Lemur Voice, June 11th, 1999
Azijnfabriek, Roermond, The Netherlands

By Dennis Keyner

CD-Presentation of Divided

I already saw Lemur Voice when they were called Aura some years ago and I have been a huge fan of the band since that first time. The night of this cd-presentation was the fifth time I saw them performing live.

I don't have a setlist to include because I didn't know the songs by name except for a few of them. All I know is that they played all songs of "Divided" and no old songs. Because of the absence of a setlist I'll give a global review of the show except for the songs I already knew or I remembered.

I arrived at the venue at about 22:00 and they started about 10 minutes later. The first song was called Solilocide. The song starts with a "creepy" intro on keys and is joined by vocalist Gregoor with a nice vocal melody. Marcel uses a 7-string guitar on this song, which sounds really heavy and groovy. Barend uses the chapman-stick on this one.

During the show Marcel switches guitars a couple of times (for all guitarfreaks: he used a Ibanez Universe, Jem Industrial and a RG). Barend switches between the chapman-stick and a 6-string Soundgear.
They had no support act opening for them, so I guess they have had a good soundcheck in the afternoon and that showed. The sound was really great. The sound was very clear and not too loud. All instruments including the vocals were perfectly balanced. Maybe the guitar could be a little bit louder but maybe that's because I'm a guitarist too...

During the song Divided a guy with a sax (I believe..)joins the band and I must say I'm not a fan of that kind of instruments, but it sounded great.
Another guest appears when they play Parvedian Trust. He takes care of a few very short vocal parts, which are actually screams. It suits well in the song. This song is also played on a 7-string guitar.

The last song of their show was Beat it. Yes, a Michael Jackson cover!!!
Also played on the 7-string. It was a very cool version of the song. The chorus of the song is really different from the original chorus. It's kinda jazzy. The solo is very cool. It is not an exact copy of Eddie's but more an "own version" of it. Globally it is the same solo, only the end of it is played with a waterfall-like sweeppicking part.

Barend also plays a solo song, called Sticks in space. This song is of course performed with the chapman-stick. It is not a virtuoso-like song, but more a spacy-atmospheric song with a lot of weird effects.

My overall impression of the show: great. The Lemur guys are very professional musicians and they are all very skilled. The sound was good and the venue was crowded and the response of the audience was good.


Vocals - Gregoor van der Loo
Guitars - Marcel Coenen
Bass/Chapman Stick - Barend Tromp
Keys - Franck Faber
Drums -  Nathan van de Wouw



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