Spock's Beard, July 9 2000
Bospop 2000, Weert, The Netherlands

By Jeroen Henstra

Spock’s Beard performed for one hour at the Bospop festival in Weert on Sunday 9 July 2000 at 2pm. It had been raining all day, so everybody in the audience wore a raincoat and was soaked. But Neal wore shorts as if it was a beautiful summer day. The band members helped the roadies with the set-up of the instruments on stage. They were complaining about the weather in a funny way, while jumping in the water on stage. They put towels on some keyboards. Before we had heard a single note, it was clear that this band consists of ‘normal’ people, who are good friends and have a great sense of humour.

Finally the band was introduced and they started with Day for night while the crowd gave a big welcome applause. By that time, I only had The light album for a few weeks, so these songs were new for me. I was surprised in a positive way. There was a lot of energy and good musicianship. The shorter songs like Gibberish were interesting as well. I really liked the multiple vocals and Dave’s bass sound. While the show continued, the great sense of humour became obvious. Seldom have I laughed so much during a concert! And imagine that it lasted only one hour and that it was still raining... I really laughed when Ryo ‘challenged’ the crowd by acting as a sumo wrestler. And when Nick screamed during his drum solos. And when Neal and Alan were making funny faces when they were filmed by Nick during their acoustic guitar duet in The doorway. The beautiful ballad June, with great vocals by Nick, was quite funny as well: "and the sun came up..." It did not stop the rain, but the concert was so great that I even did not notice it anymore. The Beard ended with The light, received with a big cheer when the very first piano chord sounded. This brilliant song was live as good as it is on CD. It contained a fantastic drum solo by Nick and a magnificent keyboard piece by Ryo, who was running up and down and even laid down on the stage at one moment!

All in all it was an amazing show. This was the first time I saw Spock’s beard live and I am already looking forward for the next time: 24 October in 013 Tilburg!


Day for night
The doorway
The light


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