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Concert Review Archive


Welcome to the Concert Reviews section - this is your chance to shine as a bonafide journalist!

All DPRP-readers are welcome to send in their own Concert Reviews for inclusion on this site. Any prog-related concert review, as long as it is of considerable length and written in English, will be considered for publication. We do ask, however, that these reviews be exclusive to DPRP and not submitted elsewhere on the web. And don't let the size of some of the reviews in the archive put you off, 'considerable length' does not necessarily mean 'epic'. (see our FAQ for more information).

Please try to include a setlist whenever possible and if you can provide any photographs that would be great!

Send all contributions to: Edwin Roosjen the Concert Reviews Editor!

Latest Updates

In this update we have three reports on Transatlantic's recent European tour in The Netherlands and U.K..

The Crimson ProjeKCt live in The U.K. and The Netherlands.

In the latest concert report we feature Dream Theater in The Netherlands.

In this concert report we feature the Progmotion Festival in The Netherlands with X-Panda, Knight Area, A Liquid Landscape and Profuna Ocean.

In this concert report we feature Trans Siberian Orchestra live in The Netherlands.

Last Updated: Sunday 13th April 2014


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