-manic Mad segueing into a beautiful rendition of Afraid of Sunlight during which the audience clearly knew which parts required silence on its part. Map of The World followed which is far better live, as demonstrated tonight and on the Anorak in the UK live CD, than the "boy-band" sounding version found on Anoraknophobia.

The only low light of the set, This Is The 21st Century, just didn't have the power of the studio version, and started to drag a bit towards the end of the song. However, the band quickly recovered with a soaring Man of 1000 Faces that sounded so good it literally raised the ceiling with the amazing applause it received.
Following Easter and The Uninvited Guest, the set was rounded of with a great version of the This Town trilogy followed by the always superb, The Great Escape.

The encores bought a few surprises with King of Sunset Town and The Space (perhaps an unplanned encore as half of the song was performed with the lights on?) sounding as good today as they did when first released over a decade ago and special mention must go to King which the band had to re-start several times because the audience wouldn't stop clapping!

In all likelihood, only a small percentage of tonight's audience probably lived in Geleen and the majority of the audience was made up of fans traveling some distance from the surrounding countries to see this show. The atmosphere was very similar to that created at the Marillion convention in April where everyone was there to enjoy and celebrate the music and the band, clearly taken aback by the amazing response they received, fed of this vibe.

Marillion……20 years and still going strong!


Between You and Me
Mad/Opium Den/Slide
Afraid of Sunlight
Map of the World
This is the 21st Century
Man of 1000 Faces
Uninvited Guest
This Town
The Rakes Progress
100 Nights
The Great Escape

King of Sunset Town

Cover My Eyes
The Space...


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