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DPRP - Dutch Progressive Rock Page


DPRP News: Recent updates include articles from: Progpower Europe, Steve Hackett, Ainur, Antoine, Vivaldi Metal Projects, Head With Wings, Level 10, MaterDea, Akord, Aura, Robert Reed and Kevin Gilbert. Read more Here!
CD & DVD Reviews Issue 2014-72 contains reviews of Arcade Messiah, Escape The Cult, two albums by Mystery, Nodo Gordiano, Not Otherwise Specified, Solaris, and three remastered albums by Trace!
DPRP Radio: To wrap-up the year we have a show featuring the Top 20 Progressive Albums of 2014. Part 1 features a track from every album between 20-11 - as selected by the DPRP writers. Listen to the show any time from Here!
The Top 20 Prog Albums of 2014: We asked all 31 of our prog-scribes to select their most magical musical meanderings of the year. In this special feature we list the 20 which gathered the most love – with links to a video of each and the full DPRP review. Read the feature Here!

Competitions: Not one, not two but three competitions to tell you about today!
The first is to win a copy of the new Alex Carpani album, Four Destinies, and you can enter Here before 5th January 2015!
Next we have the new Arnioe album, The Levenworth Files, which you have a chance to win by entering before 5th January 2015 Here!
And finally, Bolus frontman Nick Karch's album Retrieve the Keys can be won Here with additional prizes of two Bolus albums!

Concert Review: In the latest concert report we feature Mostly Autumn live in The UK!

Dutch and Belgian Gig Guide: Updates for Week 49: Franck Carducci, Paul Carrack, DeWolff, Kamelot, Kayak, Neal Morse, The Perfect Tool, Renaissance and Steven Wilson!

Concert Review: In the latest concert report we feature Steve Hackett live in The UK!
CD & DVD Reviews Issue 2014-71 contains reviews of Dawn, Gandalf's Fist, Homínido, Kong, The Mighty Handful, Ontologics, Schnauser, P.J. Shadowhawk (two albums), and Tacita Intesa!

DPRP Radio: Our final all-new show of 2014 featuring great music from: The Mercury Tree, Lunatic Soul, Nordic Giants, Soen, Moheir, Vangough, Unkh, Mike Kershaw, Ascending Dawn, Rainburn, My Name is Janet, Soup, Pingvinorkestern & Odetosun. Listen to the show any time from Here!

The Best of Weekend Prog 2014: Our writers select their Top3 recommendations of the year in a Best of SFTW featuring 16 different albums. Read the feature HERE!

Concert Review: In the latest concert report we feature Bigelf live in The Netherlands!

DPRP News: Recent updates include articles from: Kingcrow, Fish, An Endless Sporadic, Franck Carducci, Soen, Minutian, Personal Signet,The Gentle Storm, Steven Wilson, Frogg Cafe, Sylvan, Operation Mindcrime, Aisles, Toundra & The Aristocrats. Read more HERE!
DPRP Radio Spotify playlist: OK, time for something new! Following an idea from one of our listeners, we've compiled a Spotify playlist consisting of tracks from the main new albums covered on the show during the previous month. This is the first one for November. It features 32 songs from 13 different bands. Listen here

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-70: reviews of Anchors of Ascension, Alex Carpani, Closure in Moscow, Luna Kiss, Bjřrn Riis, Steve Rothery (Duo Review), Roger Ruskin Spear, Sea Vine, and Soen!

Concert Review: In the latest concert report we feature Comedy Of Errors live in The Netherlands!

Weekend Prog: This week we have a guest reviewer in the shape of Haken bassist Conner Green who adds one of our five recommended albums for this week. Read the feature HERE!
CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-69: Another great batch of reviews by: 7for4, Arnioe, Emmett Elvin, Flor De Loto, Kamelot, Sezione Frenante, Silhouette (Duo Review), Spirits Burning & Bridget Wishart, Ticket to the Moon, and The Kadeem Ward Project!

DPRP Radio: This week we mix some new releases with a few of our favourite tracks from the year featuring: Pain of Salvation, Sebas Honing, iamthemorning, Scanning Antarctica, Heliopolis, Supernal Endgame, Sanctuary, Tinkicker, Opeth, An Endless Sporadic & Mindslave. Listen to the show any time from Here!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-68: a Prog Metal Special with reviews of Amoral, Anubis Gate, Artizan, Days of Ashes, Derdian, Distorted Harmony, Divine Ascension, Hemina, Mechanical Organic, Nightingale, Psycrence, Vanden Plas, and Watchmoore!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-67 with reviews of John Cale and Terry Riley, DC Sound Collective, Fish on Friday, The Healing Road, JP and The Life, a Round Table Review of Knight Area's new album, a Duo Review of Moon Safari's new live album, Overdrive, and Kalle Vilpuu!
DPRP Radio: Bringing you the best modern progressive music from Planet Earth. In this week's show our Album of the Week is the wonderful new live disc from Moon Safari plus Steve Rothery, Slug Comparison, Sonata Arctica, Unkh, Il Rumore Bianco, Seven Impale, Theo, Mark Bogert & Rainburn. You can listen to the show now from Here!

Weekend Prog: To celebrate our 40th edition we bring you five great new albums from: Sanctuary, Kikaguku Moyo, La Mar, sleepmakeswaves & Trojan Horse. Read the feature HERE!

Competitions: We have a copy of the latest album from Finland's Something’s At The Sky to give away. From The Rain is an album of powerful and theatrical progressive rock and you have until 15th December 2014 to enter Here!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-66 contains reviews of Deep Limbic System, Delain, Hostsonaten, Kant Freud Kafka, Earl Long, Majestic (two reviews), Le Porte Non Aperte, Proud Peasant, and United Progressive Fraternity!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-65 contains a Round Table Reviews of Pain of Salvation's latest album Falling Home!
DPRP News: Recent updates include articles from: Anneke van Giersbergen, Beardfish, Montage, The Safety Fire, Pink Floyd, Mabel Greer's Toyshop, Opus of a Machine, Nightingale, Dreamgrave, Lunocode, An Endless Sporadic, Steven Wilson & Guy Manning. Read more HERE!

Weekend Prog: Weekend Prog: Five new mini reviews - and the chance to listen to each album in full. This week we feature Moheir, Ethernia, Julien Gasc, Argovia & Skyharbor. Read the feature HERE!

DPRP Radio: This week we've a special edition only featuring bands from The Netherlands. It's a great mix of old and new music from: Ayreon, Knight Area, Silhouette, Kingfisher Sky, A Liquid Landscape, Kong, Silent Edge, Tumbletown, Fractal Mirror, Novact, Day Six and Cirrha Niva.. You can listen to the show now from Here!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-64 contains reviews of Arena, Atomic Ape, Conqueror, The Flower Kings, Gleemen, Heatwave Drum, Kevin Kastning & Carl Clements, North Atlantic Oscillation, Never Awake, and Seven Impale!

Dutch and Belgian Gig Guide: Updates for Week 45 include Anneke van Giersbergen, End of the Dream, Evergtey, Iona, The Gentle Storm (feat. Anneke van Giersbergen), Infloyd, Mastodon, Pink Project, Seventh Sin, Stream of Passion, Synergy Protocol and Trip Trigger!
UK Gig Guide: Also, the Progressive Aspect UK guide has recent updates for Opeth, Gong, Lifesigns, Tin Spirits, Solstice, The Gift, Also Eden, Jump, Pallas, The Classic Rock Society, Anders Helmerson and Deep Purple!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-63 reviews of Fanger & Schonwalder, Fanger & Schonwalder, Fanger & Schonwalder, Farpoint, Latte e Miele, Morta, Sanguine Hum, Trio, El, Ut Gret, and Winter in Eden!

DPRP Radio: We've A World Tour Of Prog with music from The Mercury Tree, Pain of Salvation, Talk Talk, Eclipse Sol air, Kristoffer Gildenlow, Beyond the Bridge, Coshish, Poverty of Ideals, Paving The Labyrinth, Rainburn, Clockwork Orchestra and Arcade Messiah. You can listen to the show now from Here!
Weekend Prog: Weekend Prog: Five new mini reviews - and the chance to listen to each album in full. This week we feature A Liquid Landscape, Kauan, Hemina, Rumour Cubes & Superfluous Motor. Read the feature HERE!

Concert Review: In the latest concert report we feature The Tangent & Karmakanic live in The Netherlands!

Weekend Prog: Read our five mini reviews, then click and listen to the whole albums. The simple way to discover some great new Prog. This week: Soen, Kayo Dot, Dropshard, Marco Machera & Karma Rasa. Read the feature HERE!
Concert Review: Night of the Prog Festival in Germany featuring: Alan Parsons, Eclipse-Sol air, Gran Turismo Veloce, Traumhaus, Collage, Long Distance Calling, IQ, Transatlantic, Synaesthesia, A Liquid Landscape, Clepsydra, Dream The Electric Sleep, Anathema & Marillion.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-62 contains reviews of Elegant Simplicity, Emerson, Keith, and Greg Lake, Haken, Halo Blind, Help Yourself, Bertrand Loreau, Modest Midget, Newspaperflyhunting, Transatlantic, and United States of America!

DPRP Radio: Music from four new albums to be released on Inside Out Records next week: Pain of Salvation, Kaipa, United Progressive Fraternity (feat. Jon Anderson) and Nightingale. Plus the new singles from Threshold, Epica and A Formal Horse. You can listen to the show now from Here!

Competitions: To tie in with the Round Table Review of the latest Pendragon album, Men Who Climb Mountains, the band has offered us some nice items to give away. The closing date is 23rd November 2014 and you can enter Here!
CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-61 contains reviews of Accordo dei Contrari, Adventure, Huis, two of the Man band, Mythos, Steve Rothery Band, and three of Gary Windo!

Interviews: This week DPRP brings you Marcel Hartenberg's interview with Mike Holmes of IQ. You can read it Here!
Competitions: To tie in with our recent Round Table Review of the new album from Flying Colors the nice folk at their label, Mascot, have donated some lovely prizes for a competition that you can enter before 16th November 2014 Here!

Concert Review: In the latest concert report we feature Pendragon live in The Netherlands!
CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-60 has a Round Table Review of the latest Pendragon album!
DPRP Radio: A mega-mix of new prog from across the globe on this week's show. Two tracks each from the new albums by Gong and Slug Comparison plus great music from Opeth, Flying Colours, Ut Gret, Never Awake, The Enid, Unto Us and Forgotten Suns. Listen anytime from Here!

Weekend Prog: We bring you an utterly unbeatable bunch of new albums in the 36th edition of our mini-prog-reviews. Dive in and listen to full albums by: Kingfisher Sky, The Mercury Tree, Cartographer, Eccentric Orbit and Slug Comparison (Fen). It's all Here!

Concert Review: In the latest concert report we feature Flying Colors live in The Netherlands!
CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-59 has a Round Table Review of the latest Flying Colors album!

Dutch and Belgian Gig Guide: Updates for Week 43 include Anneke van Giersbergen, Cartographer, Delain, Fates Warning, Kingfisher Sky, The Pineapple Thief, Sylvium and Stream of Passion!

DPRP Radio: We present a mega round-up of new autumn releases featuring two tracks from Lunatic Soul and Soen plus great music from Haken, Frequency Drift, Enchant, Slug Comparison, Corvus Stone, Galahad, Fuzzy Nautilus, Pervy Perkin & Montage. Listen to the show Here!
Weekend Prog: We've five great new recommendations in the latest of our series of Pint-Sized Prog reviews. Albums from Greenwall, Chat Noir, Fredde Gredde and If Anything Happens To The Cat plus a new ProgMetal project fronted by Saxon's Biff Byford. Read it Here!

Competitions: The Northern Prog Festival take's place on November 1st in Siegerswoude, Netherlands and we have been offered two pairs of tickets for the event featuring Osada Vida, Morphelia, Day Six, Marathon and Leap Day. You can enter the competition to win until October 29th 2014 Here!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-58 with Duo Reviews of the latest Enchant and Threshold releases, plus Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe, Dyscordia, Evergrey, Kevin Martinelli, Le Mur, Neronia, Qui, and Tin Spirits!

Competitions: Knight Area are giving away 2 individual tickets for their album-release concert on 7th November in Helmond, supported by Hekz and Distorted Harmony. You can enter Here!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-57 contains a Duo Review of Guy Manning's Akoustik 2, plus reviews of The Ben Cameron Project, Element V, Jack Foster III, Lucy Goes to Sleep, Presto Vivace, Pymlico, RanestRane, Jason Rubenstein, and Todd Rundgren and Utopia!

Weekend Prog: This week our team brings you five wildly different progressive artists. Sample new albums from: Frequency Drift, Kong, Philm, Periplo and the snappily monikered Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere. Read the feature Here with links to listen to them in full!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-56 has reviews of Amberian Dawn, Amphetamin, Faint Signal, Landmarq, Monarch Trail, The Prog Collective, Yossi Sassi, The Spiral, Vanishing Point, and Vital Science!

Dutch and Belgian Gig Guide: Updates for Week 41 include Adeia, Arena, Aurora Project (cancelled), Carpet Crawlers, Chaotic Silence, Haunted Sky festival (Sceptical Minds, Day Six, Distorted Harmony, Cirrha Niva, Loreweaver, Hekz), Kayak, Lifesigns, Overhaul, Ozric Tentacles, Sylvan and U.K.!

CD & DVD Reviews Issue 2014-55 has reviews of D'accorD, Esthema, Nathan Frost, Hautville, Lapis Lazuli, Margin, Philhelmon, David Sancious, Toomas Vanem, and Xanima!

Competitions: Also today, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven has offered us 2 pairs of tickets for the concert of Genesis cover band The Musical Box that will take place there on 10th October 2014. Closing Date for entries is Tuesday 7th October 2014 and you can enter Here!
Interviews: And to tie-in with the review of their album Belighted we have an interview with iamthemorning, you can read it Here!
CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2014-54 has reviews of Il Cerchio D'oro, Druckfarben, Al Garcia, Iamthemorning (Duo Review), A Lonely Crowd, Slyde, Vienna Circle, Robert Webb, John Wetton and Richard Palmer-James, and Xandria!

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